UPDATED 10:39 AM EDT -- It's Official! Russia Central bank Announces Ruble Bound to Gold! 5000 Rubles per Gram

(UPDATED 10:39 AM EDT SEE BOTTOM) The Central Bank of Russia has officially announced that, as of March 28, 2022, the Russian Ruble currency is BOUND to Gold.  The rate is 5,000 Rubles per gram of gold bullion.


# GOLDPalehorse 2022-03-29 16:54

The psychopaths who run this world will
never allow a gold backed standard for
currency any where in this world.
By doing so it would tie the total amount of
available currency to the amount of gold
in existence, above ground. Want more money,
better dig up more gold.
This would bind the hands of the worlds central
bankers as they would not be able to “create” (print)
money from thin air and limit their ability to control
world markets and governments. (Let alone buy up
and own everything and make you happy, “Klaus Slob...)

The psychopaths will only allow the next phase
of currency to be digital. They can keep all of their
deceitful maneuvers intact and even throw out their
outdated printing press. Their control over our lives
will become unbearable.

Hows your social credit score looking these days?
-2 # possible sourcedb123 2022-03-29 10:25
if anyone can read russian look here:

IF stands for central bank russia , russia then this may be 'from the horses mouth'
# No need to read Russian.Paul Lambert 2022-03-29 19:01
Go onto the page. In the top right corner you see "RU EN". Click on "EN" to get the article in English.
-1 # Hal is being plagiarizedNikisky 2022-03-29 03:48
Neon Revolt on Gab is plagiarizing Hal, word for word! @NeonRevolt on GAB:

"I don't think people realized what just happened over the past few days, so I'm going to try to explain what I'm seeing:

The Russian central bank pegged 1 gram of gold to 5000 Rubles (currently, about 50 bucks).

At the same time, Putin made it so that Russian gas and oil can only be purchased in Rubles.

Meaning: Putin basically just pegged Russian oil and gas to gold, using paper rubles as a proxy.

Meaning: Europe will need to either buy Rubles from Putin in gold, in order to buy gas and oil, or they will have to buy directly in gold. Which means, there will soon be a lot more demand for rubles.

Currently, the forex rate for rubles to dollars is about 100:1.

But... with 5000 rubles now equaling 1 gram of gold, and oil being priced directly in gold - you're going to see a massive price disruption in these FOREX markets, in terms of how much gold a dollar can actually still buy.

Foreign countries holding our dollar debt notes in reserve will see less of a use for them, and will want to start dumping them, in order to get something more stable, something which holds its value.

Basically any currency pegged to gold now will fit the bill. Which means those countries - countries like Japan - will be dumping their dollar debt as fast as they can. They're are NOT going to go down with the ship. And they will move into more stable currencies - like the Ruble.

Which will have a deflationary effect on the Ruble, making it more valuable over time.

Which means Putin will be able to re-peg the Ruble to Gold at whatever rate he wants, down the line. It's 5000 rubles today. Tomorrow, it might be 500. And then 100. And then 10.

This also means all those excess dollars being dumped by foreign nations are about to come home and cause even worse hyperinflation than we're seeing.

Is it any wonder Biden is up on stage pleading with Europeans for regime change in Russia? He's about to have masses of angry and starving people marching through the streets here at home, demanding answers."

-2 # yes and some utube boobsDudimus Maximus 2022-03-29 10:17
they put his stuff up on a screen/background,,, and "discuss" it with their duped audience
-3 # A lesson in flawed logic.Palehorse 2022-03-29 09:58

(Nikisky Quote: “The Russian central
bank pegged 1 gram of gold to 5000 Rubles
(currently, about 50 bucks).”

First of all, The Russian central bank simply stated that
they will resume (or begin again) their purchase of gold
from other Russian banks. (Notice the qualifier “begin
again” as they have done such before without false claims
of “pegging” gold to their currency.) NO WHERE in the
world news
is it stated that the Ruble is universally backed
by gold

(Nikisky Quote: “At the same time, Putin made it so that
Russian gas and oil can only be purchased in Rubles.”
Notice the use of the word “only.”
It was clearly expressed that this condition would only
apply to “unfriendly” nations and does not apply across
the entire board of “all” nations. (This is a sanction)

(Nikisky Quote: “Putin basically just pegged Russian oil
and gas to gold, using paper rubles as a proxy.”

This is false as I have pointed out that it ONLY applies
to designated “unfriendly” nations.

I will not address the remaining claims as they are also
based upon false premises.
+1 # Are you a troll, palehorse?Nikisky 2022-03-29 13:14
pale horse? I put up the exact text that Neon Revolt has posted on Gab, claiming it is his own, but plagiarizing Hal's text word for word, so others can verify the word for word plagiarism. And you refute the facts, as if it's my own text! You surely are a TROLL and we will remember you, palehorse!
+2 # RE: Are you a troll, palehorse?Palehorse 2022-03-29 15:42

I failed to realize your reference to plagiarism
and took on a different perspective.

Apologies for my mistake.
I must now wait to become a troll.
+2 # LOLNikisky 2022-03-29 16:18
Apologies accepted.
+1 # RE: LOLPalehorse 2022-03-29 16:51

Thank you.
-1 # "pegged"Dudimus Maximus 2022-03-29 10:13
"established", "decreed"?: russian gold, price of ruble?
thereby setting an effective exchange rate at approx 82.6 rubles per dollar for "designated “unfriendly” nations."

remember when Pres Putin said , I want a list of ALL entities who have sanctioned (in any way) Russian assets, within 48 hours... so they made a naughty list,
-3 # RE: "pegged"Palehorse 2022-03-29 10:39


82.6 USD to RUB or convert 82.6 US Dollar in Russian Ruble
How much is 82.6 US Dollar in Russian Ruble? - 82.6 USD to RUB (82.6 US Dollar to Russian Ruble) is 6,938.40 RUB with exchange rate 84.0000 for today. For your convenience Mconvert has online US Dollar to Russian Ruble (USD vs RUB) history chart and a table of popular currency pairs with their latest exchange rates for 82.6 USD to RUB or convert 82.6 US Dollar in Russian Ruble
How much is 82.6 US Dollar in Russian Ruble? - 82.6 USD to RUB (82.6 US Dollar to Russian Ruble) is 6,938.40 RUB with exchange rate 84.0000 for today. For your convenience Mconvert has online US Dollar to Russian Ruble (USD vs RUB) history chart and a table of popular currency pairs with their latest exchange rates for 03/29/2022
# ??Dudimus Maximus 2022-03-29 11:32
82.6 rubles, per 1 us dollar

it was at about 100:1
# thanks Pale:Dudimus Maximus 2022-03-29 17:37

1 USD to RUB or convert 1 US Dollar in Russian Ruble
How much is 1 US Dollar in Russian Ruble? - 1 USD to RUB (1 US Dollar to Russian Ruble) is 87.50 RUB with exchange rate 87.5000 for today. For your convenience Mconvert has online US Dollar to Russian Ruble (USD vs RUB) history chart and a table of popular currency pairs with their latest exchange rates for 03/29/2022. If you don’t feel like visiting the site every day, currency converter widget or exchange rates widget can be installed on your website in a matter of minutes. Don’t stop, there is a currency converter sidebar to your right so you can make more conversions. Enjoy!

