USS Gerald R. Ford Transferred to NATO Command

USS Gerald R. Ford Transferred to NATO Command

The USS Gerald R. Ford, the largest warship in the world, carrying more than 90 aircraft (60+ F-35's)  has been transferred to NATO Command. 


As of yesterday, 2 June 2023, the vessel was preparing to conduct activities in the Norwegian Sea with other Allied forces.

The significance is clear: The USS Gerald Ford, the world's largest and most advanced U.S. Navy aircraft carrier, is in  Norway, which has a 200-kilometer border with Russia.   St. Petersburg is only about a 30-minute flight away for the 90 U.S. fighter jets.


Publisher's note and Correction: This original story also mentioned the Yellow/Blue flag flying atop the ship and wondered if it was the Ukraine Flag.   I was subsequently corrected by readers that this is the Battle Flag of the Gerald R. Ford, and NOT the Ukraine flag.   I apologize for this error.



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