Israel informs Assad - "One of your palaces is the IDF's next target"

Israel informs Assad - "One of your palaces is the IDF's next target"

According to the Arab news site Elaph, Syrian President Bashar Assad has been warned that his Presidential Palace will be attacked if Syria allows Iran to continue its activities in the country.

Israel recently warned Syrian President Bashar al-Assad that one of his palaces would become a target for IDF forces in their next raid on Syria, if it continued to allow Iran's attempts to transfer quality weapons to its country, Elaph, an Arab news website operating in London, reported last night. 

According to the website's reporter, Majdi Halabi, Israel began preparing for operations deep inside Syria without informing Russia, but an Israeli source told the reporter that the bombing operations across the country in the past month were known to the Russian side, just hours before they occurred.

Israel last week bombed runways at Damascus International Airport and completely shut down that airport's operations, in order to pressure Assad to take a more active and firm line against Iran's use of Syria and its infrastructure, smuggling weapons to Hezbollah and various forces in Syria itself.

This, following the bombing of a weapons depot of Iranian elements in Damascus more than two weeks ago, the missile attack in May against targets of Assad's army and Iranian militias in the Syrian capital, and the attack on pro-Iranian militias in the Masaif area in western Syria. 


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