1 US Dollar =
1 USD to RUB
1 US Dollar = 87.50 Russian Ruble

OK, as I did yesterday going by $gold price and russia's 5000rub/gram I was correct
-1 # a gram of gold:Dudimus Maximus 2022-03-29 10:31
(of a specified purity, of course) in japan, in pennsylvania, in hungary, in chelmsford, in ny, in moscow, in tay-hass- in meh-hicco, in canada..... IS THE SAME.
You want to buy anything from us? Ok, we will sell to you for rubles. "ok, where do i get those" We will give you 5000 rubles for every gram of gold you sell to us for rubles.
For you? we take rubles. G7 sez, we dont like that! we arent doing that! Russia sez, ok, NP, have a nice march31/april1 and beyond. We are open for business, and we will sell to you for rubles. Have a nice day. call it whatever you want, It's "terms of sale"
+2 # Most gratefulAressef 2022-03-29 01:04
I want to thank the people who contributed to the financials of this intel. THANK YOU. I am grateful for your support. I share Hal's info with as many as possible. Please know your contribs are very much appreciated. Again, ...thank you...
+4 # #Money/Gasjake 2022-03-28 21:00
Thank you for your excellent financial presentation of gold for ruble concept. I agree that some countries will drop the dollar as the value is diminishing due to the competitive ruble rebound. However, Biden did say that the US will start selling 17 billion barrels of Gas to Europe to stall the effects of the ruble for Gas competition. However, Europe will have to pay more in dollars from US for Gas than buy Gas from Russian in Rubles as the cost to produce the Gas in the US is expensive due to shipping overseas. Therefore, there will be a noticeable strain for Europe in purchase power of Gas, yet I still believe they can survive with US support. Problem is the elite powers (New World Order) want their US digital dollar as the main world currency and are using Putin to take down our dollar (using Nukes or Red Dawn Event in US). Something devasting here in the US is about to happen due to World Powers working together to take down our dollar. Let's see if they can succeed as the Lord is on our side and what can Man do to this great Republic?
-1 # Consider this if you willMan of the Atom 2022-03-29 01:53
You have a nice spiel but we are in a country where a woman just donated $275 million to Planned Parenthood. Has anyone here ever watched an abortion? We were all that small one time - a country without empathy is a country without a soul. What do think the "judgment" of a "just God" would be on that country? The Zen Buddhists have some saying "whatever ends, begins" but in my curious way of thinking I hear "whatever begins, ends" - nothing lasts forever. As the Roman general at the destruction of Carthage said, "nations have lives just like men and one day Rome's hour will come". Unfortunately, I have to repeat the same for us, call if karma, call it kismet, call it prophecy. We are living on borrowed time.
-1 # AmerikanskiLoki 2022-03-28 22:14
Foremost among those "World Powers" (corporate globalist elite) are actually American. The American elites have sold out this country in return for power/money in the coming world gov't. They want to rid themselves of three armies, Russki, U.S., and China.
# No accidentsEddamnit 2022-03-28 21:30
I thought it was rather odd a number of years ago when the US companies started acquiring these large LNG ships.
Now we know why.

Reminded me of a story (late 1800s) from history when a certain British shipper started shipping coal from the US to the UK. Everyone thought he was crazy because the UK had their own coal mines. Then magically there was a huge strike among coal miners in UK and and this shipper made a fortune.
History repeats.
Same old tricks.
+1 # SQ on buying gold...Carla 2022-03-28 17:51
+2 # Source or validation requesteddb123 2022-03-28 17:41
I cannot find a source article, and web searches do NOT turn up the tons of articles that should be out there for something like this. This zeroHedge article is the best i can find, and it's not gold only, it's gold and bitcoin:

If anyone has a real source for this pls share it.
-1 # very very good! thanks!Dudimus Maximus 2022-03-29 11:47
+1 # Another SourceHapHazard 2022-03-28 20:34
Here is another source which confirms the information in the article.
+1 # Gold backed RubleLoki 2022-03-28 22:15
# The Zerohedge articlePalehorse 2022-03-28 18:50

Russia is simply accepting Gold (and bitcoin) for
Nat Gas and other commodities. That is the ony
announcement made. Nowhere in the searchable Net realm
is there any reference to the Ruble being directly
backed by physical gold.
+1 # US dollarGreg5000 2022-03-28 16:34
Evil US dollar run by money changers, they must be crushed.
Those two things are most evil things on the planet. Once gone there will be peace. Let's hope this fake fiat money is smashed once and for all and never let the moneychangers have any power again.
Putin is whipping them just as Jesus did
-10 # ResultsJohn Jones 2022-03-28 16:24
S&P 500 up
DJI up
Nasdaq up
Dollar up

Russian Market(limited trading) Down
Ruble Down
Gold Down
Silver Down
Oil Commodity(barrel) Down

Putin must be playing that super 3d chess....
+2 # March 31RealAmericanPride 2022-03-28 15:59
Is only days away. Europeans better stock up on blankets and fatten up while they can.
# March 31RealAmericanPride 2022-03-28 15:58
Is on days away. Europeans better stock up on blankets and fatten up while they can.
+1 # goldGreg5000 2022-03-28 15:48
the fact that any commodity let alone oil/gas..(the most important to US Dollar) is priced or linked to gold is the main big deal..not so much the price.
CAUSE now everything is priced in fake fiat money that is crap and made from NOTHING!
Later exchange rate to gold can change and will..
it's the fact that fiat money is being kicked out and rightly so, as it is the evil that ruins this planet. US evil gov can send their worthless dollar to overthrow governments and sew their transgender and abortion and evil crap... Putin wants to put the stake in the heart of the anti Christ US Dollar.
Putin is surely doing God's work
Now if only good US citizens would rise up and get rid of the US Gov now before they get WW3 going that would be best. Overthrow them all. It is required!
-3 # ParityEddamnit 2022-03-28 17:13
I've theorized that the perfect time to create one global currency the major currencies of the world would to reach a parity. This move by Russia puts the Ruble in parity with the US penny for the first time that I am aware of.
Look at the other currencies of the big players, they are all very close.
Possible when this all shakes out there will be only one currency in the world.
China is a wild card as usual.
+1 # You Have Four 2022-03-28 15:34
Could this be related to Hal's cryptic message last week, that we had "four days;" which ended this past Friday?

So, we open up Monday/today with this news? Something major coming?

Also, Gonzalo Lira is predicting a false flag in Ukraine (or Poland) by the end of this week (April 1st):
# from www.citizens free…Kdasl 2022-03-28 15:18
+6 # Price Direction?skyward21 2022-03-28 14:55
Wow, I cannot find a single article in the MSM about this critical topic! Talk about suppression of news by the syndicate.

Now my question...does this move create a 2-tier gold system (east vs. west) and/or will it cause the paper gold market to decline to $1600 from it's current $1900ish levels?
+2 # Why?cosentyx1 2022-03-28 16:39
Why do you watch MSM? Pollutes the soul
+3 # Right?!Adiff5466 2022-03-28 15:43
I’ve been watching the market all day waiting for an inkling of reaction but it’s radio silence. Weird.
Then the sheep will wake up to a worthless bank account and be like “what just happened”? Russia will be blamed and on it goes. Only with mass rioting and lawlessness.
+1 # That's Because...Palehorse 2022-03-28 15:06

See the post below by mominator and

"The Central Bank of Russia... intends to start
buying physical gold from Russian banks at a
fixed price from Monday, creating a sort of
new gold standard
-3 # Russian MarketJohn Jones 2022-03-28 14:20
LONDON -- Russian shares slumped as its stock market resumed trading of all companies Monday after a monthlong halt following the invasion of Ukraine.

The benchmark MOEX index slid 2.2% after the Moscow Exchange reopened for all of its several hundred listed companies, but with restrictions still in place to limit volatility. State-owned energy giant Gazprom fell 3.7%, while airline Aeroflot was up 3%.The last full trading session in Moscow was on Feb. 25, a day after the index tumbled by a third after President Vladimir Putin ordered the invasion of Ukraine.

Prices whipsawed last week when the exchange tentatively reopened for two days of limited trading, with investors allowed to trade only 33 of the MOEX index's 50 companies.

Some restrictions remained in place Monday to prevent another big selloff, including the daily session shortened to four hours and a ban on short-selling, which essentially involves betting on stock prices to go down.

Foreigners also are unable to sell shares until Friday — a restriction Russia put in place to counter Western sanctions against its financial system and the ruble, which has been sharply devalued.
+1 # Help me understand...Eddamnit 2022-03-28 14:47
Why does Russia care about their stock values?
The stocks have already been purchased and the Russian companies already have that money correct?
If all the Russian stocks go to zero what's the difference? Like when Lehman went under, their stocks went to zero but they kept all the investor's money right? Same for GM, all those investors got shafted.
And there are many other examples.
-6 # WeaknessJohn Jones 2022-03-28 14:58
All of that data shows the Russians know the Ruble is weak. They can't reopen their market fully because the Ruble will collapse. Russia is a commodity exporter with a corrupt cleptocracy on top. The worry for the dollar is actually the Yuan/petrodollar combo but at this point China still produces goods and doesn't want to inflate their currency. When that ends I will start worrying.
+3 # Good time to look for goldSrmay72 2022-03-28 13:51
I left another comment about telling others about God and a week later we found out my mother in law was not going to survive cancer much longer. I had put out several job applications in several states and all last week tons of jobs popped up in Alaska doing matinence. I hope to find a way up soon my wife had to go back and take care of her mom dieing of cancer. If you have gold hold it I see gold sky rocketing. If the matinence job falls through I'll work the mines God does work in mysterious ways!
I have prayed for months where to ride this out thats why I put out applications all over America. I prayed that where ever he wanted me even I would see his plan. I see it but now my wife's mom's not going to last a couple months if she's lucky. I sent her with our money and if I have to ill hitch to Seattle.
+4 # Jobs in 2022-03-28 14:05
Sorry for your troubles.
Three of my grandsons have relocated to Alaska for good paying maintenance jobs. Email me directly if you would like the employment info. The guys are based in Seward, AK but occasionally travel to the 48. Best of luck, Rivka
# RE: Jobs in AKForrest Mosby 2022-03-28 19:05
Sorry for your troubles.
Three of my grandsons have relocated to Alaska for good paying maintenance jobs. Email me directly if you would like the employment info. The guys are based in Seward, AK but occasionally travel to the 48. Best of luck, Rivka

