Large NATO Air Deployment w/ Nuke-Sniffer Aircraft

Large NATO Air Deployment w/ Nuke-Sniffer Aircraft

Something seems to be "up" around the Russia-Ukraine conflict.  A large NATO air deployment is presently active; far larger than most prior air saturation.

We begin with A US Air Force "Constant Phoenix" which is a nuke-sniffer aircraft, running an odd air search pattern off the coast of the United Kingdom.  This aircraft takes air samples to detect the presence of nuclear material.  As seen on e radar tracking image below, the plane seems to be searching for what __may__ be a deployed Russian POSEIDON nuclear drone, or submarines that carry such a drone.

Russia invented this unstoppable nuclear torpedo drone with the idea it can detonate a kilometer beneath the sea so as to generate a "nuclear tsunami" against the coastline of an enemy.  If that were to take place, a wave upwards of 1500 METERS tall (4500 feet) would wash-up on an enemy coastline, carrying deadly levels of radiation, and utterly smash everything within about twenty MILES of a coastline.

Worse, because that water would carry heavy doses of radiation, the enemy country would be unable to accommodate life for thousands of years!

Here's the aircraft search patten:

Next, we turn attention to a US "Globalhawk" drone, now probing deep into the Black Sea.   

With call sign FORTE11, this flight seems unusual because in the past they have usually stuck to the Romanian Coast.
This appears to be a very aggressive move, leading some observers to conclude "Something is about to happen."

Here's that flight map:

In addition, the following NATO aircraft are also up:


-USAF KC135R 63-8039

-USAF KC135R 58-0092

-RAF RC-135W Rivet Joint RRR7209

-USAF RQ-4B Global Hawk FORTE11

-Italian Air Force G550 AEW PERSE71

Here is the flight radar map of those aircraft:

Of significant interest in the aircraft above is the Royal Air Force "Rivet Joint."   The RC-135W Rivet Joint is a dedicated electronic surveillance aircraft that can be employed in all theatres on strategic and tactical missions. Its sensors 'soak up' electronic emissions from communications, radar and other systems.

NATO has also deployed a spy plane into Finland, spying all up and down the Russian Border:

Also of import is a Turkish Air Force "Peace Eagle" Early Warning and Control aircraft patrolling from Romania:

he Boeing 737 AEW&C "Peace Eagle" is a twin-engine airborne early warning and control aircraft based on the Boeing 737 Next Generation design. It is lighter than the 707-based Boeing E-3 Sentry, and has a fixed, active electronically scanned array radar antenna instead of a rotating one. 

Fueling all of these aircraft are two airborne StratoTankers:

Tensions are now running very high between NATO and Russia.   It seems to several observers that EITHER:

a) The Ukraine Offensive may be about to begin, OR

b) NATO is fearing a Russian first strike.

The world has __never__ been this close to an actual nuclear conflict.



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