UPDATE 8:47 PM EDT --(BOTTOM) - LaPalma: Steam Now Clearly Visible atop EXACT Ridge of Unstable Land Mass

UPDATE 8:47 PM EDT --(BOTTOM) - LaPalma: Steam Now Clearly Visible atop EXACT Ridge of Unstable Land Mass

A very serious development on the island of LaPalma, Canary Islands, Atlantic Ocean off the northwest coast of Africa on Sunday afternoon: At least two small STEAM emissions have begun coming out of the ground high-up along the ridge atop the unstable landmass on the southwest flank of the island.


+1 # What happened to the update?SC_bear 2021-11-03 17:12
Anyone else on here just notice that Hal's update on the La Palma volcano (separate article) just disappeared? With all the comments??
# Yes I noticedKdasl 2021-11-03 17:20
It disappeared…
# #Yes I noticed...SC_bear 2021-11-03 17:22
Weird. Maybe it really is about to blow.
# Wed, 3 Nov 2021, 07:50: La Palma Strongest-so-far quake: magnitude 5.1 at only 26 km depthBoola_Boola_97 2021-11-03 04:53
La Palma volcano update: Strongest-so-far quake at magnitude 5.1 at only 26 km depth under island
+1 # Video sucksMaveric 2021-11-02 22:31
Bad video tonight. Only showing the flow. Found this:
It shows the quakes as they happen plus multiple views. Other info pops up as well. Those that speak the language will understand better than me.
# Live feeds #1 & #2Kdasl 2021-11-02 09:31
Are the same picture. This changed yesterday. Usually they’re different views
+2 # Martha's Vineyard exodusJack Griffin 2021-11-02 09:27
appears that all ferries from MV are filled exiting MV, not spaces available until Saturday 11/6
+1 # correction MVJack Griffin 2021-11-02 09:31
"NO space available" leaving the island

where Michele and Obama?
# what about Biden and his beachhouselumpy 2021-11-02 17:43
It should affect Delaware too. Oh wait, what about Trump on Palm Beach?

I can't help but wish a tsunami would wipe out hollywood, so tired of their crapola. *grin*
-1 # Volcano Discovery. COM???Jack Griffin 2021-11-02 09:23
IDK if I trust this website anymore...

Today is Nov 2, and in their "Photos" section, they purport to have photos for each of the NEXT THREE DAYS: 11/3, 11/4, 11/5

just sayin...
+2 # Bad tonightMaveric 2021-11-01 21:35
It firing on full thrusters right now. Barely stopping on both visible vents. One is shooting sky high and the other is like a water fountain stuck open wide. Pressure has definitely increased since yesterday.
+1 # The live feedsKdasl 2021-11-01 18:09
Aren’t working right-screens are black. Anyone else experiencing this?
+1 # Live feed back onKdasl 2021-11-01 18:12
Don’t know what it’s back on..
+3 # Revelation 18mizzy777 2021-11-01 05:03
And now think of all the cargo ships waiting
in the water. (and Revelation in not in order)
+1 # YEStslinger 2021-11-01 09:28
Very "coincidental" eh? Rvelation is a barrage of visions and written down as at least a 3 part overlay- if not more so...the middle, all that John was seeing, was coming at him so fast it's been argued, that it is likely not in order- but the whole of Revelation is not end to the very least. Exciting times for the Redeemed!
# The Narrow PathMan of the Atom 2021-11-02 00:25
I have been listening to this Christian radio program late night as I drive home and that is exactly what he said about Revelation. John had a number of visions but they were not in chronological order. The same may have been true about Daniel.
+1 # 5 Mega tsunamisCarla Ray 2021-11-01 02:14
One of the main journals in Canary Islands published a history of old Mega tsunamis yesterday. Has had 5 Mega tsunamis that devastated the Canary Islands
I opened up on Chrome to access the English translation.
+2 # This is more than a possibiltiy - it's actually going to happen - Krakatoa IIMan of the Atom 2021-11-01 01:26
I'm just kidding right? This can't possibly be happening! Meanwhile, watch the Pacific Rim. I am convinced that will cut loose in my lifetime in a very major way.