Ive lived up there and w summer coming its a good time but its a bad place to be unemployed come winter
+3 # US speak...Gulfcaptain 2022-03-28 13:43
Biden says "Putin cannot not remain in power." According to the WH this means the: US is not calling for a regime change in Russia. So removing Putin would not be removing its current regime? Duh.. Oh that makes sense!!! Duh ... Did Will Smith really slap Chris Rock at the Oscars?? Duh...
+2 # Thank youjms3239 2022-03-28 13:40
Thank you for the work you do.
+7 # The way God works is amazingSrmay72 2022-03-28 13:39
We started out on a 3 week vacation- missions trip praying for revival in as many cities as we can , and to see how the public reacts to God , after , the vaccine! We are not on the winning side folks. Hal did that story about the God gene then seen a video on bitchute of Bill gates talking to Cia about putting the killer in vaccines probably flu or covid vaccines that would kill the gene that's makes MUSLIMS stop acting out in jihad. What we seen is really bad one out of a hundred wave I have a 5 foot barnwood cross in my truck a sign that says your not alone. We ask nothing just hand out little crosses I made from barnwood and a small letter with our sites on Facebook and Twitter. When we started this last may it was so so for people to wave or stop but for 2 weeks nobody wants to even look at this cross one in a hundred if it's a good day. Indiana, Kentucky, Tennessee, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, Oklahoma was bad, and now Kansas. Kansas yesterday was great friendly God fearing folks. I type this to tell you you better get surrounded by unvaxed christians these people are starting to dispise Christianity. Specially in states with legal Marijuana.
+4 # Point well takenSBGlett77 2022-03-28 14:04
It's starting to sound like II Tim 3:1-5.

God's faithful messenger still preaches though no one hears. I thank God for people like you who cry out even in the wilderness; even when bearing reproach.
+15 # Ugh...Adiff5466 2022-03-28 13:22
You think you’re emotionally ready for the SHTF scenario or when the dollar, which has been circling the drain finally gets flushed. But I have to say, reading this made my stomach twist in knots. As a business owner, a restaurant (the food crisis will most likely wipe us out, I mean realistically how can it not?) this is the first in the final nails in the coffin.
It’s 1:30 EST and I feel better than this morning. But man...
Who else found it funny that the G7 called foul on the rubles for gas and oil! Lmao they said “you’re breaking the contract”! Ahahaha
Russia responded: we aren’t a charity. Basically suck eggs (or rocks cause there won’t be any eggs left).
+4 # Throw away your menusEddamnit 2022-03-28 13:43
You need to trow away your menus or black out the prices. I know many restaurants get daily deliveries of food stuffs. Food, wheat, rice, beef pork are all commodities that prices can fluctuate on an hourly basis so your menus prices will have to do the same.
I do a lot of plumbing work and a decade ago or so when copper prices were going crazy our local plumbing supply house had their copper prices tied directly to the commodity price and the copper tube in the store would fluctuate hourly. I was crazy!
So you will have to do the same.
+3 # RE: Throw away your menusBruce Oxenford 2022-03-28 15:39
Unsure why anybody would down vote your comment. I upvoted your above mentioned comment regarding commodities and menus. Seems like a logical assessment to me.
# Logical, today, good luck.Eddamnit 2022-03-28 17:02
These are emotional times and logic doesn't come into play in these times unfortunately.
That being said you just have to do the math and act accordingly.
The faster the world changes, the faster you have to change with it, especially if you are a business owner.
# I hear ya...Adiff5466 2022-03-28 15:03
We have market price for seafood. We are in Maryland and have a great crab cake! But we def can’t afford to price these things when they change on the daily. My dad had a plumbing company! Used to love going to the job sites with him. Oh the good ole days...
+15 # Being on social securityDoug Brown 2022-03-28 13:08
My $10.00 a month is the best I can do,
although you are worth 10x that.
+12 # Food for thoughtBill51 2022-03-28 12:58
Let's see; Russia has its own energy, has it's own food and in general is self sufficient.
The rest of NATO etc needs Russian stuff.
It is the "power dependence" issue.
Power is based on dependence. No dependence, no power.
I think Russia is in a position of power because all the west has is BS. The west and NATO needs Russia. PS Russia has the means to defend its self.
+11 # That's what I've been saying,Eddamnit 2022-03-28 13:30
Since the beginning, this war is not about Ukraine, it's about Russia. Ukraine was only the bait and if you've ever been fishing the bait always get eaten.
Europe and the US/NATO have been paying their sworn enemy Russia a billion dollars a day for fuel and it has driven them mad.
They aim to get control of Russia's $70+ Trillion dollars worth of oil and mineral reserves and this little war in Ukraine is only the beginning.
This is a winner take all death match.
-3 # based on gold equivalentDudimus Maximus 2022-03-28 12:50
The conversion rate of Rubles to U.S. Dollars WAS 100 Rubles, 90 Kopecs, to each US Dollar.

₽160000 (pinned ₽ value, 1 oz) / $1937 (todays $ value, 1oz)

The conversion rate of Rubles to U.S. Dollars IS 82.6 Rubles, to each US Dollar. BASED ON GOLD PRICE equivalent

then apply that to anything- oil?
if it takes $110 to buy a barrel, then it takes $9086 to buy same. by gold value equivalent.

now then, where this goes, is going to be interesting. this is just for starters, today. ₽ is pinned to physical gold; $ is pinned to... oil? nothing? and what's THAT a standard of?
-3 # Hal,Dudimus Maximus 2022-03-28 13:38
please do us all a favor and delete these comments, they just muddy the water...
-2 # dang it,,,Dudimus Maximus 2022-03-28 12:53
Quoting Baddbuttski:
The conversion rate of Rubles to U.S. Dollars WAS 100 Rubles, 90 Kopecs, to each US Dollar.

₽160000 (pinned ₽ value, 1 oz) / $1937 (todays $ value, 1oz)

The conversion rate of Rubles to U.S. Dollars IS 82.6 Rubles, to each US Dollar. BASED ON GOLD PRICE equivalent

then apply that to anything- oil?
if it takes $110 to buy a barrel, then it takes $9086 to buy same. by gold value equivalent.

now then, where this goes, is going to be interesting. this is just for starters, today. ₽ is pinned to physical gold; $ is pinned to... oil? nothing? and what's THAT a standard of?
,, then apply that to anything- oil?
if it takes $110 to buy a barrel, then it takes ₽9086 to buy same. by gold value equivalent. (gotta keep UNITS straight!)
-6 # Hal,Dudimus Maximus 2022-03-28 13:40
please do us all a favor and delete these comments, they just muddy the water...

i'll just be quiet and listen!
+11 # The G7 just rejected...Gulfcaptain 2022-03-28 12:48
The G7 just unanimously rejected Russia's demand for Rubles for gas demand. Said it violated contracts. What a joke! In other words, it violates the contracts we are violating with our sanctions. Dumb asses
+9 # LmaoAdiff5466 2022-03-28 13:27
I saw that and literally laughed out loud at the gall of these people. “You can’t do that!! It’s not fair! You’re breaking the contract!...”
Russia simply says: We aren’t a charity. Basically tough shit, but this is how we are rolling if you want to buy from us.
Now what G7? You gonna make Russia?
Goodbye euro. Farewell dollar.
“It’s been real. It’s been great. It just hasn’t been real great!”
Imagine that. The breaker of contracts is crying over someone beating them at their own game and rules.
+9 # A Big Chunk of the WorldSBGlett77 2022-03-28 12:27
Yes, all the NATO countries are going to defy and deny to the end. They will pronounce how they are going to stick together, and everybody will have dig deep and sacrifice for "democracy". Why don't they just throw in "for the children", too ?

But there is a very large and important group of Dollar-holding nations who have tenuous relationships with the West, particularly with the U.S. These include China, India, Brazil, and much of the Mideast, most notably lately, Saudi Arabia and the UAE. We're talking around $2 Trillion Dollars of money that may be repatriated. That is, they will sell their Treasury bonds PLUS all the commercial bonds they hold, lest we in the West decide to freeze or seize them a la Canada's Trudeau or America's Biden.

This sale will of course be a fire sale, because everybody of substance will be selling quickly, and these nations will lose a lot of value. But what is the value of a frozen asset ? Anything is better than zero. This loss can be largely neutralized by these nations, however, if they immediately announce a tie to gold as well. It is suspected that China and India, especially, have enough gold to do this at least partially, and we do not know about the very private Saudi kingdom. The U.S., by contrast, says they have 8000 tonnes, but refuse to allow an audit, and it is surmised that is because the gold has been re-titled, possibly several times over, as the Fed has PRESUMED an audit would never be necessary on the "sound" Dollar. The idea was that we would always have enough economic power to say, "No !". Maybe not anymore.

