UPDATED 4:01 PM EDT -- M6.8 Quake off South Africa -- Antipode is Cascadia Subduction Zone

UPDATED 4:01 PM EDT -- M6.8 Quake off South Africa -- Antipode is Cascadia Subduction Zone

A strong Magnitude 6.8 earthquake has just taken place 1528.1km southeast of East London, South Africa.  It took place at a shallow depth of only 10km.  Problem is, this is the approximate "Antipode" for the Cascadia Subduction Zone off Vancouver, Seattle, and much of northern California.

There is a school of thought that holds when a major earthquake takes place on one side of the world, it directly affects its "antipode" which is the precise location on the exact opposite side of the planet.

According to the Antipode map, A Quake in this area off South Africa has its Antipode around Vancouver, BC, CANADA.  Since the antipode effect can vary from precise, the entire Cascadia Subduction Zone is now in the crosshairs:

Quite often, a major earthquake on one side of the planet causes another one, afterwards, very near the exact opposite side of the planet.   If that holds true, the Cascadia Subduction Zone of the US West Coast, could be in for quite a ride.

 UPDATE 4:01 PM EDT --

A Magnitude 5.6 earthquake has just taken place in the area of the Cascadia Subduction Zone, as mentioned possible in the story above!




+5 # RE: UPDATED 4:01 PM EDT -- M6.8 Quake off South Africa -- Antipode is Cascadia Subduction 2023-05-21 17:54

Excellent call Hal Turner!
+4 # MapJessiebeaner 2023-05-21 16:28
+4 # Numerous earthquakes now in Californiapaulattahoe 2023-05-21 16:06
Hal is right on again! Northern California is reporting widespread quakes of 5 and larger just recently this month.
+2 # Quakes in CA getting Larger & More Frequentwatchmann 2023-05-21 23:56
Heads up:

The micros are still very active along the San Andreas, the whole length, but now the micros are starting to turn into something bigger. We are starting to see 4Ms and 5M's quite regularly now. Still seems to be leading up to something.

The quakes along the Western/Asian side of the Pacific Ring of Fire, have likewise escalated to beyond 6Ms and now several 7M's in a row.

We did have those 2 planetary alignments within 10 months, plus increased solar flare activity, both of which are quake triggers.

So I believe things are heating up. Stay alert.
+5 # USGS linkGoldCoastGirl12 2023-05-21 12:10
# RE: USGS linkPrivateJohn3:16 2023-05-25 05:45
USGS is paid to prevent panic and downgrade numbers so people do not know the true magnitude of earthquakes. Listen to Dutchsinse on YouTube. I would not lead anyone astray from the truth.
+12 # RE: USGS 2023-05-21 13:01
Sorry, no longer trustworthy…they recalculated several years ago to downplay event levels…

source..former USGS employee who retired early so as not to be complicit
+2 # "Sorry, no longer trustworthy ..."standingwave 2023-05-21 15:25
What specifically is no longer trustworthy, that specific USGS link or USGS estimates of earthquake magnitude in general.
+4 # RE: "Sorry, no longer trustworthy ..." 2023-05-21 15:54
Posted data must be pre-approved by tptb….regarding frequency, magnitude and depth. The actual magnitude graph was altered one full point several years ago…so a 4.0 now is recorded as a 3.0, etc.
Tornado data is rumored to have also been revised but I don’t have a source to confirm.
+3 # RE: "Sorry, no longer trustworthy ..."standingwave 2023-05-21 18:05
If so, one has to wonder how far they might revise IGRF data. One also has to wonder how they decide how much to "revise" data and still maintain credibility.
+3 # RE: "Sorry, no longer trustworthy ..." 2023-05-21 18:16
Fact : magnetic north is moving.
TPTB chose not to acknowledge it till they were forced to as FAA had to revise data for flight patterns, etc.