BTW, would "God" please start a major volcanic eruption in Victoria near those government offices - those people need some "relief".
# Actually an eruption is not needed - a simple earthquake will sufficeMan of the Atom 2021-11-01 01:48
I'm kidding - I'm just kidding! But should it happen you may call me a latter day prophet!
Have a good evening. "God" is watching you!
+1 # On the serious side, the remark about gravity causing a slide is trueMan of the Atom 2021-11-01 01:43
If the incline is only 30 degrees, you will have half the weight of an object angling down that incline. Half! Think about a car on an icy or oily ramp - with such an angle you need friction between tires and ramp surface to hold the car in place. If the subsurface areas on those slopes get "lubricated" or you achieve "lift off" with an explosion, the weight force on that mass causing it to rush into the sea is enormous - it can be quantified but is otherwise unthinkable. Let's hope (and pray) that this does not affect us - or anyone else.
+5 # CELL Phone 2021-10-31 23:49
Modern Google maps and GPS through our dell phones will not work if cell towers go down. HOWEVER, the old fashion GPS, like Tom-Tom work through satellite and may continue to function.

I have had personal experience while driving in a blizzard out of cell tower range. I remembered that I had my old Tom-Tom in the trunk of the car and it got me to my destination.

God speed to all who are going to be travelling.
+1 # RE: CELL Phone GPSBob 2021-11-01 12:41
Recommend getting a paper map or print out several alternative routes. Don't count on GPS or anything else.
+2 # RE: CELL Phone GPSMaveric 2021-11-01 00:19
Have two as well. One in each car.
+4 # Get a load of this!Gregg W 2021-10-31 23:43
Just saw this on Steve Quayle’s site.

Notice the planned date:

They’ve planned for this for a while.
+7 # "Nov 14 2021" 2021-10-31 23:04
The Book of Revelation Prophecies start on or thereafter that Date "Unleashing Hell On Earth!" Pray this doesn't happen... At the end of December say "Tom you were wrong and I'll say thank God." On the other side of the coin "Get Right With The Lord God Almighty Through Accepting Christ Jesus Into Your Life Today." End Time Events have been Happening, but "Even Non Believers Will Soon Know!"
+9 # Update 8:47Maveric 2021-10-31 22:47
I’m reminded of every natural disaster Hollywood movie where that one guy thinks outside the box and gets it right, while all the others scoff and eventually die. In this case, I don’t think this geologist will save millions, but I think he is saving a few of us. It both 5.0 quakes were caused by magma moving, then there is no stopping this. The tremors seem to indicate the same thing. Every nook and cranny is filling up and soon there will nowhere else for it to go. If the island blows, that shelf will most likely not hold. I have the live stream going constantly, but like everyone else, I need to sleep sometimes. First thing I check in the morning is the video, then here. Follow Hal’s advice, and stay safe.
+4 # RE: UPDATE 8:47 PM EDT --(BOTTOM) - LaPalma: Steam Now Clearly Visible atop EXACT Ridge of Unstable Land MassSmcroy1 2021-10-31 22:45
It’s gonna blow like Krakatoa
+3 # Volcano livestreamscodeblue 2021-10-31 21:57
Judging by the live streams for la palma, not so many people are paying attention to this potential catastrophe.
+2 # Mods BlockLeigh Downing 2021-11-01 13:24
If you try to say anything the mods call it fear mongering and block you or say refrain from talking about this DISPROVEN theory. I still ask, based on what has this been disproven?
+4 # RE: UPDATE 8:47 PM EDT --(BOTTOM) - LaPalma: Steam Now Clearly Visible atop EXACT Ridge of Unstable Land Massgrash 2021-10-31 21:37
I hope this web site comes
Through. It’s by Perry Stone
telling of dreams about
tsunami’s and earthquakes that
He believes are from the Lord
The video was made 9 mos ago.
+1 # Manytslinger 2021-11-01 09:34
I'm seeing many- a curious many- of these dreams- some go back up to 2 years...people are describing a very similar dream, just in their own words. I do not discount them...
+2 # Thumbs up??Gregg W 2021-11-01 00:26
Dang it. I meant to give you a thumbs up. Not saying one way or the other about Perry Stone. I do remember hearing him talk about these.
+2 # The La Palma Govt wants to BOMB the islandAdiff5466 2021-10-31 21:14
I wish I were kidding...
To divert lava flow. How could they be so insane???
+3 # Brandon missingSkywalker51 2021-10-31 20:24
Interesting that our Mr. President is conveniently out of the country...?? Hum?
+2 # Plus…Kdasl 2021-10-31 20:28
You have possible solar flares going on at the same time
+8 # HalHaywardus 2021-10-31 20:02
Hal, watch your area state patrol or some other group shut down all roads so the elite scum can drive on clear roads with escorts.
+2 # Year without a summer.lumpy 2021-10-31 19:31
I don't think there will be a tsunami, but I do think a "Krakatoa scenario" is realistic. Hopefully neither one will happen, we don't need any more disaster in this world.
# RE: Year without a summer.Bob 2021-10-31 21:57
I think there is a possibility, however remote, that the island may do a Krakatoa and cause a tsunami. Here is a link to the tsunami caused by Krakatoa. It wasn't huge, which may help.
+7 # Surf's Up!Loki 2021-10-31 19:56
Many more disasters will happen.
# You are rightHarnaś 2021-10-31 20:57
Complete list coming out 11.5.21
+4 # Looks like...SheilaRae 2021-10-31 19:30
I noticed a strange quiet period on the volcano last night. Hal may be right in that during that period, the lava may have been diverted for a time into old lava tubes and chambers. The new steam / vent areas seem to prove this namely, activity in New areas. Now, after filling these areas, the superior vent is more active than ever. Yes, this does not bode well. We live in Galveston TX island. Not sure how high the water could get here but it wouldn't take much to wash over the island..
# # Looks LikeFollowTheeMoreNearly 2021-11-01 01:47
I think the seawall is 17' or 18' high
+2 # I though galvestone washed washed out by the last big hurricaneHarnaś 2021-10-31 21:04
If I were you I would arrange for a stat vacation in Amarillo [Elevation 3,605 ft (1,099 m)], very impressive elevation with solid ground under your feet
+3 # 10 hoursLoki 2021-10-31 19:57
Galveston island would be swamped,'ll have another two to three hours to get out compared with the East Coast.
+2 # What if word is delayed?Gregg W 2021-11-01 00:35
If you heard the second the chunk falls you will get the estimated time to get to safety. If it happens while we are all sleeping, no one might know until several hours later. That could cut your response time considerably.