Those who say there is not enough gold to convert a large economy to a gold-backed currency can't understand that the gold then represents the currency, and sets its value. If a country is heavily indebted, then the value of its currency becomes the debt + circulating cash nominal value divided by the number of ounces of Gold. So, say in the U.S. we actually HAD 8000 tonnes, then our total debt load would make Gold's value in Dollars somewhere in the range of $50 -100,000/tr. oz. That becomes the value of the Dollar, and there is then enough Gold to go around. "That's a huge, unworkable value !", you say, but that is simply the value aggregated from all the money that was created out of thin air by banks and the government since 1913.

Yeah, it's going to make us poor as tinkers cash-wise; and paper-wealth-wise. Those who hold wealth and productive assets few enough to defend will still have the wealth and assets they started with. Any undefensible real wealth and assets will of course be seized by the same thefts as Russia and the Canadian truckers just experienced.

A conversion to real wealth as money is a hard concept to explain. I hope I was at least somewhat clear.
-3 # Please Explain: (thnx!)Dudimus Maximus 2022-03-28 13:30
Quoting SBGlett77:
A conversion to real wealth as money is a hard concept to explain. I hope I was at least somewhat clear.

WHAT AND HOW IS A CONVERSION RATE DETERMINED AND ESTABLISHED. Perhaps you can explain. So ok, even for a hypothetical universal gold standard, who and what sets the standard?
+2 # How much..?Gulfcaptain 2022-03-28 12:55
How much value can be applied to 800 tons of gold plated tungsten?
-1 # I Get ItSBGlett77 2022-03-28 13:56
It could be crazy sorting that out, too. A central bank may have been in on it.

I revert to the recommendation to put one's value in non-fakeable wealth and productive assets. Ammo, if stored right, lasts many years.
# And..SBGlett77 2022-03-28 12:32
Oh, and I completely forgot about the Bonds Derivatives Markets, which will rewind as the sold bonds drop in value. This could amount to $1-2 Quadrillion which, while not destroying that large a sum of obligations because of notional fractionating, will still completely collapse the Dollar overnight.
-29 # So?John Jones 2022-03-28 12:18
So dollars are worthless now but you want donations?
+8 # Housecs10LassieLou 2022-03-28 13:25
You're an ass,but I suppose you know that,Right?
+22 # RE: So?HalTurner 2022-03-28 12:49
You know, you've been a smart-ass on here since you joined and I've tolerated you because I learned a long time ago when someone is making a jerk out of themselves, get out of the way and let them do it.

This little gem of a remark shows that in all it's glory.

What do you suppose I would offer Amazon Web Services to pay the $2500-$3,000 web hosting bill this month, if not dollars?

What do you suppose I could offer WBCQ, WRMI and KYAH as payment for their air time other than dollars.

Simpletons like you make comments without thinking. It's getting tiresome.
+4 # HalChristianProChrist 2022-03-28 15:00
They (the trolls) literally pay you to look stupid. It doesn't get any better than that. Honestly, it's entertaining.
-16 # You just made my argument!John Jones 2022-03-28 13:32
So you just made my argument for me. What do you suppose you would pat those radio stations in? Dollars! Of course. But wait dollars are worthless even though Putin has no reserves and the G7 are NOT going to pay in Rubles.
-27 # RublesJohn Jones 2022-03-28 12:20
Should we donate Rubles now that they are so valuable? Oh wait, this isn't fantasy land.
# What is your bottom score to date?Paul Lambert 2022-03-29 18:41
-27 votes on this comment, -16 above and-28 above that!

Clearly you are simply attempting to get the greatest number of downvotes. It must give you a dopamine high.

So I am just wondering what you high score (that is to say low score) to date is.
+9 # Not your enemySpartan369 2022-03-28 13:22
Housecs10, What do you hope to gain with these sarcastic comments directed at Hal? Obviously, you value Hal's commentary on world events otherwise you would no longer be a subscriber.
You bring a different perspective to the table and I enjoy reading your comments when they are of value to the conversation. Having an open mind during times of uncertainty and looking at different views helps to define what is actually going on.
But lately, you have been combative and outright hostile. I understand it is hard when people don't see things the way you do. But I hope you realize that the people on this site, Hal especially, aren't your enemy. We need to support each other because the vast majority of these events are out of our control.
-4 # GoodJohn Jones 2022-03-28 13:29
Not attacking Hal, and I like that you value a difference of opinion. Just strange that in an article saying the dollar is worthless, can I have donations in....dollars?
+5 # We don't all value your opinion House Chicken Shit 10.supporttheblue 2022-03-28 14:14
Arrogance is really nauseating.
+6 # It's not that toughHuskerMike 2022-03-28 13:45
to figure out Housecs. See Hal’s comments above. You remind me of some the pricks I went to school with and also worked with who took seeming delight in poking their teachers and bosses every opportunity they could find. Needless to say, they became about as popular as the clap. My guess is you did the same. Grow up, find a charity to volunteer for, quit trying to bring attention to yourself all the time. Like Hal said, it’s getting tiresome.
-9 # Not as tiresomeJohn Jones 2022-03-28 13:52
Not as tiresome as the world is ending every day....and it isn't. Again, talk about the dollars demise when YOU won't take it anymore.
Pizza sucks, I hate pizza, it's overpriced and I don't like cheese or sauce....can I have some pizza please?
+1 # трахни тебя, мудакDudimus Maximus 2022-03-28 14:06
# It looks likeAKSrChief 2022-03-28 11:39
Putin did this video from a bunker.
+6 # RE: It looks likeselah 2022-03-28 13:50
don't blame him for being sheltered. they have flat out said they want to kill him and remove him from power.
+8 # This is getting beyond my comprehensionENDofTIME 2022-03-28 11:39
I wish I understood this better. Wish I also had more gold and silver. Thanks for the information and keeping us in the loop. Prayers to all my Patriot brothers and sisters. We will get through this together!
+2 # Russia has played her cards rightRed Deer 2022-03-28 11:28
As countries who need products from Russia such as oil, energy such as gas and electricity, soon water, rare earth minerals, uranium, wheat and other foodstuffs along with lumber, yes Russia is a huge exporter of forest products are now having to scramble to find a form of payment that is accessible to the Russian produces. Look like the terms that have been set. The world’s gold supply is limited and Russia is not going to accept fiat currencies, potatoes or vodka for payment. The may accept trade items (barter) from the people They choose such as China, India and South America. I think Putin just gave old sleepy Joe the middle finger. Much like the Roman Empire prior to its collapse, the currency was devalued by a process of clipping. Merchants of money would slice off slivers of each coin and take those clippings and use it bullion. Soon the Roman citizens have no faith in their money and moved “savings” into tangible items. We will see interest rate inflation of better than 10% in the coming months as the values of our currency drop by that amount. AS interest rates go up I feel the housing prices will drop, like a rock. It will return to a buyers market at people who are locked into adjustable rate mortgages will no longer be able to make payments. A lot of our current economy is financed on short tern loans with variable rates set at the 90- rate. Just look at Hal’s expenses with the broadcasters. They get squeezed and have to pass the expenses on to their customers. Just wait, most farmers borrow large sums of money to plant and harvest their crops, if the value of currency drops, they will raise the price to cover the loss. As you are the end consumer, you are the last pocket to pick!
+16 # RE: UPDATED 10:39 AM EDT -- It's Official! Russia Central bank Announces Ruble Bound to Gold! 5000 Rubles per GramDean Easterling 2022-03-28 11:26
Invest in brass and lead because you will need a lot of it.
+5 # And,oldschool 2022-03-28 11:57
Gold and Silver.
+3 # Not hardly.tslinger 2022-03-28 11:48
Respectfully, I would disagree. While a good show of force might be temporarily effective, in the long term, as situations and society degrades visibly and measurably, the likelihood of surviving a battle where lead is actually flying is very slim. God forbid it should come to any of us, but if a horde is descending on your home, you may get off a mag, maybe even two...but not likely much more. And if you're caught by surprise...well, not much more to say.
We need to be sober about it and less "Hollywood" and internet armchair warrior-minded. YMMV and again, God forbid.
+1 # For most people...Etsel Skelton 2022-03-28 17:07
...they need to spend a little less on guns and ammo and a lot more on training for violent encounters.

You don't know what you don't know.

Most of what will get you and your loved ones killed has nothing to do with your hardware collection. Your own lack of knowledge, lack of skills, and potentially fatal misconceptions are a far bigger threat than anything external.
+2 # I concur.Etsel Skelton 2022-03-28 16:55
"the likelihood of surviving a battle where lead is actually flying is very slim"


First Rule of Gunfighting: Avoid a Gunfight

As a rule, the more experienced a shooter, the less he wants to find himself in a gunfight.

