Iran Navy Fires Upon and SINKS one of its own ships

UPDATED 9:25 PM EDT (SEE BOTTOM) -- The Iranian Navy shot and sunk one of it’s own naval vessels by mistake Sunday evening.

Reports of an Iranian Navy Ship shooting another Iranian Navy vessel started circulating social media Sunday evening, Your Content is first to report.

The initial reports suggest the missile firing was a mistake, however unconfirmed reports that the mistake cost 30 to 40 lives thus far.

Initial intel reports an Iranian Navy Moudge Class frigate, fired upon an Iran Navy vessel named “Konarak” in the Jask area.

The map below shows Jask, Iran and surrounding area:

Further info if it becomes available . . .



My former colleagues from overseas, during my years with the FBI Joint Terrorism Task Force (JTTF), confirm to me that the Iran navy vessel "Jamaran" - a Destroyer - mistakenly shot and sank and Iran navy Frigate, the "Kenarak" killing more than 40.

Bodies of 22 have been found.

Injured are transferred to Chabahar hospitals.