Russian authorities in Kherson Oblast announced that all schoolchildren will be evacuated to Crimea, to "spend their Autumn holidays."  In reality, this is, as the Germans called it,  "Kinderlandverschickung."

Officials from the region say that schools will stay closed until the 21st of October for security reasons, which also necessitate evacuation.

It is described in C.S. Lewis' "Narnia"-series. This means, that heavy bombardment of the cities is expected, and they're moving the kids out before it beginsHIGHWAY TO HELL

With no off-ramp.

This is what's being shared by the overwhelming majority of Russian channels. Possibly leaked from a source way up in the command chain - and/or about to be established in a position of power.

Not necessarily the road map ahead. But certainly reflecting a consensus. Don't expect any confirmation from the MoD.

 Destroying Ukraine's power supply nodes.
 Hitting rail and road logistics hubs.
 Destruction of tunnels and bridges.
 Destruction of all buildings housing government offices.
 Elimination of Ukraine's political leadership.
 Diversionary operations to undermine military supply, training, intelligence, etc. hubs in Poland, Germany, Romania, the Baltics, England... It should be a massive attack.
 Internationalization of armed forces, involvement of allies: Vietnam, North Korea, armed formations from CIS countries, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Africa, etc.
 Procurement and supply of troops at the expense of military allies. Nothing more to be embarrassed about.
 Strikes on military satellites of western countries over Ukraine.
. Air defense, a no-fly zone over Ukraine, REB.
 Destroying strategically important dams.
 Carrying out a tightly controlled, detailed, and coordinated offensive operation.


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