Said another way:

"A superior gunfighter uses his superior judgment to avoid situations which require the use of his superior skill."
+1 # RE: I concur.Forrest Mosby 2022-03-28 17:02
Quoting Radical for Freedom:
"the likelihood of surviving a battle where lead is actually flying is very slim"


First Rule of Gunfighting: Avoid a Gunfight

As a rule, the more experienced a shooter, the less he wants to find himself in a gunfight.

Said another way:

"A superior gunfighter uses his superior judgment to avoid situations which require the use of his superior skill."

Remember David and Uriah?…Front of the line
# Official Link?rballant 2022-03-28 11:21
Does anyone have an official link to the Russian central bank indicating this? I don't see it in any news feed.
+1 # Read Russian?Eddamnit 2022-03-28 13:17
+1 # RE: Read Russian?rballant 2022-03-28 15:44
Thank you! Found the "EN" in the right corner for translation.
-1 # copy and paste from cbr.ruselah 2022-03-28 13:53
March 25, 2022
Press release

In order to balance supply and demand in the domestic precious metals market, the Bank of Russia will buy gold from credit institutions at a fixed price from March 28, 2022. The price from March 28 to June 30, 2022 inclusive will be 5,000 rubles per 1 gram. The established price level makes it possible to ensure a stable supply of gold and the smooth functioning of the gold mining industry in the current year. After the specified period, the purchase price of gold can be adjusted taking into account the emerging balance of supply and demand in the domestic market.

When using the material, a reference to the Press Service of the Bank of Russia is obligatory.
# ThisLongrider53 2022-03-28 12:33
+1 # The vote on gold backingwardoc 2022-03-28 11:45
was announced about two weeks ago in the European press; the vote was today. No mention in the USCorp press; not enough people can read and understand financial news thanks to public schools.
# well... howz it going to work??Dudimus Maximus 2022-03-28 11:19
for example: According to Sakthivel, the Indian economy could profit from sanctions Russia is facing, as they give Indian exporters an opportunity to expand on the Russian market. ... well, there ya go! looks like for some, it's going to work just fine
+7 # GlobalismTeknikid 2022-03-28 11:04
The last paragraph makes me think of the idiots who thought everything had to be free trade, and that globalism was our only hope. It's all come home to roost.
+2 # Those who don't hold goldwardoc 2022-03-28 11:00
IN THEIR OWN possession, (not in paper form), are going to be standing in bread lines, unless they have stored years worth of food.
+2 # RE: Those who don't hold goldselah 2022-03-28 13:57
the bible says gold will be useless in the end
-2 # What good is Gold?Eddamnit 2022-03-28 14:05
Shiny metal, good for catching stupid fish.

For the normal human beings gold has very little use in their lives other than a few micrograms in their electronic devices.

But everyone loves shiny things just like the fish.
+2 # RE: It's Official! Russia Central bank Announces Ruble Bound to Gold! 5000 Rubles per GramRealAmericanPride 2022-03-28 10:53
Now the question is, how do I get some $1600/oz gold?
# You should have bought Rublesrainmakerman 2022-03-28 11:33
A week ago when they were devalued, artificially, I might add.
+4 # Well...tslinger 2022-03-28 10:29
I have begun rinsing/wiping and re-using my paper plates it a "mini-prep mindset".
# DAY SEVENiCanWalk 2022-03-28 10:08
Let's hear from Yukon Corneius.
+3 # Biden Needs to be arrested.Garyhines 2022-03-28 10:05
Hi Hal this worthless piece of Dog Shit needs to be arrested immediately sent to Gitmo for tribunal and executed by hanging and then Firing squad want make damn sure he's dead .
+2 # Biden needs to be 2022-03-28 11:29
Amen to that! Now those are the wisest words that I have heard yet!
+2 # Biden needs to be 2022-03-28 11:29
Amen to that! Now those are the wisest words that I have heard yet! I
# 2022-03-28 10:00
Troy ounce is 31.1 grams, not 28
-4 # BlahClintm 2022-03-28 11:13
+1 # And thenQRM 2022-03-28 09:49
Things fall apart; the centre cannot hold
Mere anarchy is loosed upon the world,
The blood-dimmed tide is loosed, and everywhere the ceremony of innocence is lost
The best lack all conviction, while the worst are filled with passionate intensity. Yeats
+2 # And then there’s this:Gregg W 2022-03-28 09:23
Meanwhile at our southern border:

If this happens, I say it’s because they want not just Americans killed by Russian nukes, but a bunch of illegal immigrants too!

Pretty sick these evil bastards.
# You can have your cake and eat it tooMan of the Atom 2022-03-29 01:43
I guess I always think of the worst that could happen short of a massive asteroid ariving or an all out WW III - I think of those too though.

What I mean by the title is this: when the Border Patrol is in Ukraine, someone slips across the border with a "suitcase weapon". You know what I mean. Where would they go? Preferred targets would be the seat of government, the seat of finance, or the seat of entertainment - maybe all three in a trifecta if three suitcases are available. If the materials came from our country, no radioisotope fingerprints to be found. BTW, Russia sold its stake in Uranium One prior to the Ukraine operation. BTW, Gen. Alexander Lebed said some of their suitcase weapons were missing - later he died in a helicopter crash in Siberia. Putin later said all had been found - some have been given to the KGB. Of course, someone with a highly contagious, weaponized version of something like Ebola virus could also waltz across that border. The question I have is would the attack come from domestic or foreign sources? I fear it has gotten THAT bad.
+1 # 2022-03-28 15:26
We are under God's judgment. The Bible tells us that America is "Babylon the great."

It is the LORD himself who is filling us up with men who will eventually rise up and attack us:

The LORD of hosts hath sworn by himself, saying, Surely I will fill thee with men, as with caterpillers; and they shall lift up a shout against thee. (Jer 51:14)

Bible prophecy happening before our very eyes. Amazing.
+5 # And then there’s 2022-03-28 09:32
Y’all missed the most incredible event. What are you thinking??? You believe the average American gives a hoot about the southern border — or rubles — when they are captivated by the Oscar/Will/Chris drama?!?! Try to keep up….

-2 # Troy ouncesHt247BR22 2022-03-28 09:21
Hold the bus! Gold and Silver, along with Platinum and Palladium, are measured in Troy ounces. A Troy ounce is 31.103 grams per Troy ounce, NOT 28.35 grams per English ounce. This would be 155,515 Rubles per Troy ounce. Currently (without a peg), the Ruble is 207,840 Rubles.
# Paper GoldHt247BR22 2022-03-28 09:48
There could be an opportunity for anyone with gold ETF's (paper gold). Basically for every real gold ounce, there are (officially LOL) between 230 to 300 paper ounces of gold. When the dollar goes, so does the whole ETF crap. Trade the gold ETF for Rubles at the current US market price (I'm sure the FED and London will not recognize what Russia has done). Even with loosing 20% for currency conversion, you would still net 166,297 Rubles per worthless paper ounce of gold and gain 2.16 grams of real gold per paper Troy ounce of gold. This would of course assume that you could actually trade all those Rubles in for real gold. NOT FINANCIAL ADVICE!!!! Just a fun little thought experiment
-1 # good ideasDudimus Maximus 2022-03-28 09:57
but, one doesnt "trade" buy/sell, in gold, to buy/sell you use a currency. right? the objective is not to be a gold stacker by cashing in your rubles... so if you are today holding rubles, you have the purchase power, the value rate, of 1 gram of gold, per 5000 rubles, correct? and then of course this will extend to other commodities, relative to gold's value...
Since none of us have been here before, this is a new situation to wrap one's head around, and i dont think anyone has a handle on how it works,,,yet...but we will, im afraid we are going to, real well...
-1 # RE: It's Official! Russia Central bank Announces Ruble Bound to Gold! 5000 Rubles per Gramhal4511 2022-03-28 09:11
S&P Futures
Dow Futures
Nasdaq Futures
Russell 2000 Futures
Crude Oil
-1 # RE: It's Official! Russia Central bank Announces Ruble Bound to Gold! 5000 Rubles per Gramhal4511 2022-03-28 09:10
S&P Futures
Dow Futures
Nasdaq Futures
# RE: It's Official! Russia Central bank Announces Ruble Bound to Gold! 5000 Rubles per Gramicanseeclearly 2022-03-28 08:56
Should we buy gold at this time or rubles? Or just food?
+3 # the description you're afterLilBirdie 2022-03-28 11:51
Soon the old rule will hold true...