As Hal has pointed out many times on this site…the first casualty of war is the Truth. We have been in an information war with our leaders for some time….
+1 # RE: "Sorry, no longer trustworthy ..."standingwave 2023-05-21 21:09
Also, USGS does not have a monopoly on geomagnetic data.
+2 # RE: "Sorry, no longer trustworthy ..."Bob 2023-05-21 15:53
Magnitude most often is downgraded and USGS often just takes eq's off map entirely. Especially if the eq is right where, or Magnitude of, what Dutchsinse forecasted. Been watching this happen for years now.
+25 # DutchsinseHOOVER 2023-05-21 12:10
Look him up on YouTube. He's covered the wildfires breaking out in Canada due to magma moving up to the surface and igniting fires. Get right with Jesus!! Don't be scared. Be prepared! And he's spot on with antipodes!!
+1 # He is brilliantJessiebeaner 2023-05-21 16:32
And he bases everything on science!
I get tired of WIGGINGTON blaming most everything that is likely natural and predictable on Geoengineering warfare.
You simply can not maintain credibility when you report most everything as manipulated warfare…..cause it just isn’t so.
+3 # Re Outdoor 2023-05-21 12:50
Is that what’s happening in various countries? Hundreds listed on events map @

Canada, Australia, many South American countries and various African countries….no explanation but hundreds - literally hundreds - of postings.
-5 # RE: M6.8 Quake off South Africa -- Antipode is Cascadia Subduction ZonePaul Kurzlee 2023-05-21 12:07
Would be good if vancouver got shook up. There is thousands and thousands of chinks there. The whole city is occupied by these yellow bellies. They own just about everything. THOUSANDS UPON THOUSANDS OF THEM. Not to mention all the other imports living there. Try renting there. You get an import landlord charging thousands of dollars a month. It also might help to get rid of the commie NDP governance the regular people like us have to live under there. It woud be a win win for both countries. usa and canada both. All the way down the coast it is commies every where. The state of washington is the same story right down to commie fornicateya. All the scattalla on the streets of sanfransico would be FINALLY be washed out to sea. All in all a 9 or 10 mag quake in that location could be a blessing in disguise. Would certainly be better then being nuked by Russia. I prefer a quake given the choice. Either way judgement can not get here fast enough to wipe out all the shit I described. I don't care if it sends this shithole back to the stone age. Better then living under these regimes here now. We could start over again.
+3 # RE: M6.8 Quake off South Africa -- Antipode is Cascadia Subduction ZoneJFY 2023-05-21 15:01
Well they don't call it Hongcouver for nothing, you know.
+14 # RE: M6.8 Quake off South Africa -- Antipode is Cascadia Subduction 2023-05-21 12:06
Follow Dutchsinse on Twitter or YT for follow ups…
Also, Event Map for follow up
+4 # RE: M6.8 Quake off South Africa -- Antipode is Cascadia Subduction ZoneNotthemama 2023-05-21 15:06
Dutch just posted a 5.6 just off the coast of California.
Tension release or precursor?
+2 # Also Solomon Islands 2023-05-21 12:26
Islands - M 6.0
2023-05-21 15:49:53 Solomon Islands, Oceania
Solomon Islands - M 6.1
2023-05-21 15:45:13 Solomon Islands, Oceania
Solomon Islands - M 6.0
2023-05-21 15:45:14 Solomon Islands, Oceania

-17 # ???hereforthecake 2023-05-21 11:57
Planet?? we don't live on a ball flying thru space
+1 # I guess you eat in the darkJessiebeaner 2023-05-21 16:48
And never had an overhead light shining on your round table
+2 # IQJessiebeaner 2023-05-21 16:46
65. Nuff said
+8 # RE: ???Azrael76 2023-05-21 15:00
Well the thing is... Yes we do... Nice to see you think God is limited His creation to a tabletop under a bubble and not the amazing creation of space and beyond
+5 # RE: ???JFY 2023-05-21 14:52
No wonder you're just "here for the cake"...

(Look up Eratosthenes and his rock-solid PROOF that the Earth is a spheroid. Anyone can follow his basic geometrical & mathematical proof. We've had that proof for 2,300 years.)
+3 # Anyone who has ever held a basketball at night on a court with a light at one endJessiebeaner 2023-05-21 16:51
Can clearly see that half the ball ( the side facing away from the light) is in darkness.
Nobody ever said these low IQ flat earthers were anything but pathetically stupid and illogical.
+4 # RE: ??? 2023-05-21 12:08
Even if you’re a “flatearther” this is news to follow up on…
Consider the “teeter-totter” effect …just sayin (I know, that’s not a scientific term but it’s a great visual term =) …)


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