Do the best you can but maybe a nice vacation as was suggested is a good idea.
+4 # RE: FLASH BULLETIN - LaPalma: Steam Now Clearly Visible atop EXACT Ridge of Unstable Land MassBruce Oxenford 2021-10-31 19:11
An ATM machine only has so many bills at any given moment. If your bank or credit union has multiple drive through ATMs, the ATM closest to the building generally speaking should have more currency in it compared to the ATM further out from the building. Experienced this on more than a few occasions.

Fuel stations are also limited with fuel. Hal is correct regarding preparedness. Traffic would be 'Ridiculously', for all the amount of cars fleeing in the same direction would without a doubt bottleneck movements by vehicle for the most part. Just imagine and accident, followed by honking horns, followed by minor fendor bendors, followed by motorists on their phones calling insurance agencies, followed by mayhem of fist fights and vehicles driving over other vehicles creating more congestion.

Keep aware, as best as we can.
Thanks Hal.
+6 # QuestionCellphonelil 2021-10-31 21:22
Do you believe people will flee? The people who have knowledge about the events of La Palma will probably flee, but I think most laid back Americans will take this as “nothing is going to happen, it never does” moment. Others will probably venture towards the ocean to watch. It seems so surreal, yet I know the possibilities, many have not even heard of La Palma let alone a tsunami. Plus, if the news and government is not warning, people do not care or have a knowledge to understand this event. God says in the Bible, “my people perish for lack of knowledge.” This is both a spiritual and physical death.
+14 # Once again,haykim 2021-10-31 18:36
Crickets from MSM. Thank you so much, Hal, for consistent and common sense reporting. I am 168 miles inland but do live very close to the Susquehanna River. That's kind of worrying.
+4 # don't even bother with mainstream medialumpy 2021-10-31 19:35
The drive-bys are all bought and paid for by Pfizer. Or Soros, or Gates. Don't even bother with them, it's just poison for your mind.
+8 # Thank U!MM 2021-10-31 18:32
Great & much needed update. Thanks Hal!
+6 # Coincidence?amsb44 2021-10-31 18:13
St John the Divine Cathedral in NY - Check out the stone works showing water taking over the city:

