Israel "War Cabinet" Wants Netanyahu OUSTED; Revealed: Minister Has Own "Militia"

Israel's "war cabinet" is bickering among itself, most of the ministers talk of a need to increase attacks against Hezbollah.  Netanyahu has refused, and his own right hand man, Ben Gvir, is now calling for his dismissal.

Then, in a shock that many will not even imagine possible, the world found out this weekend that Ben Gvir is one of the few government ministers who are allegedly allowed to have their own militas separate from the IDF and Mossad.

As such, the world now finds out that a RUMORED highly unstable individual with hundreds of armed men as his followers, is thrown in the mix . . . .   certainly not the best look for the Israeli power structure.

Yet, this dramatic exposure - that Israel "allows" certain Ministers to have their own militia -- also gives gigantic credence to claims the Israeli military and police were told to "stand down" for about 7 hours on October 7.  One wonders now if that was because the people who would be doing the ATTACK of October 7, weren't "Hamas" but were, instead, a certain Minister's own militia?

Is it possible this entire "attack" was either;

1) Staged by the Israeli government to provide a reason for the Ethnic Cleansing of Palestinians to grab the oil and gas off the Gaza coastline, or

2) Made worse by intentional Israeli participation in the attacks, to move ahead the long-stagnant plans for a Ben Gurion Canal?

Imagine a Minister with his own "militia" who gets to operate outside the normal government.   The possibilities are endless.

This revelation, that Minister Ben-Gvir has his own militia outside of the normal Israeli structures, adds a wildcard dynamic to this gravest of situations.

Could the entire Middle East -- and maybe the entire world - be heading into a war because some Rogue militia, working for a government Minister, did something that is now being called a "terror attack on Israel?"

No one really knows.   



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