Iran ADMITS Shooting Down Ukrainian Passenger Jet UNINTENTIONALLY

Iran ADMITS Shooting Down Ukrainian Passenger Jet UNINTENTIONALLY

Iranian television announced, on Saturday, that the Ukrainian plane was inadvertently shot down due to a human error. The broadcast contained a statement issued by the General Staff of the Armed Forces in Iran, confirming that the ill-fated plane flew near a sensitive military site of the Revolutionary Guards and was inadvertently shot down as a result of a human error.

The Iranian army also clarified in its statement that the concerned forces thought that the Ukrainian Boeing was an "enemy aircraft" stressing that the parties responsible for this would be held accountable.


The surprise announcement came after the head of the Iranian Civil Aviation Organization, Ali Abedzadeh, said on Friday that the Ukrainian plane that crashed near Tehran was not hit by a missile. He said during a press conference in Tehran, "There is one thing for sure is that this plane was not hit by a missile," after both Britain and Canada confirmed that intelligence sources indicated that the plane was shot down due to an error in the Iranian air defense system.

Moreover, Abedzadeh explained that "the information recorded in the black boxes is essential for the aviation investigation and no definitive conclusion can be reached until the black boxes are examined."

The Ukrainian Airlines plane crashed two minutes after take off at dawn Wednesday from Tehran towards Kiev, and the 176 passengers on board, mostly Iranians and Canadians died.

The disaster occurred shortly after Tehran launched missiles targeting bases used by the US military in Iraq.



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  • This commment is unpublished.
    In Christ · 4 months ago
    What is the minimum takeoff speed of a Boeing 737?

    The minimum takeoff speed of a Boeing 737 weighing approximately 60,000 kg or 66 Tons, would be155 mph. This is the takeoff safety speed, at which the initial climb after takeoff is executed.

    What is the minimum takeoff speed of a MK 1 Surface-to-Air Missile?

    The Bristol Bloodhound is a British surface-to-air missile developed during the 1950s as the UK's main air defense weapon.

    The MK1 is Mach 2.2:

    By the time the missile has just cleared the launcher it is doing 400 mph.

    By the time the missile is 25 feet from the launcher it has reached the speed of sound,
    (approx. 720 mph).

    Three seconds after launch, as the four boost rockets fall away, it has reached Mach 2.5 which is roughly, 1,800 mph.

    It was reported that Iranian military felt threatened and thought the air plane was a incoming mis


    How do mistake an air plane that is travelling at 200 mph with a SAM that exceeds Mach 2,5 3 seconds after launch?

    Maybe that's not the case at all, maybe the people on the plane were the real threat. Maybe the people on the plane leaving Iran airspace during an Iranian missile attack on the United States Military were the real danger. Maybe what they had to say, or maybe they had information that could be used to convict Iranian leaders of crimes against humanity. Maybe someone on that plane had photographs and testimony of the Iranian government killing their own people.

    Just maybe!
  • This commment is unpublished.
    Matthew Worner · 4 months ago
    Of course, "It's all Trump's fault." Iraqui authorities are infected with treasonous DemoRAT spread of TDS. Of course if Trump were to nuke the whole place into a glazed parking lot the world would be a better place and civilian aircraft would be a whole lot safer...
  • This commment is unpublished.
    Donald Foreman · 4 months ago
    US GET THE HELL OUT OF MIDDLE EAST!!! Let the Deep State send their SONS and Daughters!!! Bring ours home. We need ours here!!!
  • This commment is unpublished.
    Donald Foreman · 4 months ago
    The point is WE should have never been there (IRAQ) in the first place!!! None of this would have happened.
  • This commment is unpublished.
    · 4 months ago
    taqiyya for a few days, "There is one thing for sure is that this plane was not hit by a missile," preceded by plausible justification, "confirming that the ill-fated plane flew near a sensitive military site". They tried to set us up, and Trump skillfully took them down.