It's Gone Global! Video From HTRS is Lead Story in Epoch Times; China Alerting Citizens of NUCLEAR WAR with USA

It's Gone Global!  Video From HTRS is Lead Story in Epoch Times; China Alerting Citizens of NUCLEAR WAR with USA

A video from Covert Intelligence Sources, published on the Hal Turner Radio Show web site FIVE DAYS AGO, has made the lead story, banner headline, of the Epoch Times newspaper, taking the story global: China is warning its citizens to prepare for nuclear war with the United States.  

Subscribers to this web site knew about this FIVE FULL DAYS AGO because they subscribe for $1 a week.  You could have known it too - if you subscribed. Now that the story is going global, there _could_ be panic-buying of supplies like food.

The EPOCH TIMES is a large, well read newspaper and in their July 30 issue was a lead story, banner headline, above the fold, reporting what the Hal Turner Radio Show revealed five days ago:  China has begun erecting posters in Beijing, instructing Chinese citizens what to do if AIR RAID sirens sound; get into shelters don't look at the flash, and how to prepare home shelters to survive.

The posters outline what supplies people should have and more.

The video used in the Epoch Times article was taken from the Hal Turner Radio Show web site by an unknown user, and then posted on social media.  The Epoch Times clearly obtained it via social media.  (We do not accuse them of taking the video).

We treated this story with serious restrictions, making it available only to subscribers HERE, (Now released from behind the paywall and so is available to the public free) so as to avoid causing a panic by the general public.

If China is telling its people to prepare, then China clearly believes there's a reason to prepare; so either they think we're going to attack them (which we aren't) or they are planning to attack us, and know they will be hit back.

Either way, things are beginning to spiral out of control between the US and China; and multiple Intelligence analysts are openly saying they believe a shooting war will begin between the US and China within 60 days.

They say it will likely commence in the South China Sea, rapidly escalate into a China invasion of Taiwan, which will then result in major US-China battles.  At that point, the continental United States __could__ be hit by China in a missile strike.

If that were to take place, the US would strike back.

Who dies in the mean time is anyone's guess.

Americans are urged to be prepared.  Have . . .

  • Emergency food:














  • Emergency water, HERE
  • Emergency Electric Power, HERE
  • Radiation Protection Pills for Thyroid, HERE
  • Filter masks, HERE
  • Eye Protection HERE
  • Emergency fuel for cars, HERE
  • Emergency heat sources, HERE
  • Fuel for those heaters, HERE
  • Communication gear in case phones and the net go down, HERE
  • EMP Shields to protect homes, cars, and gear from an electro-magnetic-pulse, HERE
  • Bullet-resistant body armor with Level IV (four) protection, HERE
  • First Aid Kits, HERE

 Hopefully, cooler heads will prevail and there will not be war.  But if things continue escalating, you would be well advised to make sure YOU are prepared because if the missiles start flying, it will be far too late to get the gear you need to keep yourself and your family alive.

Here is a link to the Epoch Times story (HERE)

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