Iran Moving MUCH More Military Gear to Azerbaijan Border

Iran Moving MUCH More Military Gear to Azerbaijan Border

Iran has increased the pace of moving military hardware toward its border with Azerbaijan.

All the latest type of military gear are now quite visible on the Iranian side of the Border.

Meanwhile, the Russian Southern Military District announced crews of army aviation helicopters Mi-8MTV-5 and Ka-52 performed training flights in the mountains of Armenia.

Russia and Iran are preparing to defend Armenia from Azerbaijan, which wants to grab the southern portion of Armenia so as to cut Iran off from Armenia, and cut Armenia off from the rest of the world.

Neither Russia nor Iran will allow that.



+4 # Where Did They Get All The Nice Gear?Pricer60 2023-03-26 19:50
Maybe purchased from the Afghans after Biden left it behind?
# Perfect for carpet bombingsupporttheblue 2023-03-26 19:11
Nicely assimilated
+5 # I smell a rat...WilliamtheResolute 2023-03-26 17:50
Pretty sure the U.S. intel services are behind a lot of this...a finger in the Turks eye...
+4 # This is whySilas8 2023-03-26 17:39
their enemies should fear Iran, they often means business and do what that say
+7 # looks funnychris c 2023-03-26 17:21
Why do all the vehicles look like (made in US)
+2 # They could be from USSilas8 2023-03-26 17:42
Just like the good jets they have from before the revolution
# but...la0508 2023-03-26 17:11
as I understand it, Armenia just announced they will arrest Putin, pursuant to ICC, if he comes to
+1 # I highly doubt thatSilas8 2023-03-26 17:40
Because they would be made to dust and have no NATO protection
+6 # See this re: Armenia & ICCla0508 2023-03-26 18:56
Armenia has very close ties with NATO. It has a permanent mission at NATO, and takes part in many different missions with NATO.
STILL, Russia does NOT want its ally Iran to be cut off from Armenia, and will not allow this kind of chaos, which more than likely I assume has been instigated or at least encouraged by the EU and NATO.
# THANKS for pointingNZ KIWI 2023-03-26 20:25
out just another twist to this charade
# Good luck ArmeniaSilas8 2023-03-26 19:14
Thanks for the link and good luck to Armenia.. Russia will crush them
+1 # RE: Good luck ArmeniaJFY 2023-03-26 19:31
More than likely, a new government that is more amenable to Russia will soon appear in Armenia.


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