Is this "It?" Russia Announces "Large Scale Attack Drills" At Ukraine Border

Is this "It?"   Russia Announces "Large Scale Attack Drills" At Ukraine Border

Russia announced large-scale “attack” and amphibious assault exercises in and around annexed Crimea on Thursday as Western governments continue to sound the alarm over Moscow’s possible invasion of Ukraine.


# Exit Nord Stream 2, Enter Power of Siberia 2.Rod Stirling 2021-12-25 21:02
Pepe Escobar in full flight, and its brutal.........

For the Europeans, its BOHICA time.
# Germany continues to back-pedal.Rod Stirling 2021-12-25 18:07

Meanwhile, Reuters continues to push hard the pro-war narrative........
# See Putin American agentSamuel Badolato UNPAID SINCE JANUARY - SHUT OFF 07-24-2022 2021-12-25 14:28
CCC give all the criticism you want I was right he was having that exercise at the border just to pull his troops out it's he does that every year that guy is a spy for the US government he became president of Russia when the crumbling was loaded with CIA agents it hurts to be correct because the Russian people suffer the Russian generals are suffering and they need liberation they need some real democracy some Leo sovereign leadership and I give permission for them to be a sovereign Nation and to have sovereign leadership may the Russian people stop suffering
+1 # Short update.Rod Stirling 2021-12-25 06:05
Compliments of the Saker and well worth the reader's time........

On the Sakers 3 points.......

The Belgorod has put to sea and is fully armed.

Russia will not ship any gas to the EU now unless it is paid for up front, except where gas supply is part of an existing long-term contract.

Moscow has announced that China is participating with Russia in Hypersonic weapons development programs.
+2 # UghiCanWalk 2021-12-24 20:04
The Great Awakening
The Deep State
The Cabal
The Storm is Coming
Sealed indictments
Ten days
Trust the plan
Nothing can stop what is coming
+1 # AddendumiCanWalk 2021-12-24 20:07
Oh, and...

Patriots are in control
+3 # Bernhard hits it out of the ball park.Rod Stirling 2021-12-24 19:46

This is why the US and NATO will back down. This back down will happen under much heavy pressure from Moscow as Moscow continues to pile on the pressure.

Care to see nukes in Belarus?

No amount of stalling by Karen Donefried will inhibit Moscow's march forward.

And just a reminder, the Biden op has NO access to the US's Nuclear Arsenal!
+5 # Rumors of Wars,,, Emphasis on Rumorsplasmaglyphs 2021-12-24 16:22
Vladimir Putin and Klaus Schwab Go Way Back

December 23, 2021

We were warned in the Bible of a sign of the times being "Wars and Rumors of Wars" ,, but we should focus of the Rumors part in light of many details from the past from the Cold War,,, how people were scared into accepting the threat of MAD as the new normal...
The American people and the world are so easily played by these psychopaths of the globalist cabal cults...
Fear is the weapon that they will keep using until people wake up to their charade and resolve to not give these crooks the time of day..
Faith defeats fear,, and war..

Tell the Rumor Machine to Get a Life..

The "Saturnian Death Cult" must be removed from power, over our lives, through fear..

Faith in Jesus is the Answer, the author and finisher of your Faith.
+6 # The Real Anthony Fauci by Robert F. Kennedy 2021-12-24 16:45
The covid problem is entirely Bill Gates and Tony Fauci - they created and are organising the whole scamdemic.
+1 # RE: The Real Anthony Fauci by Robert F. Kennedy JrGunner 2021-12-25 12:06
Both of those vile puke, rat bastards from hell so completely deserve to HANG!!!!!!!
+1 # False flagIke1 2021-12-24 12:53
Maybe there is a good reason for those drills.
+1 # "Remember That Organist Jimmy Smith Tune" 2021-12-24 11:37
Boom Boom Boom Boom "Gonna Shoot You Right Down!" These words kept repeating with the music. Very unusual tune considering "9 Words Composed The Entire Tune." I always wondered to myself "Was This A Statement?" And than I thought "No It's Entertainment." Maybe so maybe not, but what's important is "Boom Boom Boom Boom Gonna Shoot You Right Down!"
+4 # Propanda for war has 2021-12-24 11:08
As many as 10,000 Western military instructors have been sent to Ukraine to train the Eastern European nation’s soldiers and support its fighting in the Donbass, Moscow has claimed, insisting that 4,000 are Americans.

