Al-Ahli Gaza Baptist Hospital Bombed - 500+ DEAD!

Al-Ahli Gaza Baptist Hospital Bombed - 500+ DEAD!

At least five hundred people are known to be dead after Israel ALLEGEDLY  targeted Al-Ahli Gaza Baptist Hospital with an air strike.

Developing . . .


 The Israel Armed Forces say they are looking into what caused the explosion at that hospital.  They are suggesting a HAMAS Missile may have fallen short.

(HT Remark: Just to be clear: If Israel attacked this hospital it would be a massive war crime and could set the region on fire. Nothing can ever justify such an attack.)


Below is raw video of what is said to be the ACTUAL Missile strike.   In the video, the deep rumble of war plane engines CAN be heard.

Within seconds, the high-speed whistle sound of an in-flight missile can CLEARLY be heard.  Then . . .  impact.

This was no "ammo depot explosion" this was a missile hit.

 Ground footage:

In the grand scheme of things it doesn't really matter what blew up the hospital. That'll be for the Intel people and we'll find out in 30 years.

Right now everyone involved has already made up their mind, and will be reacting accordingly.


There is now video footage which, if true, seems to prove the missile which struck the hospital was a mis-firing HAMAS missile.  

UPDATE: THE FOOTAGE ALLEGEDLY SHOWING A MISSILE MIS-FIRE IS FROM THREE YEARS AGO.    (HT REMARK: As you are all aware, there is an awful lot of deception and intentional mis-direction going on in this war situation.   Endeavoring to get the FACTS is a very hard process right now.  Doing the best I can to be FACTUAL.)



UH OH . . .

Israel Defense Forces spokesman Rear Adm. Daniel Hagari says Israel verifying reports of a strike on a hospital in Gaza.

Hagari says he does not have all the information yet, and further details will be provided when possible.

He says he does not know yet if the blast, reportedly causing hundreds of casualties, was an Israeli strike.

"There are a lot of airstrikes, a lot of failed rockets, and a lot of fake reports by Hamas," Times of Israel quoted Adm. Harari as saying.

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas has declared three days of mourning for the victims of a strike on a hospital in the Gaza Strip, WAFA reported.


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