Israel: Full Ground Assault INTO Gaza City within 48 Hours; Houthis WARN Saudis "Stop Downing our Missiles"

Israel is a whirlwind of information that entry into Gaza City by Israeli troops will commence in earnest "within 48 hours."  It is expected to be utterly brutal, full-scale, urban warfare.

In the days leading up to today's information, Israeli Defense Forces have entered northern Gaza and have begun surrounding Gaza city from the north, along the west and along the coastal road at the east.  Another contingent of IDF entered south of Gaza and secured a three block wide pathway to the coastal road, from which they are beginning to move northward.

Fighting along the periphery of Gaza City has often be fierce, but word is that what's been encountered by IDF so far "is nothing" compared to what full-scale urban warfare will bring.

The ferocious nature of urban warfare, in close quarters, is a well known nightmare for __any__ military.  The body count on both sides is expected to be mind-boggling.

Meanwhile, Houthis in the country of Yemen have been firing ballistic missiles and launching drones from Yemen towards Israel, but most of those have been intercepted by either US naval assets in the Red Sea, or by Saudi Arabia itself.

Today, the Houthis formally "warned" Saudi Arabia that if they continue to intercept missiles destined for Israel, the Houthis will begin targeting "all Saudi oil production facilities."

On its face, it appears to most observers that the Houthis are telling the Saudis, "either you support your fellow Muslims, or you support Israel.  You can't do both."

This is apparently a very unexpected development both in the Arab world and at the Pentagon.   It is not yet know how this will be addressed.


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