Speaking during a briefing on Friday, Maria Zakharova, spokesperson for Moscow’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs, suggested that the presence of foreign military personnel is a sign that Kiev is preparing for a confrontational solution to the ongoing standoff with the two self-declared breakaway republics in the eastern Donbass region.

“The more instructors there are, the bigger Ukraine’s military budget,” she said. “The more arms they bring there, the more often we hear explosions, not only on the line of contact, but also right in the neighborhood of civilian infrastructure.”

According to Zakharova, the claims foreign trainers are in Ukraine to help deter Russian aggression are “a lie” and amount “not just to hypocrisy or double standards - this is a combination of blasphemy and mockery.”
NATO boss responds to Moscow on bloc’s expansion

Zakharova accused Kiev and its Western partners of disingenuously justifying the instructors’ presence on the basis of defense and containment of Russian aggression, calling this explanation a “lie” and saying that the foreign trainers “are directly responsible for the events taking place in front of our eyes in the Donbass.”
+2 # 2021-12-24 12:05
...there has not been the trademark CNN CNC FOX rabid war mongering to kick things off.
This is always a direct attack on the leader (Saddam Hussein, Muammar Gaddafi, Slobodan Milošević, Bashar Assad etc).
+11 # Turning the ScrewPierre Derelicto 2021-12-24 11:06
Putin has played this situation in a truly Trump-like fashion. The only difference is I believe that when Putin has had enough he actually will play his cards.
+7 # question:::Dudimus Maximus 2021-12-24 10:12
WHAT, is a civil war in usa? WHAT would/will it look like? HOW can you tell if you are in one. Before u say that's a stupid question, consider that it's not a north south thing this time that's clearly able to be seen; and consider that "how will you know" includes reports and reporting, by whom and what? If we had a civil war going on, who would decide it was one, and declare it? was the bundy ranch a non kinetic civil war scenario? how big does it have to be for it to be "official"? was kenosha a mini civil war scene? Im asking because it's been forecast that a civil war will be underway when Russia and China launch attack... some poopooers say that see? theres no civil war! question: what is one in 2021/22 and what would it look like and how would YOU experience it? or even know it was going on... lots of rumors? reports of fighting? we've had some of that... its ok if you don't know...
+3 # Not trying to be "flip"Buffalolips 2021-12-24 15:56
If you believe you are already in a civil war, you don't have to rely on someone else to tell you. Most law-abiding Americans can sense reality and are already poised to respond to any direct aggression on their person or their family should it come their way - they're just not going to be the one to throw the "first punch". After that, all bets are off ....
+4 # I suspect....wardoc 2021-12-24 13:14
that CW2 will be blue states and blue sections of states vs. red states and red sections of states. Some of that occurred in CW1, e.g. parts of Kansas supported states rights and others backed a centralized fed ; same with East Tennessee vs middle and west Tennessee. Many other examples. This type of split is one of many reasons for the CW being such a social disruptor (i.e. brother against brother and family against family). Very nasty.
+1 # Wilder gives updatesAvanarts 2021-12-24 11:41
Try this:
+1 # Interesting advice in that reportMan of the Atom 2021-12-25 03:14
"Get out of cities. Now. A year too soon is better than one day too late."
+1 # THANKS!Dudimus Maximus 2021-12-24 17:56
Quoting Avanarts:
Try this:

+8 # Clearly, we've been at warPierre Derelicto 2021-12-24 10:54
It's just the vast majority of people on the non-elitist side of the warring faction have no clue.

Mandating an experimental vaccine with an horrendous track record -- one which is so abysmal it cannot be censored -- on school kids could be a sign.

