June Fund Raising

June Fund Raising

UPDATED 8:40 PM  EDT,  Thursday May 28 --  Today is May 23, 26, 28 at 9:15 AM EDT  and that means I have eight (8)   FOUR (4) Days to raise the funding to keep this web site and the radio show funded and operating through June.  This is an especially hard time, and your help is now URGENTLY needed.

Since the government shut down the economy, quite a number of Subscribers have either NOT PAID their subscriptions, Canceled those subscriptions, or have sent BAD CHECKS to pay.  I'm now in a real jam.

Readers of this site know it depends on ad clicks and donations for revenue to survive.   Ad clicks in the past two have now plummeted 92%.

Listeners to the radio show know the show has no paid commercials - by design.  Commercial advertisers are subject to advertiser boycotts, and they end up controlling the content broadcaster through their ad buys. Advertisers start getting complaints about politically-incorrect talk, and the broadcasters have to stop that talk or lose their ad money.   Media outlets that rely on advertisers, thus have to carefully control the content allowed to be broadcast, for fear of a left-wing boycott. 

Since its founding in the year 2000, this show has NOT had paid advertisers, specifically to allow us all to enjoy the freedom of not being subjected to the radical left wing and its temper tantrums.  Calls to the radio show are NOT pre-screened for content.  Callers are NOT censored.  No topic is taboo.  You don't get that on regular talk-radio.

The result has been YOU get "REAL" news and REAL opinions, both on this web site and on the radio show.   You get content here like nowhere else!  Cutting-edge stuff.  

It costs literally thousands of dollars each month to bring this site and the radio show to the public.

The published rates for radio stations WBCQ and WRMI are about a dollar ($1) a minute.  Do the math.  The show is carried Monday-Friday (six total hours) on TWO separate 50,000 watt WBCQ transmitters, one on 7490, the other on 6160.   That's twelve billable hours a week - or 720 billable minutes PER WEEK (2880 per month) for the two WBCQ transmitters.   The show is also carried Monday-Friday on 100,000 watt WRMI. That's 360 billable minutes for WRMI every WEEK (1440 per month).

Then, too, there's regular AM station KYAH in Utah, which is more economical, but covers far less area than the global high frequency stations WBCQ and WRMI.

There are six inbound telephone lines for callers to cue, so as to talk on the air.  Those six lines cost about $180 a month.

This web site routinely costs over $1,000 a month in hosting and data transfer charges.

In addition, there are two fiber optic connections to carry the show from studio to transmitters.  Those cost about $180 a month.

There is also a Cellular fail-over in case the fiber optics go down, which costs about $30 a month.

There is also now, a cable modem fail-over which costs about $52 a month.

There are music licensing fees to BMI and Sony Entertainment to use bumper music.

These costs tally around $4,882 per month.

I began a subscription system which allowed folks access to premium content, and which generated several hundred a month. But THAT is falling apart fast.

Take a look at my email inbox, sorted by subject, for this month:

These subscriptions could not go through (not enough available money) when Paypal tried to debit their bank accounts:


Then, some people's accounts remained without money for so long, Paypal gave up after three to five tries to get paid (I redacted the subscriber names):



 Sadly, some folks knew they couldn't keep up, and canceled their subscription profiles:

Then, I started getting BOUNCED CHECKS back from my bank . . . which cost me $7.50 each for returned deposit items!


To put it bluntly, I'm in a real pickle right now.  Funding is waaaaay off and I am now in major need of Donations.

Please click the DONATE button below and use either your Credit/Debit Card or your Paypal Account to make a donation.


Those of you who cannot or will not use online financial transactions, can mail cash, check or money order to:

Harold Turner

1906 Paterson Plank Road

North Bergen, NJ   070474-1902


Those of you outside the USA can send CASH MONEY from your country, and I will have it converted to US Dollars when it gets here.  My Bank WILL NOT accept foreign checks.


 Whatever you do, PLEASE DO SOMETHING because this endeavor has been hit VERY HARD by the coronavirus shutdown of business,  and its future is in real jeopardy.


Hal Turner




As of this hour, a total of $2,249. has come in via Donations.   Still short $2633, but we're well on our way thanks to the support of folks like YOU.   If you haven't donated yet, PLEASE do so right now.  It is urgently needed. 



So far, $3,379.15 has come in via donations.   I am still short $1,502.85.   Please help.



Today, an additional $211 came in online and to my happy surprise, $340 came in via POSTAL MAIL!   Still short, but only $952.85



As of this morning, a total of $4,230.15 has come in via DONATIONS, leaving me a shortfall of $651.85 toward June expenses for this web site and radio show.  



Another $180 came in via online donations today.  ZERO arrived by postal mail.  Still short $471.15 for June.