If you can't touch it, you don't own it
+3 # FoodKali K 2022-03-28 11:05
With the way food is going and the shortages that are here and not yet peaked, I would say food is the best bet to put your money in at this point. If you can buy a can/bag of beans (name the food) for $0.75 now and in 2 weeks it's $1 and in 2 more weeks it's $1.75 and so on, then look how that investment grew. You'll be saving SO much money. What other commodity can give you such a return on your money?

I know my brain understood that, I hope others can.
+3 # RE: It's Official! Russia Central bank Announces Ruble Bound to Gold! 5000 Rubles per Gramabmermaid3 2022-03-28 10:56
I agree. Acquiring food now is urgent, especially considering how quickly prices are increasing. I would also suggest-IF you can, start a (Victory)garden. Whatever you grow will provide you with fresh food and if you have leftovers, you can feed neighbors/loved ones or you can sell or barter. If nothing else, you are honing a skill. Think ‘cottage industry’ at this point with any skills that you have that would be handy in the event of rationing and shortages.
+3 # SuggestionCarla 2022-03-28 09:57
I would buy as much food and water, right away, as you possibly can.

If you still have $s then buy physical gold/silver so you will have something of value to barter with for you needs after the financial collapse.

Those who do not live near a metals dealer can often find silver and gold coins in local pawn shops or jewelry stores. Remember, the price you will have to pay for metals will be higher than spot - something called a 'Premium' is added on which is a fee that basically fluctuates based on supply and demand. As supply goes down and demand goes up the Premiums will get higher and higher...
+1 # RE: It's Official! Russia Central bank Announces Ruble Bound to Gold! 5000 Rubles per GramTeknikid 2022-03-28 09:11
Food would probably be the best focus of the two at this point. I was buying both, and now gold is getting in a range that is making me reconsider where to put my money.
-13 # Meanwhile in realityJohn Jones 2022-03-28 08:53
Russian stockmarket is closed and Dow futures and Forex way up today. Putin doesn't have any gold left, and they aren't renewing any gas contracts in Rubles. Fiat currency does suck, but at minimum it is a medium of exchange and no one wants Rubles.
+2 # Wrong...Gulfcaptain 2022-03-28 13:10
Russia's stock market opened Monday, Russia (along with China and India) are HUGE holders of gold and the dollar is on its way out. Yes the dollar is still the universal toilet paper among ass wipe material for now but that is now changing.
+3 # "gee, if i had bought them then..."Dudimus Maximus 2022-03-28 09:38
Quoting Housecs10:
no one wants Rubles.
That's today, maybe? ( i bet someone wants them!) the ruble became a circulating coin in 1704 when some of our founding fathers were yet unborn or running around with poop in their pants...
So, how it is today, is how it has been and always will be?? So if this isnt a BOMB, it means nothing? Our petrol dollar just got euchred.... now the process begins, like a snake bite... a country with 1/3 of the globe's resources, just, for the first time, backed their currency, with GOLD.... meanwhile a country that's been sold out from within, with treachery like a cancer in the bones, just got done printing 80% of its "script" in existence, over the last 2 years... and the world didnt BLOW UP on the morning of the 28th, so all is well for the formerly great disneyland country... a setting sun... go out to eat at an oceanfront restaurant, moon reflecting on the water (we used to do this in FL alot) enjoy the evening, "ah nice! I wonder what the poor people are doing?" Peaceful, aint it? Folks, things are not ok.
+4 # Re: Ruble coined in 1704KathrynM 2022-03-28 13:09
Just a comment on the ruble being coined before the founders were born. I heard a pithy comment once frm a Russian native to an American student in Russia. After the American student tried to answer a question on American history, the Russian said "we have bathrooms older than America." Perspective.
# "Old Shit Pants Biden" 2022-03-28 08:09
is "Playing 4D Chess." Yes, "Shit Pants has a Master Plan" for "His Master Race." He supports "The Ukrainian Nazis" an "Extension of Adolf Hitler" apparently "His Hero" after all "We may all Die here in America from a Russian Nuclear War" created by "Biden's Support of Nazis." Kinda makes you feel proud "Sharing the Pain for Nazi Democracy" and "We Americans will do it without Questions" because "Our Government Keeps Us Safe." Remember Biden for "Leadership that Counts!"
+7 # This is a start down the stepsSBGlett77 2022-03-28 07:10
We have entered the gray area for the U.S. and its Dollar, 28 March 2022. That would be the question hanging over the currency: is it worth anything, or not ? That's not acceptable for a reserve currency, as the UK found out as it lost reserve status.

Our banks and their handmaidens the Government will now do all manner of desperate actions to try to return to the illusion of being "a rich country", and they will only be partially successful, but at the cost of even more world stability and deaths. Maybe a Central Bank Digital Currency will be rolled out. It will not take long for its lack of value to also be exposed. It will begin to dawn on Western peoples that only goods ( i.e., wealth ) gives a currency value to the point it can be called money. Therefore, after a few months, the confidence game that fiat currencies have been all along will be finally over, done for. All of it will collapse and be abandoned. Then we leave the gray area for even worse.

I know all of this is nearly unthinkable to the Western mind, conditioned to believe the constant confidence game sales pitch we have known all our lives.

In my opinion, it would be wise to at least hedge some discretionary cash into assets which can produce wealth; even cottage industry assets on a small scale. Right now the Dollar can still buy some of those, but we are seeing that ability disappear rapidly, as anyone who has tried to buy productive assets made overseas has found out in the last few months.
+5 # RE: It's Official! Russia Central bank Announces Ruble Bound to Gold! 5000 Rubles per GramGunner 2022-03-28 06:39
Well it needed to happen, "Something" needed to happen and it apparently sure just did huh. . . Will be very interesting to see what happens. This is going to cause major problems for U.S. and Europe, etc, etc. Dollar is trash and DEAD. 50+ year dominance and fake value just got SMASHED. Seems to be destiny along with all the rest.
+5 # It hits the fan....this weeks 2022-03-28 06:11
Germany backed into a corner by Putin's trick – value of ruble spiked after announcement
VLADIMIR PUTIN has backed Germany into a corner after demanding payment in rubles for gas bought by "unfriendly" countries.
By Jon King
17:28, Thu, Mar 24, 2022 | UPDATED: 20:17, Thu, Mar 24, 2022
Putin said the government and central bank had one week to come up with a solution over how to move operations into the Russian currency and that gas giant Gazprom would be ordered to make corresponding changes to contracts.

However, with major banks reluctant to trade in Russian assets, some Russian gas buyers in the EU were not immediately able to say how they might pay for gas in the future.
+2 # YeahSBGlett77 2022-03-28 11:38
Germany may be able to fend off the inevitable for awhile, but Austria is in a total bind - they get 80% of their gas from Russia. They either cough up the Rubles, or beg gas off their neighbors, which they may have to do.
+3 # not exactlymominator 2022-03-28 04:08
In the Explanation The Bank of Russia specifically states:

“The Bank of Russia will start buying gold from credit institutions at a fixed price from March 28, 2022 in order to balance supply and demand in the domestic precious metals market. From March 28 to June 30, 2022 inclusive, the price will be 5,000 RUB per 1 gram . The set price level makes it possible to ensure a stable supply of gold and the uninterrupted functioning of the gold mining industry in the current year. After this period, the gold purchase price can be adjusted taking into account the emerging balance between supply and demand on the domestic market.”

Interesting: The purchase price of 5,000 rubles per gram corresponds to around 50 dollars per gram or around 1,600 dollars per troy ounce at the current exchange rates. The price is thus well below the current world market price of $1,960 per ounce. However, if 5,000 rubles per gram corresponds to the market price, the sale would be worthwhile for Russian banks and would result in further appreciation of the ruble against the dollar or the euro.
+1 # It does not say the the Ruble will be backed by gold.Palehorse 2022-03-28 10:40

mominator's referenced article states:

"...the Russian central bank is forcing further gold purchases at a fixed rate. Last but not least, this could also increase the value of the ruble."

"The Central Bank of Russia... intends to start
buying physical gold from Russian
banks at a
fixed price from Monday, creating a sort of
new gold standard

"...the central bank is increasing its gold reserves. That could further weaken the US dollar..."

The Ruble is not backed by gold after all.
# The Gas Situation Is Heating UpPalehorse 2022-03-28 11:10

G7 Ministers Reject "Unacceptable" Demand To Pay For Gas In Rubles

Kremlin Threatens To Halt Supplies

Earlier Monday German Economy Minister Robert Habeck
said from Berlin that the Kremlin demand for natural gas
contracts to be paid in rubles is a "one-sided and clear
breach of contracts"

"That means that a payment in rubles is not acceptable
and we urge the relevant companies not to comply with
Putin’s demand," Habeck said.
# Maybe?jimginny 2022-03-28 03:25
Talked with our financial person and what it means to the mining stock ...

