Massive Explosion of Fuel Storage Terminal, Jakarta, Indonesia

There has been a massive explosion of the Pertamina Corporation fuel storage facility in Jakarta, Indonesia.  A gigantic fire is now raging out of control. Video below . . .




# Morons Playing W MatchesForrest Mosby 2023-03-05 10:04
Never ends well….jme
+4 # RE: Massive Explosion of Fuel Storage Terminal, Jakarta, 2023-03-03 20:36
Local news reports 50 injured, 17 fatalities so far. Located near residential sites that have been damaged by the explosion.

The fuel station has a capacity of over 300,000 kilo-litres, according to the country's energy ministry.
+3 # RE: Massive Explosion of Fuel Storage Terminal, Jakarta, Indonesianjc 2023-03-04 08:33
So that's 1.9 million barrels of oil.
+15 # Just like the 3 that blew up in US MExicoJamestannon 2023-03-03 20:27
Three just blew up one in Mexico two in the US.

This, like the train derailments (multiple toxic ones not just East Palestine, food plants being lit up, toxic trucks accidents, and lately cyber warfare. (You'll find a combination of surprising glitches and com failures, etc. shortly ...if you haven't already noticed them)

This is grey terror. Softening up your psych for the main glorious show.

Soon they'll admit the damage the covid vaccine ACTUALLY does. They'll explain how it is permanent or causes immune suppression or something. They've already admitted the masks and lockdowns were as useless as the shot at stopping the spread of the disease. How well do you think people will react when they learn X% of them got Vaids? Or that those fibrin clots aren't stoppable.

That will only be the start though. THe grand finale starts after the currency blows to shit and the roof Koreans make their comeback:

Can you imagine how panicked the walmartians are going to be when (after all this softening of their minds) one city gets nuked and we're told to surrender by the Chino-Russia alliance?...and when we don't 3 days later another major city gets vaporized along with a VERY VERY small town....just to show no one is safe.

Those that aren't madly stuck in traffic trying to escape the cities will be shell shocked glued to the TV.

...and then when everyone is watching the news (or listening in the car stuck in those ridiculously long parking lots)) Biden plays a sappy prerecorded We must not let Russia take us. All we have left is atomic hope. He does a full launch and BOTH sides allow the minuteman missiles to fly, filmed in glorious 4k to let the masses know FULL Nukewar is being played. To shatter their corrupt minds. To dash their prayers.

....and of course, the Russians and Chinese play their part. Neither launch the emps they let it all stream live from offshore. (Can't lose the viewers now).

Burning in the images of billions of dead in India, China, Russia and the combined commonwealth. 24/7 coverage...the weeping babies all alone in the ashes, the drone flights over New York, Washington, Moscow, Toronto, and on and on. Refugees, starvation, open sores. It writes itself.

The people will be too shocked to stop feeding the death into their minds and souls.

Then comes a man who does stop it all. He shames the nationalist and flag wavers for the destruction their imaginary lines in the sand brought. He asks "Did your prayers prevent this? Where was God in your moment of need? No, we must rely on ourselves...rely on me....I have a plan.....blah blah blah I'll guide you...blah blah blah the solution is simple. Give me all your rights and be a slave."

"And so ends the tale of the human race. They live without living in their own decaying place."

Ok. Why are you still reading this! Quick have some butterscotch icecream or something delicious. Use the good dishes tonight and TRY to get some fat on your waist. Enjoy it as it's a fire sale out there and fat is truly a survival muscle. Time is looking short. Enjoy SOME of what is left while it is still here, don't waste ALL your time prepping.
# Good read,oldschool 2023-03-04 16:23
I'm going to have some ice cream.
-1 # The Aliens Will Not Allow Thatmonkeybreath 2023-03-03 22:28
This planet does not belong to us. We are just “guests”. The planet belongs to the extra-dimensional aliens.
+1 # WeDee Linn 2023-03-03 22:50
Are fast fields of alien food. