Israeli Radar KNOCKED-OUT in the North. Americans Confirmed Killed, Wounded, Kidnapped/Captured in Israel. Nuclear Intentions

As of 10:51 AM EDT on Sunday, October 8, 2023, it is confirmed that three Israeli Radar stations in the north have been attacked and destroyed. Israel has no radar to monitor into Lebanon.  It is also confirmed that Americans have been killed, wounded, and captured/kidnapped inside Israel.

Overnight, after what was "Day one" of the HAMAS-Israel fight, an actual TSUNAMI of propaganda came flooding out onto the Internet and into the mass-media.  The shear volume of propaganda is extraordinary.  It is making it very difficult to discern what is truth and what is fiction.

There is an INTENSE effort to promote and propagate Israeli victims - and that's OK I guess; they are, in fact, victims of an actual conflict.  But there is also an absolutely unparalleled effort to suppress and censor anything factual about the Palestinians.  It is almost as if the public is being manipulated into seeing ALL Israelis as "victims" and ALL Palestinians as animalistic perpetrators.

Official sources are very reluctant to provide Intel today.  It's like a giant lid has been slammed shut on factual information; only "the narrative" is allowed out.

I have had to adjust the manner in which I obtain information.

Here is what I can __confirm__:

My former colleagues in the Intel Community, from my years working with the FBI Joint Terrorism Task Force (JTTF), confirm that over a week ago, uniformed, flag-wearing, ID-carrying regular  UKRAINIAN Army Troops attacked Wagner PMC Troops . . . .  in . . . . . . SUDAN.    You know, Africa!

I also found out that Mossad has been sabotaging/burning/blowing-up Iranian Drone Factories to stymie Iran helping Russia.

I also found out that planeloads of Israeli military weaponry were sent to Baku, the capital city of Azerbaijan in the days and weeks before Azerbaijan launched another military attack upon Armenia last week, grabbing Nagrono-Karaback and forcing 100,000 Armenian Christians to flee for their lives.

What is taking place inside Israel right now, is payback.  Payback from Russia for Israel helping Ukraine.  Payback for the planeloads of weapons to Baku, Azerbaijan, and Payback for Israel blowing up Iranian drone factories. 

It is also payback from Iran for all the air-strikes by Israel against Iranian forces in Syria for the past two years. 

Lastly, it is also payback from Armenia for what Israel helped Azerbaijan facilitate in grabbing Nagorna Karaback.   

The most interesting part?   Iran used the $6 Billion released by the Biden administration two weeks ago, to fund today's outbreak of hostilities!

I also found out this payback, is not going to stop.   It __is__ in fact,  "war."


Moreover, I can now positively __confirm __:

This morning, the Israeli Security Cabinet invoked Article 40A of the "Law on Emergency Situations" -- WAR.

So this morning, it is absolutely "official"  Israel is at war.   This is the first time that this Article has been invoked in Israel since the 1973 war.

Israel has decided to commit troops to a GROUND INVASION of the Gaza Strip.   Door-to-Door.  House-to-house.

This is going to be an absolute bloodbath.


I can also positively __ confirm__:

Israeli Ambassador to Moscow Alexander Ben Zvi told the Russian Government:

“Israel sees Tehran as one of the culprits of the Hamas attack."

 He then went on to tell Russia  "This is how we quietly approached the threshold of the real use of Israeli nuclear weapons against Iran, and a demonstration of what the term “threat to the existence of the state” means . . . from the Russian “Fundamentals of State Policy in the Field of Nuclear Deterrence.”

I can now also positively __confirm__: 

There are some 2.3 million people in the Gaza Strip.  About half being men.   If that half - or a good portion of it, were to come out into Israel bearing arms, the Israelis would be over run.   Thus, the Ambassador to Moscow told the Russians that Israel is considering the use of smaller, "Tactical" nuclear bombs against Gaza, in case Israel is over-run.   Same with the West Bank.

Finally, the Israeli Ambassador to Moscow told the Russian government that since Israel sees Iran as being primarily responsible for the ongoing onslaught, Tehran would be hit with much larger "Strategic nuclear bombs" as would . . . . Damascus, Syria, for being the Coordination point for HAMAS and Iran.

(Biblical: Damascus a ruinous heap?????)

Ergo, there is now actual and active discussion within the Israeli government of the potential use of nuclear weapons.

If Muslims begin to actually over-run Israel, where its existence is threatened, then Israel is already making known it will use the Samson Option and take a lot of people out.



 Hezbollah in Lebanon is already massing troops and moving rocket launchers.   Hezbollah made clear yesterday that if Israel launches a ground war into the Gaza Strip, Hezbollah will attack from the north.

This morning, Israeli combat aircraft are in the skies over Lebanon all the way north to Kersewan, Lebanon.

 There have been some mortars fired into Israel from Lebanon, and corresponding response with artillery fire from Israel, but these incidents do not even rise to the description of a skirmish.



The big news this morning is that THREE (3) Israeli radar stations in the north were successfully attacked from Lebanon and as of 10:51 AM EDT here in the United States eastern time zone, those three radar stations are OFFLINE. 

Image hosted by

 For a brief time today, Israel had no effective radar coverage of its northern border.   They have since moved portable, truck-mounted, military radar into new positions to restore coverage.



The Afghanistan Taliban reached a deal with Iran that is satisfactory, wherein Iran WILL allow Taliban armed forces to cross the country with the intent of entering Israel to grab Jerusalem.  But the Taliban ran into several obstacles along the way.   

Iraq did not respond to the Taliban request for permission to cross Iraqi territory.

Jordan flatly and explicitly BARRED the Taliban from entering their country.

So from a political perspective, the Arab states are now seen as acting as a shield for Israel's treatment of Palestinians.



Hamas says that their fighters are still fighting in southern Israel, including in Ofakim, Sderot, Yad Mordechai, Kfar Azza, Be'eri, Yatid and Kissufim.  Mind you, this is __Israeli__ territory.

"Israel will evacuate all residents living in towns near the Gaza border within 24 hours"

Israel has put itself in a bind with Gaza over the years so this isn't so easy.

Gaza has been set up as a walled off open air prison, where the good inmates get to come out in daylight hours and do stuff like janitorial work for the chosen (their words - not mine) to eek out an existence. Then back through the gates by dark.

In theory, Israel can't blow up a whole walled off city they created and kill every one because then everyone would scream genocide. But apparently everyone is cool with the status quo open penitentiary setup for some reason.

So the initial thinking is that Israel will just bomb here and there and level enough buildings to make everyone think they got payback and that will be that. It has always been that way.  But no one is quite so sure this time.  It may end up being an actual Genocide of Gaza.

The Israeli army issued orders to close all resorts near the border with Lebanon.

Most interesting this morning so far:  : US weapons left behind in Afghanistan were used to attack Israel.

A high-ranking Israel Defense Forces (IDF) commander said US weapons left in Afghanistan by the Biden administration were found in the hands of Palestinian groups active in the Gaza Strip.



Poland has announced it intends to evacuate its nationals from Israel.  Poland threatens: If any Polish aircraft is targeted or Polish nationals feel in danger after their aircraft enter the airspace.”
Article 5 of the 31-nation NATO alliance will be activated and raids will be launched across all of Palestine.



Intel sources are now urgently reporting that Muslims will be on the rampage in Europe shortly; burning every major city in protest of the coming Israeli offensive into GAZA.

The authorities running Gaza know they cannot withstand a full Israeli military onslaught, so they have reached out to Muslims in Europe to have THEM cause trouble, making the Gaza problem, Europe's problem too.   The thinking is that Europe will be able to call-off a full blown Israeli wipeout of Gaza.

Intelligence sources say worst hit will be Paris, Brussels, London, and Marseille.




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