Japan to attend NATO summit for first time

Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida has said he will attend this month’s NATO summit in Madrid, becoming the country’s first leader to join a top meeting of the transatlantic group.


# RetardsPatriot2Reliv 2022-06-18 14:34
Japan and any country that even takes the time to listen to NATO r retards.
# RE: Japan to attend NATO summit for first timemjc 2022-06-18 13:28
A new development for Japan, but not for the US.

The US is a member of several regional security alliances, although not located in that particular region. Ex.

SEATO (Southeast Asia Treaty Organization) -
# I recall a prophecyMan of the Atom 2022-06-17 21:24
It was by some preacher (don't recall his name or whether it was by Internet, radio, or TV) who said NATO would go "worldwide" just before "the end of the world". I guess he based it on his interpretation of Bible prophecy.
# Lost their atlas!Smiley1984*! 2022-06-17 11:57
I agree totally with Hal, have the Japanese and South Korea lost their atlas, as well as their minds!

I Knew Jen Stoltzenberg of NATO was trouble when he offered help in the South China Sea, you could not get much further from the Atlantic.

NATO is nothing more than a group of American controlled HENCHMEN. It ceased to have a purpose when the USSR fell even if it was justified before that.

I would not blame Putin for sending a calling card when they are all assembled in Brussels.
# The precedent has been established again by Israel, which although far away from the Atlantic Ocean, somehow got itself allied with NATOHaarnaś 2022-06-17 11:46
Israel is allied to NATO, and gets support in various areas, but at arm’s length. The implied mutual assistance obligation that NATO members have to each other makes Israel an unfavorable candidate for the same arrangement; IsraHell's situation in Palestine is too tenuous and member countries do not want to get bogged down in Middle East conflicts. Japan, which is about to be swallowed by ChiComs after Taiwan is taken, wants help, and unlike the case with Israel, the help will be probably given if it is not too late.
+6 # Axis powers?Gregg W 2022-06-17 10:43
Good point, Hal.

NATO already has Germany and Italy, may as well add the Japanese empire.
All of these coming together to fight Russia.

But China, Iran, India and other central and South American countries are lining up on the other side.

It’s all very strange. It’s as if the Principalities over these countries have conspired to have war.
Almost reminds me of a bunch of kids.
Like a pickup game whether for football, baseball or basketball.
+6 # Re:Japan to attend NATO summitchip 2022-06-17 08:32
Russia is right NATO has turned into a
military alliance just to destroy them.
It is just a military organization ruled
by a bunch of megalomaniac hegemonics.
+4 # RE: Japan to attend NATO summit for first timeGunner 2022-06-17 08:25
Why are we the people such utter and complete do Nothing, impotent pussies? My God, WTF is really wrong with us? We the people are nothing but paper tigers at best and all we do is talk and talk and bitch but we never take any real actions and that is going to get us on the Cattle Cars in very short order. . . We are the modern day JUDEN.
+2 # One World Order Military?cathbad 2022-06-17 08:25
Are South Korea and Australia next to participate in NATO? Looks to me like the WEF is trying to build a One World Order military...
+4 # YesSrmay72 2022-06-17 07:51
World leaders know the real reason for this. This is who's more greedy who will be the biggest bully . Regardless how this comes out one thing is certain, we, AMERICAN CHRISTIAN PATRIOTS, ARE NOT INVITED!
I SEE OLD VISIONS COMING TO PASS GRUVER AND OTHERS. yet as a nation America will soon be divided . We will be blessed to last till snow flies. It's sad to read comment after comment of BS WAR and other filler while satans MINIONS totally destroy "all" food availability. Folks even here you know its coming yet you refuse to actually have a plan. You realize you being a member here puts you at the top of satans list to destroy. Everything you've saved and bought will be taken and forced to comply with the jab. If you think you have this all planned and got your seeds and generators etc. Thinking you will be smart yet refuse to understand 90% of the world can't grow a garden raise animals and regardless of your arsenal you will be over run. Satan laughs at guns knowing electronic weapons and bioweapons with gene specific properties can be released and kill just certain groups hmmm like white men and women . Electronic heartack weapons that can be fired miles away. Drone swarms that don't need anyone to control just program your picture which they have all ours if your face red flags you get killed or arrested for just being a Christian. Folks without Jesus Christ there's absolutely zero chance of any of us surviving this without his protection. God fed prophet with a crow he will do it for you also, or we will be chosen to die for his new sake. The BULL SHIT EAR IS NOTHING MORE THEN A DISTRACTION SO YOU DONT FIGURE IT OUT TILL WE HAVE ROAD BLOCKS EVERY INTERSECTION ARRESTING CHRISTIANS YOU BEYTER GET READY TO FLEE WHEN GOD SAYS GO IF YOU DONT LISTEN YOU WILL BE KILLED JUST BECAUSE YOU LOVE JESUS, IS YOUR FAITH STRONG ENOUGH TO ENDURE EVEN IF YOUR LOVED ONES BEG YOU TO DENY HIM A FRACTION ARE BUT REMEMBER HEAVEN FOREVER, YET SO IS HELL DONT GET THE MARK VACCINE PLEASE DONT TAKE ANYTHING THEY SAY WILL HELP YOU YOU ARE FOLLOWING SATAN TO ETERNITY AND VERY FEW ARE AWAKE
+7 # RE: YesGunner 2022-06-17 08:31
I have Not taken the clot-shot, death dart and I never will period, the end. This "govt" is so beyond wicked and evil. They will make the Nazis look like choir boys. . .
+2 # I am stunnedthunderclap 2022-06-17 07:43
They may give them nukes. Then defy the world war 2 treaty and many other things.

Obiden has played all the cards oit WRONG and this lknig up in nicarogra with eussian troopa. Its wild, plis many have no idea until the flashws go off and someone tries to take a selfie.

Another clown or misinformed gerbal would take a selfie at a nuke lauch from a silo under water.


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