How many military veterans do we have in MSM? Of all of them, how many have been SCREAMING because of this horrendous violation of The Geneva Convention by our own alleged govt. The fact that they're all either shill plants or have been neutered could be a sign.

The fact that the kill shot is being mandated upon our own military could be a sign.

Flying in tens of thousands of foreign mercenaries with the Afghanistan flaming-turd-kabob as pretense could be a sign.

Having ZERO MSM media coverage of continued build-up's of Chinese troops, both north and south of our borders could be a sign.

... and leaving a border wide open -- inviting anyone and everyone to come in and embrace the chaos ... this could be a sign that an enemy has declared war on us, and is carrying out precursory and entry-level steps.
+3 # RE: Clearly, we've been at warGunner 2021-12-24 19:50
We in the damn U.S. are so fucked up the a$$ like wild damn hogs!! The country is DOOMED and 99% of us sat on our pathetic impotent a$$e$ and have done virtually Nothing. The damn country has been taken over & not 1 god damned shot has been fired.
+8 # ... and ...Pierre Derelicto 2021-12-24 11:04
... the fact that if I copied and pasted this onto social media, I would get immediately censored, and possibly cancelled, could also be a sign.

People generally want to think the best of others. The thought that their own government could sell them out to the CCP is probably unthinkable to most.

The botched FBI domestic black op, on January 6th, AND the DC Sellouts equally pathetic and unconvincing attempt at subsequent clean-up could also be a sign.

It's hard to accept that individuals or groups whose sole purpose (at least 'in theory') has been your protection and safety could be led into depths of such depraved indifference as what we've continued to witness on an escalating scale. They are being used as pawns in this war. Apparently, they don't understand that in a game of chess on that level, pawns are expendable commodities, also.
+9 # Global War On Terror, which is really the War For Complete National Control and World DominationWhite Lightning aka Raptor 2021-12-24 12:09
The Satanic Signs and Symbols are everywhere for those who have eyes to see. The take down and takeover of Humanity is obvious. 6uild 6ack 6etter 666 is all over this operation. We realize all too well, their intent is worse than "ill." Their intent is pure EVIL. The Good Book says the prudent man sees calamity coming and prepares. It is the religion of ignorance that tyranny begins. The global geopolitical chessboard is being stealthily set up for the hot phase of World War III after the banksters stage a controlled demolition of the Global Economic & Financial System. Kennedy was not shot by a lone gunman. Three building on 911 were not brought down by air planes. The Fed is breaking the law by endlessly printing money, Obama birth certificate is a forgery. The Vegas shooting as well as many other mass shootings are false flags. We as a people are opposed around the world by a monolithic and ruthless conspiracy that relies primarily on covert means for expanding its sphere of influence--on infiltration instead of invasion, on subversion instead of elections, on intimidation instead of free choice, on guerrillas by night instead of armies by day. It is a system which has conscripted vast human and material resources into the building of a tightly knit, highly efficient machine that combines military, diplomatic, intelligence, economic, scientific and political operations.
+7 # 2021-12-24 08:33
NATO has stated it will accept anyone anywhere.
Russia has said in that case it will act militarily - and it is.
The Russian generals will have told Putin that any delay will simply cost more lives, as NATO pours in more arms. The Ukraine army did a practice with an anti tank Javelin missile yesterday.
They are preparing for a full scale NATO response - short of nuclear. For that nobody can prepare.
+6 # TalksBushDid911 2021-12-24 05:50
For those that know their Bible ,we will have BIG peace talks ,much cheer and proclamations of peace ,then the war will come
+13 # Up the ante'Smiley1984*! 2021-12-24 02:37
I think Russia just upped the ante' in this game of NUCLEAR POKER!
Is Russia going to be deterred by the threat of sanctions or is she prepared and will say in effect "bring it on-do your worst-lets see what you've got"
President Putin just did a 4 hour end of term report; does "President" Biden have the same staying power?
Footnote: my word processor did not recognize the name BIDEN, I had to teach it that name!
+4 # The name is BeidenMan of the Atom 2021-12-24 03:30
You know, Beijing Beiden?

