Look at the FEAR these Bastards are generating over "Omicron"

Look at the FEAR these Bastards are generating over "Omicron"

OPINION - Hal Turner -- I know that _some_ people can get themselves very worked-up emotionally when they're afraid, but what's taking place with this Omicron nonsense, has crossed the Rubicon.

Look at the FEAR these COVID pushers are actually generating in the real world.

A commercial airline pilot sent this photo of a passenger on one of his flights this week:

And look at this woman in a supermarket:

If I did or said something that frightened the general public, and what __ I __ did resulted in THIS type of public reaction, I have no doubt at all they would find a way to throw _me_ in jail.

Yet when THEY do it . . . and it's all a demonstrable fraud . . . it's all somehow OK.

See this?  Stop this shit.




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