He does not believe it has taken place ... in buying silver rounds ... out 2 weeks as of last week plus the normal delay ...

Some do not believe that other countries agree to trade in their own currency dropping the dollar ...

They will continue to wear the mask and starve ... blaming everyone else for their head you know where ...
# RE: It's Official! Russia Central bank Announces Ruble Bound to Gold! 5000 Rubles per GramVido Dasler 2022-03-28 03:10
2 days ago this was on yt
+7 # Updated math...LilBirdie 2022-03-28 02:29
31.103 grams to Troy ounce
31.103 × 5000= 155,515 rubles to Troy ounce
155,515 = $1537.85 ÷ 1928 = .7976

Still a 20.24% drop in the dollar!
+2 # Thank you.Paul Lambert 2022-03-28 04:52
Yes, 28 g to an aviordupois oz, but gold is sold and traded by the troy oz. (31.1 g)

This is a very common error seen in the newspapers.
+3 # Power of GoldHallsof13 2022-03-28 02:14
The power who controls the Gold is the the dominant power to be victorious in the conquering all enemies. Russia is the powerful and victoriou$
# which is heavier a pound of feathers or a pound of gold?Romach 2022-03-28 02:02
precious metal weight is always measured in Troy weight.
There are 12 troy ounces consisting of 31.1 grams each per troy pound.
+1 # RE: It's Official! Russia Central bank Announces Ruble Bound to Gold! 5000 Rubles per Gramshoestring2121 2022-03-28 01:40
31.1 grams in a ounce of gold
-1 # Total Snorts 31White Lightning aka Raptor 2022-03-28 01:34
Sean Penn's Coke Sniffling Russia Loathing in Ukraine - Coc-aine Avidan
+7 # I think Nixon took us off the "gold standard" in 1971Man of the Atom 2022-03-28 01:21
Let bankers call but know this - those massive ICBMs will fall on them and their families. Unlike Col. Qaddafi, Russia is armed to the teeth and there IS popular support for Putin

It does not matter if you don't like him - he is showing that he is one smart cookie.

If Trump makes it back in, the USA will have to follow suit - otherwise look for hyperinflation like Venezuela had or the Weimar Republic in 1920s Germany.
+1 # RE: I think Nixon took us off the "gold standard" in 1971Gunner 2022-03-28 06:46
Hahahaha that clown wolf in sheep clothing will NEVER get back in. That clown is lucky to still be alive. He fucked us all real good.
+10 # sad devotionJust_Gordo 2022-03-28 08:17
He called all those people to the capitol. And no one could afford it, but they went. He said not one of his supporters would be harmed. And some of them are still in jail, some have been sentenced to prison. He said, "I'll be back sooner than anyone thinks." And then he went golfing.

America got "Art of the Dealed."
+4 # For those who's brains have not melted down yet,Eddamnit 2022-03-28 01:10
+1 # RE: For those who's brains have not melted down yet,Br549 2022-03-28 05:59
Wow! Just wow!
+25 # This is going to hurt!DEFCON 1 2022-03-28 01:04
Get ready for some real painful rear ends folks, like you have never felt. I wonder how this will sit when all of those single wine drinking sucker mom's have to explane to their hungry children that it is all worth it now that they no longer have mean tweets to read. Orange man bad!
Also when the dollar is repudiated by the world all those bastards that sold us out for dollars will be as poor as the bum's living under the bridges. We are about to experience a world of hurt. No imports:Medication's, parts for machinery, clothes, food, computer chips and on and on... We will be like Zimbabwe but with nukes.
There is a price to pay for turning away from God and flaunting his rules. Murdering 65-100 million babies kind of makes God angry. That innocent blood cry's out to the Lord for justice. When a country is run by satanic pedophiles that country will not last long till it pays for it's crime's. So all you tough manly guys out there that scream about your sports team, but know nothing what your leaders have been doing in your name. Look in the mirror to see the reason why everything is going to hell, you couldn't be bothered with politics to hold people to account. Well when your children are starving you can tell them all about the team you worship and maybe that will fill their empty belly's. I am so angry at the men of America abrogating their responsibility's, If I saw you on fire I wouldn't walk across the street to piss on you to put you out. We are all going to get dragged into the great hungry darkness together and I hope you are happy with your selves.
"Lord forgive us for our sins and have mercy on all of your faithful children."
# uh, look, over here...Dudimus Maximus 2022-03-28 09:11
Quoting DEFCON 1:
... We will be like Zimbabwe but with nukes....
What makes anyone think, we get to keep them? The money thing is but ONE thing of many, of the takedown... so that's it? our money and ability to buy with it goes to worthless, but that's it, we keep our "stuff"... remember all the stuff about being "nuked" and "attacked" on our soil by Chinese and Russian troops, and Cartels and the muzzies and gangs and all that? they just went home? USA gets to continue to be an irrational threat to the world, King Louie and the Bandar-log people... sorry, it gets worse....
+12 # This would notfeemeister 2022-03-28 01:02
have been able to happen if they (us) hadn't screwed with the petrodollar and the money supply of the world so badly. We started the whole thing, and made the whole world bow down to the petrodollar that we have purposefully ruined! And now it is PUTIN'S FAULT?????
+1 # So theoretically...Eddamnit 2022-03-28 00:50
If 5000 Rubles now equals $50.00 US dollars and crude is $110 US dollars per barrel
That means you can buy crude for $50.00 a barrel in Russia and turn around and sell it around the world for $110.00 dollars a barrel today.
Seems like someone could make a lot of money on the deal.
Where are the Super Tankers?
+4 # correctionsTerraHertz 2022-03-28 00:41
Bullion is always measured in Troy ounces (ozt.)
There are 32.1035 grams per ozt.
Currently 1 Ruble = 0.0098 USD
The ruble to gold fix works out to USD 1,525 /ozt.

Gold spot price is currently USD 1,943 /ozt.

Hmm. It's cheaper to buy gold in Rubles, for now. I wonder what the fees for converting USD to Rubles are?
# Forget goldEddamnit 2022-03-28 00:52
You can double your money on Russian oil at the equivalent of $50.00 per barrel today.
# typo 31.1035 not 32.TerraHertz 2022-03-28 00:46
error in the comment typing
-1 # Semi OT: Demilitarization of Ukraine.JFY 2022-03-28 00:28
The demilitarization of Ukraine.
+1 # How does this work if.....thulsadoom17 2022-03-28 00:18
How does this work if too many people try to get gold for their currently-held rubles? Won't this make a run on rubles, only to cash them in for gold? Am I over-thinking this?
+18 # In Reality...Palehorse 2022-03-28 00:12

The US Federal Reserve Note was never really backed by
oil. It was backed by the US military with bullets.
Through time Muammar Quadaffi and others found out.
+8 # YepAKSrChief 2022-03-28 00:14
Exactly! That was the point of the SA/US Petrodollar, we would guarantee the Saudi Royal Family's existence through our military. Afghanistan has caused them to doubt this arrangement.
# Troy OuncesAKSrChief 2022-03-28 00:06
Precious metals are sold in Troy Ounces which is 31.1034768 grams per Troy Ounce. 1 ounce of gold is 155,517.39 rubles which is $1526.55/ounce of gold.
-1 # RE: Troy OuncesJFY 2022-03-28 00:33
Even with the difference in grams between the two, the troy ounce of gold in Rubles is still much less expensive than the one in Dollars.

In general terms, Hal's analysis still holds.
-1 # lets slow down...Dudimus Maximus 2022-03-28 00:05
,,, the math doesn't seem right
+1 # sorry..Dudimus Maximus 2022-03-28 00:09
The ruble sign, ₽, is the currency sign used for the Russian ruble, the official currency of Russia, use of $ for rubles confused me.
+8 # Expect...Gulfcaptain 2022-03-28 00:00
Expect China to follow suit soon. Yuan, Ruble, gold or Bitcoin please. We don't take American Express.
+6 # RE: Expect...Redlist Renegade 2022-03-28 00:36
The U.S. Dollar is about to become the Depressed American Card , excepted.....nearly Nowhere !!!
+9 # Boom!!Gulfcaptain 2022-03-27 23:55
Goodbye western metals exchange houses! A devalued dollar means higher gold prices in the West. Banks that are heavy shorts of gold and silver (JP Morgan for instance) will get blown out of the water. The inflation hits home when a devalued and rejected currency tries to buy foreign goods from countries that don't want or trust it. The US is a huge importer. Get it? Thank "free trade" and globalist policies for the vulnerable position we are in. As imports become more expensive, prices out pace wages. Wages go up to mach eventually. Soon our money will be on par with Mexico where a today a US dollar will buy 20 Mexican dollars. Imagine paying 2200% more for everything. Welcome to Venezuela everyone! The Federal Reserve and their political flunkies thank you for your sacrifice to remove Putin.
+12 # #1. #2, #3.Doug Brown 2022-03-27 23:55
#1. Don't play chess with Putin, Joe.
#2. Gee, his sure isn't on CNN
#3. VICTORIA NULAND has joined the Pope
in shitting herself.
+2 # RE: #1. #2, #3.Gunner 2022-03-28 06:52
Fuck them all - they all deserve to HANG or BURN, whichever or perhaps both. Enough is Enough with it ALL.
+2 # And...Eddamnit 2022-03-27 23:51
5000 rubles per barrel of oil
1 gram of gold = 5000 rubles

1 ruble = 1 US penny x 5000 = $50.00 US
Oil is now $110.00 USD per barrel
Russia will set it at an equivalent of $50.00 per barrel .
Is that right?