Since you mentioned poker I will tell you this: late last night I was nearly nodding off while playing a computer based (not Internet based) video poker game with imaginary money when as sometimes happens when I am between wakefulness and sleep a spontaneous thought this time "mass evacuation" just popped into my mind. This begs the question - mass evacuation from what? Will that be the East Coast of the US? The West Coast? Our cities? Russian cities? Why? Earth changes, nuclear war, what? I'll just throw this out here in case something like that actually happens. Keep in mind that I do not declare myself to be a prophet but I do believe all of us are connected together by strong, invisible threads that I feel are partially described by the "superstrings" theory in physics.
# The end of the dayWoulf 2021-12-24 02:30
Jamie N Commons - Lead Me Home
What else could you say.
# A Space Traveling Civilization Built All of the MegalithsWhite Lightning aka Raptor 2021-12-24 02:06
ETs Among Us: UFO Witnesses and whistleblowers
+2 # Nephilim...Heather Adkins 2021-12-24 06:14
Built the megaliths. Genesis 6:4.
# RE: heatherdaadSteve 196th Inf 2021-12-26 20:33
Totally agree
+21 # End timesjdr197121 2021-12-24 01:40
These are the end times. Many many more things will happen before the end = Jesus returning. These must happen; however, it will happen at a staggering pace. One calamity, stressor, issue, deception, etc. after another. Hold tight to your faith in Jesus and God Almighty, because this war comes from the spiritual realm manifest on Earth. We can't stop it, beat it, or vote it in or out. Not physically. All we can do is hold tight to Jesus and keep watch as well as spread the truth. Our mission if we are with him is harvesting souls through it all, and although we are sinners sometimes... to rise above to serve our individual purpose per his guidance. We will be mocked, beaten, raped, burned, publicly ridiculed and accused ... killed... etc. but that is temporary. Praise God Almighty.
+2 # Jesus told uspebble2palma 2021-12-24 23:13
"If the world hates you, keep in mind it hated me first". John15:18 (NIV)
Onward Christian soldiers!
Keep the faith!
+2 # Hal's memeWoulf 2021-12-24 00:23
I hate to say it, but sad but true. The old days were best summed by David Bowie "Young American". The 70's, what can I say.
For these days and times I would say Keiko Matsui -The wind and the "woulf".
I'm old school, so shoot me. Hey, that's what they want to do any way.
If it is time to get tribal. The HU - "Woulf" Totem
+2 # Observationjroot 2021-12-23 23:36
You should know that there has not ever been an alien attack on this world. With that said, there are likely thousands of alien races with the technology to not only visit our world, but to blow it out of the galaxy. Let the nukes fly and you will see an alien visit that will shake you to the core. Anyone who believes we are alone in this universe should read more widely and open your mind. A 3rd world war will almost certainly involve nukes and our world will become unfit for habitation for several thousand years. Nuclear winter would block sunlight and nothing would grow for decades.
+5 # NONSENSE!Rick Geise 2021-12-24 11:07
Get your headgear flushed out. I have an MA in the Earth Sciences and student of the Holy Scriptures for over 30 years.

Any "aliens" that have managed to establish residences off this planet in the past are the progeny of the extra-dimensional fallen angels (i.e. nephilim) which have been here since before the Garden... AND ARE CERTAINLY NOT OUR CREATORS OR TO BE TRUSTED!
+1 # RightMan of the Atom 2021-12-25 03:38
Read any book by John A. Keel:
"The Mothman Prophecies"
"Strange Creatures from Time and Space"
"Our Haunted Planet"
"Operation Trojan horse"
"The 8th Tower"
Pick one. The 4th one tries to give a theory. Don't read them too late at night. He said the phenomena is "self-reflective". I read all of them - toward the end of his life he said, "I am not a UfOlogist, I'm a demonologist".
+1 # In other wordsMan of the Atom 2021-12-25 03:44
There may be real "space aliens" (assuming the Universe is not an illusion) but the ones the contactees have experienced are clearly not them.
+6 # RE: ObservationWoulf 2021-12-24 01:40
Why would you "nuke" it when you could infiltrate it. Kenites have already infiltrated the priest hood, look around. The newer versions of the bible rewritten. Drag queen story time in a church, gay priest and weird pictures in the church. What part of under attack do you not see?
+5 # RE: Is this "It?" Russia Announces "Large Scale Attack Drills" At Ukraine BorderPalehorse 2021-12-23 22:31

