UPDATED 5:26 PM EDT Israeli Defense Minister: "We have abolished all the rules of war. Our soldiers will not be held responsible for anything. There will be no military courts”

UPDATED 5:26 PM  EDT Israeli Defense Minister: "We have abolished all the rules of war. Our soldiers will not be held responsible for anything. There will be no military courts”

Israel's Minister of Defense Yaov Gallant, told troops massing for a ground invasion of the Gaza Strip "We have abolished all the rules of war. Our soldiers will not be held responsible for anything. There will be no military courts.” Even Adolph Hitler didn't go that far . . . .

Minister Gallant also told troops "I have released all the restraints, we have [regained] control of the area, and we are moving to a full offense. Hamas wanted a change in Gaza, it will change 180 degrees from what it thought. They will regret this moment, Gaza will never return to what it was."

For anyone wondering whether or not Israel is planning an actual ground invasion of the Gaza Strip, Minister Gallant also answered that, telling Israeli troops "We started the offensive from the air.  Later, we will also come from the ground." 

Confirming Gallant's point,  Israel Minister of National Security says "Invasion of Gaza is now Imminent"  He said Israel has now no other option rather then to start the Ground action.

Social media postings show videos of the troops being briefed about the coming ground invasion:

What is taking place in Israel is not happening in a vacuum; other countries and entities are seeing what is going on, and they are making their positions about it very clear.

In next-door Lebanon, the group Hezbollah, with whom Israel went to war in 2005, has warned if Israel launches a ground invasion of Gaza, Hezbollah will enter the war to defend Palestinians.

The United States has sent several back-channel messages via intra-government methods to make certain Hezbollah knows the messages are real, directly warning if Hezbollah enters the war against Israel, the United States will enter against Hezbollah.

After those several direct warnings were delivered, Hezbollah publicly said today that not only will they enter the war, “Our naval fleet with cruise missiles and torpedoes is ready for war with Israel”  The Hezbollah "red line" is the entry of the Israeli army into Gaza for ground operation.  They even put out a video showing the weaponry they will use:

To drive home their point, Hezbollah then turned around and destroyed two Israeli army armored personnel carriers with Russian Kornet missiles on the Lebanese-Israeli border.  So Hezbollah seems to have made clear, They're in on this fight no matter what the US or Israel say.

In nearby Iran, the message is similar.  The Iran Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) publicly stated this morning "IRGC is ready to go to war with Israel as part of any joint operation with Hezbollah" which was reported today by Russia's Izvestia newspaper.

Shockingly and hugely troubling on many levels, were remarks made today by Turkish President Recypt Erdogan.   He told reporters "The world cannot tolerate the continuation of the humanitarian tragedy in the region." he went on to say "Israel must not forget that if it acts like an organization (Gang) and not like a state, it will ultimately be treated like an organization (Gang)."

Shockingly this morning, Turkey’s deputy minister of education posted on Social media telling Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu: “You will die.”

The Arab media outlet Al-Mayadeen published a story this morning quoting a source with the Palestinian military chain of command which said "We have information supervision over all enemy (i.e. Israeli) movements, even those that take place inside its military sites. - If the enemy (i.e. Israel) launches a ground invasion of the Gaza Strip, he will effectively sacrifice half of his army."

Elsewhere, other countries and entities continue to chime-in on the conflict.  Today, the Pakistani Army Chief threatened Israel: "If Israel launches a ground attack on Gaza, Pakistan will provide ballistic missiles to the Palestinians."


For its part, Israel seems to be showing it doesn't care at all what anyone else is saying.  This morning, Israel apparently used White Phosphorus munitions against civilian targets in Gaza.

Multiple sources report that both journalists and residents in the Gaza port area experienced distress due to a bombing incident involving white phosphorus.

An Israeli airstrike this morning killed founding member of Hamas Abu Osama and 2 of his sons (they were also Hamas men).


And if there was any question at all about what Israel intends to do inside Gaza once a ground invasion begins, that was answered by Israeli Defense Force Spokesman Jonathan Conricus who vowed that they "would raze every building to the ground in revenge for Hamas.'

Lebanese media states that #Hamas informed Hezbollah and other allies that their missile array is intact and they are capable of lasting long enough. Hamas also confirmed they are ready for any ground invasion by the Zionist army.

With Gaza under total siege, this morning the Gaza power plant ran out of fuel and electricity is off for 2.3 million people in Gaza.  The fuel available in the hospital to operate the generators is sufficient for four days at most, and the hospital without electricity will turn into a mass grave.

There is also no running water in Gaza, after Israel shut the water mains yesterday.

Heavy rocket barrages from Gaza are targeting central Israel. Tel Aviv is under attack right now.


Hal Turner Analysis and SPECULATION

When we all see Israel go in on the ground into Gaza... I suspect we will shortly thereafter start to see horrible images of innocent civilian death and atrocities plastered across the news.

Once that starts happening, I suspect we will see basically every Muslim terrorist organization declare official war on Israel.

After that, I suspect we will see Israel become overrun from multiple fronts, and call on the United States for military help.

With the nitwits in the US federal government having no real clue about reality, I suspect we will see the USA start striking targets THROUGHOUT the Muslim world.

At that point (matter of days) I suspect we will see the Muslims declare war on the USA with terror attacks all throughout our country.