Wow this is confusing!
+2 # MIGHT NEEDNZ KIWI 2022-03-27 23:43
TO think troy ounces [31.103 ], but totally agree this is ABSOLUTLEY HUGE and is far more devastating to the PETRO THAN ANY MILITARY THREAT
+7 # THE REAL DEALNZ KIWI 2022-03-27 23:52
IS not comparing dollars to gold , BUT COMPARING GRAMS OF GOLD TO BARRELS OF OIL , in one fowl swoop the petro is only backed BY THE US and the ROUBLE AND YUAN are backed by GOLD AND OIL and 70 trillion micelleneous rare earth minerals and grain, [or have i got it wrong ]
+11 # Ruble Bound to GoldPalehorse 2022-03-27 23:32


What happens if China and the other BRICS nations
follow suit with their currencies?
Snow balls always get larger as they roll down the mountain side.
+5 # in the works 2011/2012Dudimus Maximus 2022-03-27 23:57
Quoting Palehorse:


What happens if China and the other BRICS nations
follow suit with their currencies?
Snow balls always get larger as they roll down the mountain side.
they were working on it, it was in the works 2011/2012 or at least that's when it appeared in reports and articles ( to my knowledge) that a BRICS alternative to SWIFT was being developed in earnest. That was over 10 yrs ago. This is it, and who pushed them off the SWIFT cliff??
+1 # RE: in the works 2011/2012Steve in Buffalo 2022-03-28 02:14
[quo That was over 10 yrs ago. This is it, and who pushed them off the SWIFT cliff??[/quote
Joe did that?
+9 # Ruble backed by goldchip 2022-03-27 23:29
Well folks this is going to get real touchy
this week. Boy ,, Bathhouse Barry and
Dementia Joe have screwed this country
up worse than an 8 day clock
+1 # why couldn't they justlumpy 2022-03-28 08:25
get rid of daylight savings time? I'm so tired of changing my clock
+1 # It's psychologicalEddamnit 2022-03-28 12:59
Full disclosure , we do not have Daylight Savings Time where I live.
But Daylight Savings time is a powerful psychological tool for the government, it tells everyone that they control when the Sun rises and sets, they control when you wake up and when you go to work. It essentially makes them like god.
+11 # Of course.Etsel Skelton 2022-03-27 23:24
We've been set up to lose.
+5 # isnt that...Dudimus Maximus 2022-03-27 23:35
Quoting Radical for Freedom:
We've been set up to lose.
isnt that...the idea? ...make a list of how many fronts our nation and we the people are now fighting on... health things, Wars, FOOD, our debt, material supplies, now our currency, social wars...etc etc etc make a list... its hard to even wrap ones head around how many, all at once,,, any one of them would be enough to radically change our way of life forever.... all at once, getting more and worse every week.. Quoting Radical for Freedom:
We've been set up to lose.
it seems to be so, does it not?
-1 # 31.1 Grams in a Troy Oz of AuMissPennsylvania 2022-03-27 23:22
Just sayin',
# RE: 31.1 Grams in a Troy Oz of AuJFY 2022-03-27 23:57
At 5,000 Rubles per gram, that's 155,500 Rubles per troy ounce. If the exchange rate per U.S. Dollar is 100.90, that comes out to $1,541 Dollars per Troy Ounce.

The price Hal quotes for 1 Ounce of gold is $1,928 in U.S. Dollars.

It is $387 Dollars less expensive to buy 1 ounce in Rubles than in Dollars.

In other words, you don't have to buy very many troy ounces of gold in Rubles to get one more than you would if using U.S. Dollars.

Except for the (important) detail that you mention, how is Hal's article essentially wrong?
-1 # americaldocKevin Mills 2022-03-27 23:43
You got it more for Russia
+2 # RE: It's Official! Russia Central bank Announces Ruble Bound to Gold! 5000 Rubles per Gramebelfer52 2022-03-27 23:16
absolutely correct that the west can not tolerate this. this was likely done in direct support of china as well. i look at china, NK, Brazil, Iran and even India and somewhat Saudi/Opec are all taking a non western side to this entire series of events. i don't know how long it takes the dust to settle for something like this, but even without a kenetic war this is likely our doom

and just russia, iran, NK, and china, +-india represent way more military conventionally or nuke power than the NATO side. and still seeing our c17's flying in to gibraltar and algeria just flew a diplomatic plane around nato to moscow. not sure what thats about but guessing naval obstruction at the straights
+3 # you sed it, mon...Dudimus Maximus 2022-03-27 23:26
Quoting ebelfer52:
even without a kenetic war this is likely our doom
-2 # Troy ounce?Jamesd 2022-03-27 23:14
A troy ounce has 31.1 grams. 155,500 rubles.
-1 # RE: Troy ounce?JFY 2022-03-27 23:45
That's still $387 per ounce less than the price in Dollars.
+4 # Official AnnouncementLoki 2022-03-27 23:09
Hal, can you please include the link to the official announcement. Russia doesn't have a choice at this point, they have to do this, but I can't find anything in the lamestream media.

All shooting wars are preceded by economic wars.
+7 # POW TORTUEJohnnyinKY 2022-03-27 23:05
Have y’all seen the videos of Ukraine torturing Russian POWs? It’s absolutely horrible. I mean literally the most evil thing I’ve ever saw. They are shooting the dick and testicles off Russian POWS. It shows a bunch of them laying around bleeding from the crotch. It’s real. Go over to infowars and watch. But it’s so bad I couldn’t even watch any more of it. It’s that bad

When the Russians see this stuff what do you think their reaction will be? This war just went to a whole new level X10. Shit is going to get fast and deep really fast now. I’m not the kind of guy that scares easy…..but this scares me
# Soldiers being shot in the dick and ballsJessiebeaner 2022-03-28 21:23
Have you seen what some of these bastards do to kids? Women? I have. And I have worked clinically with the mothereffers that do it.
Spare me the reaction to big bad soldiers being mutilated.
+1 # And if you watch themJessiebeaner 2022-03-28 09:56
Brutally rape your wife and baby?
Happens every damn day and where is the outrage?
When Zi was a kid our neighbor guy was raping his daughters regularly. He had beaten and driven mom insane….she was in a psych hospital.
Kids had enough.
Tricked him and got him to agree to blindfold
Shot his nuts @nd dick off.
Bled to death.
Oh well.
# Feminine imperativePaul Lambert 2022-03-29 18:58
I found your reaction odd at first. It seemed to lack empathy, but then I realise that you are speaking from the view of the feminine imperative - your reaction is classic in its essence; only the details are different.

Since you have undergone advanced studies in psychology, you surely recognise this yourself.
# Shooting POWsWhy? 2022-03-27 23:08
Is this the same one (Near the end of the longer video shooting in the leg)
+1 # PowJohnnyinKY 2022-03-27 23:14
They were being shot in the crotch
+1 # URLWhy? 2022-03-27 23:09
# So?Moliviam 2022-03-27 22:57
So, we need to buy gold?
+1 # RE: So?Carla 2022-03-27 23:12
I suggest getting physical gold/silver (can sometimes find coins in local jewelry stores and pawn shops) and food/water...with your dollars asap tomorrow before things go wild from this news
+3 # yepLoki 2022-03-27 23:07
ten years ago...
+1 # Gold Rublepebarber7 2022-03-27 22:54
IDK, I’m not seeing this on world markets. Asia is opening and the presumable results of this are not showing.
+3 # RE: Gold Rublejeremiahk 2022-03-27 23:38
It's true. It's amazing that multiple people are giving you thumbs down for giving an honest look and assessment of what's happening. Automatons.
# yeahlumpy 2022-03-28 08:31
It's great to disagree respectfully with each other.
If somebody has a diffferent angle on something, why not share it?
+2 # NiceDogsncars 2022-03-27 22:53
Too bad I don’t live closer to Russia or I would take my dollars and go buy some damn gold that’s a bargain
# Yep Yep!ItsMePD 2022-03-27 23:05
Me too!


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