"...Attack Drills..."
"...hit targets at various ranges..."
"...firing tasks... at various ranges..."
"...tactical nukes include NYC, D.C, London..."
+4 # Sadly..Woulf 2021-12-24 00:53
The idiots running things are having a "fire sale". The only upside is they are standing in the middle of it.
+3 # RE: Sadly..Palehorse 2021-12-24 12:04

Insanity knows no bounds.
# Interesting how the roles are reversedMan of the Atom 2021-12-25 03:41
The world is upside down.

The banned content includes pornography and posts that promote drugs and suicide.
+12 # Crimea.Rod Stirling 2021-12-23 22:01
First point, Crimea was never 'annexed as the people of Crimea voted overwhelmingly to rejoin Russia.

Worse, in the two succeeding presidential elections the vote for Putin, despite the massive numbers of international 'observers', were overwhelmingly for Putin with numbers being around the highest in Russia.

What Russia does inside her borders is, at its core, none of our business.

Those who continue to spin the yarn that 'Russia is going to invade the Ukraine' are clearly supporters of the warmongers, in their various guises.
-14 # Putin is CIASamuel Badolato UNPAID SINCE JANUARY - SHUT OFF 07-24-2022 2021-12-23 21:55
Don't expect any greatness out of that man don't expect him to invade anything in the be upfront about it remember he used ski mask he's a little coward you better count your lucky stars that he's an agent of the United States of America if he wasn't there would have been a war with Russia with Iraq they wanted to defend sedan the last time when Bush Junior invaded Putin would not let them Putin letters go all the way to Ukraine it is Putin's fault he is surrounded it is his own fault his own generals his own people who have talked to have said they know he's an agent he gave weapon systems to a part of NATO they know what he is they are leery of him and I do not expect any war unless they play trick or treat with him with this exercise but I expect to know to go back home by the end of this year and for there to be negotiations I don't know if this is going to end with the motherhood of Russia being part of Ukraine and NATO just will not end with Russia being a sovereign one country this will end without a war without any bloodshed because I really believe the man of CIA is Putin something happened to me and late 1980s with a certain lady that leads me to believe yes when he was lieutenant Colonel he was CIA he is CIA and he will be CIA so he's not a man of greatness you can count your lucky stars on that but you should care about the Russian people and the Russian government and their sovereignty they have a right to exist and the love and freedom and peace and not to have dictatorship they should have a real democracy over there they deserve it they're good folks they're good people
# Coward?Woulf 2021-12-24 00:47
The people that went to work every day, knowing that if they were found out would be tortured to the point of wishing they were dead. What of their families, their friends? A person that will do these things. Is it for the money, women or fame? Is it for the love of country and people? How many shallow holes of "nobody's" there around this planet? No one knows there names or faces, what they were about. These people were not "meek", but they inherited the earth, one shovel full to the face at a time.
The best way to sum it up is Fleetwood Mac (Peacekeeper)
-15 # Putin is CIASamuel Badolato UNPAID SINCE JANUARY - SHUT OFF 07-24-2022 2021-12-23 21:45
Did you notice Mr Turner changed his subject from Russia invading Ukraine to about covid that's because he knows that was their excuse for building up to the border for those exercises don't just leave and start pulling away America will get everything he wants in Ukraine building up and everything else Mr Putin is not a great man he will never be a great man tomorrow was his chance can you imagine if he captured American loot in Ukraine military loot and had that across Russian TV what kind of arrow he would be to the motherland and a savior to the Russian people he's not no great man he's not doing that it's illegal you'd have to have the law repealed through his Congress he's just going to pull out of there and use that drill as an excuse