Israel’s ‘fake news war room’ set up to tackle vaccine disinformation loses battle to Telegram, unit's head admits

Israel’s ‘fake news war room’ set up to tackle vaccine disinformation loses battle to Telegram, unit's head admits

As Israel’s record-setting inoculation drive slows down, it has set up a special unit to combat what it calls ‘fake news’ about coronavirus vaccines, but messaging app Telegram turned out to be too much to handle for official cyber warriors.


+2 # BOOM!laurie spencer 2021-02-15 13:28

it's the jews
+1 # Israel? Mixed bag.Doug Brown 2021-02-15 12:17
Very mixed emotions about Israel.
The land given to them they never took. That's an issue. It was from the Persian Gulf where the Euphrates feeds into it, to Turkey, straight south to the Nile. And, everything inbetween. About 1,000 square miles. They never got it together, meaning they never took the land God gifted them.
The Jews were to be a light to the world.
Mixed bag? Yes. And confusing.
I like Israel. I've been to Israel. But make no mistake, Israel is secular. It has gay districts in Tel Aviv that would make the tenderloin district in San Francisco blush.
Israel is following God the way Joe Biden tge catholic apostate follows Catholicism.
Now. Concerning Israeli vaccine distributions. If Tenpenny is right. And she sure sounds right, a vast number of Jews will be dropping down dead real soon.
How can people push covid 19 vaccine when they must know it is experimental gene therapy which irreversibly alters the person's DNA? If 50 % of the vaccine recipients are dead in 6 months, the Jewish authorities which promote this will be put on trial for war crimes.
No one can say they didn't know.
+1 # Israel, Psychopath StateHarnaś 2021-02-15 21:48
From Veterans Today

The psychopath does not know the feeling of guilt; he constantly plays innocent. Those who get in his way, or even cast a shadow over his path, are solely responsible for their own destruction. Their accusations are baseless fabrications, their anger an irrational hatred. “One thing that Judaism has which other spiritualities lack is innocence,” explains André Neher, one of the leaders of “the Jewish school of thought of Paris” (with Emmanuel Levinas and Leon Ashkenazi). “We are innocent, and we feel even more deeply that we are innocent when we are accused. […] It is this innocence that we must be aware of at present, and that we must never deny, never, in any circumstance.” (23) And it works: “You will understand nothing of anti-Semitism,” wrote Jean-Paul Sartre, “if you fail to remember that the Jew, that object of so much hatred, is perfectly innocent, nay harmless.” (Anti-Semite and Jew, 1946).

The Jewish question is thus reduced to the question of anti-Semitism, which, thanks to the mythology of the Holocaust, is elevated to the status of metaphysical Evil. “The hatred of the Jews is the enigma of enigmas …” (André Glucksmann, Hate Speech, 2004)
# Be careful with themMan of the Atom 2021-02-16 00:25
Some people claim "Veterans Today" is a disinformation site.

When Trump became President, I understand the FBI was permitted to go to Israel and ask their government to assist in the arrest of a young man who was posting death threats against Jewish communities online in a disinformation campaign designed to sow fear and sympathy.
# Very mixed emotions about Israel indeedHarnaś 2021-02-15 20:42
I do not share your mixed emotions. It is a lot worse than anyone can fathom. Let us look randomly at something like Rumble uncovered by Brandon O'Connoll!
Rumble is run by a bunch of Khazarian Uks, Russians and Israelis out of Canada! Nice of Steve Bannon to recommend them.

25 of the 29 employees have pure Slavic names. People did not seem to notice how a company based in Canada - initial home of the Soviet "illegal" (sleeper) - is filled with Russian/Ukrainian/Israeli assets building the Trumptard freedom base, deleting material exposing Israel.
+1 # RE: Israel? Mixed bag.AngelaM 2021-02-15 13:20
it is even more sinister in that it will cut people off from higher self which we are coming into 3/22 the gates open. Hal knows. buckle up as the fear and control noose is squeezed tight
+2 # RE: Israel? Mixed bag.The Deplorable Renegade 2021-02-15 14:06
What’s supposed to happen on March 22?
+2 # Great awakening in Israel?Harnaś 2021-02-15 10:14
Earlier this week, Facebook shut down a group of 12,000 members associated with a popular rabbi for promoting false statements about jabs and the Israeli vaccination drive.

Those non-Ashkenazy Orthodox finally got wind of the fact that Kazarians are assassinating them with Covid-19 virus and the "vaccine" against it and are refusing to go in silence in the same way they went to Auschwitz and Treblinka gas changers during WWII. Great awakening of the Ace2 receptor rich reservoir?
# The tetragrammatonMan of the Atom 2021-02-16 00:34
The Orthodox Jews still follow YHVH (the four letters know as the tetragrammaton, or simply the name of God). What is that name? When Moses spoke to God in the burning bush, the reply was "I am that I am". This was translated as Jehovah in the King James Bible.

This name strikes me as being very consistent with the citta matra or mind only theory in Buddhism actually. I'll try to paraphrase the theory: the only thing that exists is the One Mind and thoughts and emotions and people and trees are all aspects of it but the Mind cannot see itself as a razor cannot cut itself so no one knows the One Mind exists.

Everything is an aspect of Mind including unborn babies which is bad news for the secularists.
+1 # fake gas chamberslaurie spencer 2021-02-15 13:43
+2 # nice articleMaximum Turbine 2021-02-15 20:10
I read through the article, too bad the book is $400
+2 # RE: fake gas chambersThe Deplorable Renegade 2021-02-15 14:08
I’m glad to see someone fighting chewish censorship.


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