It seems very simple to me:  Boots on the ground in Gaza and the fuse is lit..."


NOTE: I worked very late last night, and slept-in late this morning.  I needed the rest.   Updates to follow, below, throughout the day.  Check back.


UPDATE 11:29 AM EDT --

The Israeli Defense Force (IDF) has issued an announcement:

The entire area around Gaza Division is now a closed military area. (Map below)

Entry into the area is strictly prohibited and constitutes a serious security risk.

IDF fighters are conducting combat in the area and entering it endangers lives and harms the activities of the forces.


UPDATE 11:35 AM EDT --

As reported to you last night on the Hal Turner Radio Show, the Pentagon confirms the USS Dwight D. Eisenhower aircraft carrier Strike Group will be deployed to the Eastern Mediterranean joining the USS Gerald R. Ford carrier strike group.

In addition, as reported also during the radio show last night, the USS George Washington Aircraft Carrier departed from Norfolk, VA yesterday, destination unknown,  as did the HMS Prince of Wales, a Queen Elizabeth Class Aircraft Carrier of the British Navy, also destination unknown.

This is a tremendous amount of firepower all headed . . .  somewhere.

Lastly, NATO has deployed vessels from the Greek Navy into the eastern Mediterranean yesterday and announced that NATO Maritime Group Two is deploying to the eastern Mediterranean Sea.


UPDATE 11:56 AM EDT --

A paratrooping operation was carried out by commandos from southern Lebanon into settlements in the occupied northern Palestine.  Troops are parachuting into Israel in the north.

Air alert sirens in *EVERY* Settlement in northern Israel near the Lebanon Border:



-- Lebanese Major General Abbas Ibrahim: The decision has been made to open all fronts if Israel dares to enter the Gaza Strip by force

-- Al-Qassam Brigades rockets raining down on Ben Gurion Airport, all flights disrupted.


UPDATE 12:10 PM EDT --

Speaking from Qatar, the head of Hamas calls for a global Day of Rage on Friday, which will include terror attacks on Jews worldwide: “Funds are important but today we are asking for your blood and souls [to be sacrificed for Palestine].”


Absolutely Massive barrage of Missiles target Northern Israel; SOME SAY it seems Hezbollah have joined the war:


CONFIRMATION: More Paragliders!

Israeli channels are already confirming the landing of 10 to 20 paragliders from Lebanese territory. At the same time, there is artillery fire and kamikaze UAV strikes on Israeli positions in the north of the country.


***** BULLETIN *****

The American Embassy in Lebanon is being evacuated. American citizens are advised to leave the country as soon as possible.


-- Galilee, South Golan, North Golan and the conflict line residents ordered into their safe spaces.

-- Head of the Upper Galilee Council: "There is an incident, not a possible incident, an actual incident. Infiltration of aircraft from Lebanon into Israel, in a wide area. Paragliders with at least one person on them. All residents of the north should go into their homes."

-- Armed Hezbollah terrorists blow up the Lebanese border fence and enter Israel State from the north. At least 20 Paragliders were seen entering Northern Israel from Lebanon within the last few minutes.  IMAGE BELOW!

-- Situation on the border of Lebanon and Israel is hearing up unconfirmed reports of firefights and possible incursions by hostile forces.


***** FLASH *****


12:20 PM EDT -- Drone strike reported at or near Dimona Nuclear Plant 




-- Armed clashes in Metula, northern Israel.  VIDEO:



 The UK Ministry of Defence has placed the UK Carrier Strike group (including Europe’s most advanced aircraft carrier: HMS Queen Elizabeth) on alert for potential deployment to the Mediterranean.

Unsure if it will be deployed to the region but the UK fleet is cutting short a training exercise with the Norwegian Army.

(HT Remark:  I was told the UK Carrier Strike Group is in Norway on maneuvers, and about to join the USS Gerald R. Ford ASAP.)


Worth Listening to . . . 


This one too . . .



Hezbollah has informed the Lebanese Army and UNIFIL international peacekeepers to immediately evacuate all positions on the border with Israel.  The UNIFIL Deployment Map is below:


CLAIM - Unverified . . . .





In the interest of full disclosure, I provide the following clarifications:

Due to panic associated with the situation on the Lebanese-Israeli border.

1. There were reports of the launch of 15 Hezbollah drones.
2. An air raid alert was announced on Israeli territory.
3. They came to the Dimona from Lebanon.
4. Reports of an explosion in Dimona appear.
5. There are reports of the evacuation of US citizens from Lebanon.

BUT . . .
6. It turns out that nothing flew to Dimona and there was some kind of showdown in the industrial zone.
7. It turns out that the drones did not fly anywhere from Lebanon.
8. It turns out the United States says it is not withdrawing the embassy or declaring an evacuation.  
9. It turns out Lebanese media say it was possibly birds.
10. It is also reported that Hezbollah may have Hacked Israeli detection systems.
11. The IDF says nothing arrived.

Nerves are on both sides thin and the situation is teetering on the brink of hysteria.

The IDF ruled out an air infiltration from Lebanon, false alerts in the Home Front Command: "a malfunction"

Alarms were activated in dozens of settlements in the north - causing panic. The IDF began scanning following a suspected infiltration of drones from Lebanon - but clarified that it was a "malfunction that is being investigated": incorrect alerts in the Home Front Command application: "human error."


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