Israel Minister Amihai Eliyahu: Dropping a Nuke on Gaza is "An Option."

Israel Minister Amihai Eliyahu: Dropping a Nuke on Gaza is "An Option."

Israel's Minister Amihai Eliyahu says that dropping a nuclear weapon on the Gaza Strip is "an option." Given the volume of explosives already dropped on Gaza, it exceeds the explosive power of Hiroshima.

Asked in a radio interview about a hypothetical nuclear option, Eliyahu replied: "That's one way." His remark made headlines in Arab media and scandalised mainstream Israeli broadcasters.

Neither Eliyahu or his party leader are in the streamlined ministerial forum (War Cabinet) running the Gaza war. Neither would they have inside knowledge of Israel's nuclear capabilities - which it does not publicly acknowledge - or the power to activate them.

"Eliyahu's statements are not based in reality. Israel and the IDF (military) are operating in accordance with the highest standards of international law to avoid harming innocents. We will continue to do so until our victory," Netanyahu's office said.

Eliyahu also voiced his objection to allowing any humanitarian aid into Gaza, adding that “there is no such thing as uninvolved civilians in Gaza” and that Palestinians “can go to Ireland or deserts.”

Hal Turner Editorial Opinion

I am almost apoplectic at this remark by Minister Eliyahu.

It is unclear to me which is worse: His remark, or the reality that his country has dropped more conventional explosives on Gaza than the explosive power of the Hiroshima nuclear bomb; and Israel still isn't winning.

Can any of us imagine a military that is so ineffective, they would have to resort to using a nuclear bomb against an "enemy" that has NO ARMY?

How pathetic must the Israel Defense Force actually be that someone would even consider using a nuclear weapon?

One wonders if Minister Eliyahu has even considered what the rest of the world might do if Israel actually did something like that?  Would the rest of the world allow even ONE Zionist - including Christian Zionists - to continue living anywhere on this planet if they did something like that?

How could the world ever trust any such person to remain breathing if they chose to use a nuclear bomb against an enemy that has NO ARMY?

I think this remark by Minister Eliyahu shows a gigantic, deep-seated, severe, mental sickness.  Win at all costs, no matter what.

The remark strikes me as what we get when we bring up entire generations of people with "Participation Trophies" so they "all win."  

In real life, in sports, in business, in relationships, someone wins and someone loses.  It is the reality of human existence.

But those who were brought up with Participation Trophies, have never had to learn to lose.  They never learn to deal with it.

And it now appears to me, this is the result:  A man who is so bent over possibly losing, he is willing to use nuclear bombs against an enemy that has no army, in order to satiate his need to "win."

This remark indicates to me, that this particular Minister (and maybe a whole slew more) is a danger to himself and to other people.

How many more  such people with such maniacal ideas are elsewhere in Governments around the world?

Maybe it's time to find out - before such a maniacal idea spreads.



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