Simpsons, video game, WH press conference cutting to La Palma for 2+ min, Coincidence?
# Very InterestingLeigh Downing 2021-11-02 09:03
I never knew these carvings were there, very interesting. It also looks possibly like 911. You have the twin towers and a bunch of smoke? The one next to it with the bus falling also kind of looks like a tsunami possibility as well to me.
# It looks like water ..Man of the Atom 2021-11-02 00:33
but could it also be a "mushroom cloud"?
# Cathedral 2021-11-01 09:04
Wow! That pillar capital at the Cathedral is incredible! Thanks for posting that.
+12 # Like beforeBushDid911 2021-10-31 18:06
If this does "Go" and actually causes the tsunami .
And that Tsunami is the worst case scenario .
Then it won't really matter if you die in the wave or starve to death a few weeks later ,or die ( like all of us west of you ) from the hideous amounts of radiation spewing from your multiple Fukushima's .
If the east coast goes ,we all go .
Its lights out civilized world .
Sure try and run ,it's human nature, I know
Muck more productive would be to get good with GOD .
right now .
For those of you that haven't ,try getting down on your knees and begging for forgiveness ,it's a good start .
+4 # Getting on your knees.Gregg W 2021-11-01 00:55
We are proud, stubborn, stiff-necked people. We think we’re too good to get to our knees.

James 4:10 “Humble yourselves in the sight of the Lord and he shall lift you up.”

There is only One God. He is your Creator. He knows how many hairs are on your head. He knows all your faults and good points.

But He is the Almighty God. All the world is nothing before Him. His Son Jesus left Heaven’s glory to die on a rotten old cross; just do that your filthy sins and rebellion against His Father could be washed away.

How could anyone know this and not fall to their knees in complete humility?!! We take Jesus way too lightly. We see him as in movies, but trust me.

We have NO IDEA how awesome and mighty Jesus (Yeshua) is!
The angels know and respect and honor Him. The Hosts of Heaven’s Armies follow Him. Even in human form, the demons feared Him. Imagine how awesome He is now that He is seated at the right hand of the Father!

He is the King of Kings and Lord of Lords!

And you O little man or woman refuse to bend your knee to Him?!!

Correct that thinking. Eternity depends on it.
-6 # Clif High Says BSBnew1971 2021-10-31 18:05
Clif High lays out a very compelling explanation as to why this theory is complete BS.
# Clif HighLeigh Downing 2021-11-01 13:35
I watched this a while back and not sure what I think. It is just a theory as well. I am on the East coast and regardless of if he thinks the Mid-Atlantic Ridge will slow this down or not - I am out of here. He does say it could cause a lot of damage to rivers and waterways with the saltwater flooding the river systems. He does not say there will be no damage, just not as bad as the worst predictions.
+1 # CliffBushDid911 2021-11-01 02:25
Poor cliff can't predict yesterdays breakfast!
I've followed him from the very start of the "web bit project"
You would of got more accurate predictions from opening a fortune cookie once a day and following the advice inside.
Anyone can do it , make a series of predictions , focus on the one or two that happen, ignore the dozens and dozens that don't come to pass, pretend you can predict the future and CASH In !
The internet is fool of people desperate to be separated from their hard earned money .
+7 # HTmizzy777 2021-10-31 17:44
Be safe HT!
+5 # What will be the signSmiley1984*! 2021-10-31 17:39
How will we know if it has slipped if the government does not say?

My guess is reports will stop coming in about quakes in that area and loss of video.

Have you, or anyone else, any other way of knowing they are willing to share with us?
+1 # How will we know ... ?FollowTheeMoreNearly 2021-11-01 02:02
# Update 8:47 — Maveric 2021-10-31 22:47: I have three Spanish sites up all of the time:
a live feed, the IGN feed, click terremoto; and newsnow. If they go offline, we will conclude we need to flee (unless it happens at 1:00 AM while we're sleeping) and it's too late.
+3 # RE: What will be the signJFY 2021-10-31 20:20
As you state, my guess is that the moment you lose the live feed it will be THE moment to get out of dodge ASAP.

If the live feeds have withstood earthquakes, downed power lines, poison gasses and anything else the volcano has thrown at them, you can bet your bottom dollar that if they go down, something downright apocalyptic has happened there.

Several others here have mentioned that they always have a live feed of the volcano going in the background precisely for this event.
+11 # God bless you, Hal.Heather Adkins 2021-10-31 17:34
For attempting to warn the people of this possible catastrophe.
+8 # If we lived on East Coastjimginny 2021-10-31 17:17
we would have arranged for family living in land to be ready for us to show up, send some money for them to stock up on enough food to feed us for a couple months or longer ... ec.
+12 # Stay safeKdasl 2021-10-31 17:06
all of you....


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