Israel BLOWS-UP Gaza Parliament Building

Israel BLOWS-UP Gaza Parliament Building

The "only Democracy in the Middle East" - Israel - instructed its Army to BLOW-UP the Parliament Building of the Gaza Strip, today.  Video Below:

This video, just-in from a cell phone in the Gaza Strip, shows the moment when the Israeli Defense Force (IDF) detonated the Gaza Parliament Building:

Hal Turner Editorial Opinion:

Isn't it ironic that the very FIRST people, here in the USA or elsewhere in the world, to screech publicly that a candidate or political policy is "a threat to our Democracy" are the very ones who actually BLEW UP a democratic legislative building?  Literally DESTROYED IT!

Gee whiz: Bombing Hospitals, Mosques, Schools, Universities, Refugee Camps, Ambulance Convoys and now blowing up a democratic legislative building; Kind of shows you Israel's true colors when it comes to their commitment to democracy, doesn't it?

Day-by-Day, the "state" of Israel is showing the entire world what they actually are:  Violent racists, bigots, tyrants, and murderers, who run a completely racist, Apartheid state.   In so doing, it seems to me they are committing the suicide of their country. 

The next time you hear anyone talk about a "threat to democracy" take a moment to assess WHO IT IS that's saying it.   If it's any of these people, then you know they're just lying, racist, bigot, tyrant, frauds, trying to manipulate you, because with your own eyes, you have just seen THEIR commitment to "democracy."




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