for being there all armed up like that at the end of the year he's played as a fool he's played his Russians as fools is there some things that are more important than part of Swift and money and trade directions and that's national pride and that's strength they hit a lot of marches they had a lot of glorious Days with Soviets they've had nothing but shame and defeats and dishonor tears and crying people were homeless in the 1990s they lived on the street and boxes there in Moscow you'll never be a great man he won't invade invade this crisis is over with if you going back home the troops there never was a crisis for I think they wanted to see what I could do about the situation I'm not that interested in it I'm not that reckless of a person to get involved in it I'm not involved I won't get involved they need a great man to lead them a retired admiral or something
+7 # See if I get more down votes then youSrmay72 2021-12-23 22:17
few years ago remember Putin was sick, facial recognition of the old Putin and this guy, LIKE SO MANY OTHERS ITS NOT EVEN CLOSE. SAME WITH KIM FROM NORTH KOREA. THE MORE THEY DRILL YOU WITH RUSSIA BAD, WAIT A COUPLE DAYS , LIKE BUSH 9/11. SEE GODS IN CONTROL SOON ALL SIN WILL come to light. Every world leader is controled by satan, so they don't have people they have pawns, knowing we "must" have a world War to bring in the antichrist
+4 # RE: Is this "It?" Russia Announces "Large Scale Attack Drills" At Ukraine BorderLambs Servant 2021-12-23 21:12
I guess time will tell.
# Just seen this videoSrmay72 2021-12-23 21:00
part of the same drill.
+1 # Not sure but...iCanWalk 2021-12-23 20:59
But I do know that "it" is one of the words that the "Knights of Ni" cannot hear.
# RE: Not sure but...Woulf 2021-12-24 00:59
That was a good one. Sad that John Gless has to "cancel" himself. The only thing missing now is the "ministry of silly walks". That is unless Biden does it again ;)
-6 # ET's Are Ruling UsWhite Lightning aka Raptor 2021-12-23 20:47
An extraterrestrial intervention is occurring in the world.
People are being taken against their will.
Human freedom and sovereignty are under threat.
Intervening alien forces seek to subjugate the human family.
They plan to occupy our world through hidden infiltration, deception and lies.
Alien forces are poisoning the well of spirituality.
No true ally of humanity would intervene in our world.
This is a Greater Darkness in the world, something that most people are too afraid to think about.
Humanity must awaken to the danger of alien contact.
This new spiritual message for humanity will prepare us for the reality of life in the universe.
+7 # HeavensSrmay72 2021-12-23 22:43
THINK ABOUT WHY. FOR MANY YEARS THEY HAD A WAY TO "SPACE" ALIENS "NO" FALLEN YES.! ALIENS HAD A DIFFERENT PLANET to flee to why spent 70 years plus digging tunnels? Really! Is there hybrid cross ? Yes but the one thing satan hates worse then anything is humans. Because we were made in His image. If its not human its fallen hybrids. Now all vaxed and all " their " offspring are no longer God made
+1 # This came from the GnosticsMan of the Atom 2021-12-24 10:05
No doubt they in turn were influenced by the Persian prophet Zoroaster - he said Earth was the battleground of a god of light and a god of darkness. The Devil came into Hebrew thought after their contact with the Persians who liberated them from the Babylonian Captivity. Gnostics believed the physical world was the creation of a god of darkness (evil) - Jesus told Pilate "my kingdom is not of this world". You see some ideas like this in Buddhism and the Eastern religions too.

Gnostic Christians were also present at the very beginning of the faith - some say Jesus was an Essene - they were quite different from the Pharisees and Sadducees - some Essenes were vegetarians and celibate. Paul (Saul) had Gnostic beliefs. Some of the New Testament reads like that. A "crusade" against Gnostic Christians was carried out in the South of France by Catholics of that time, 800 years ago. These "heretics" believed matter was evil and spirit was good - people were spirits trapped in physical bodies - Buddhism to this day will tell you dying is one way of "waking up".


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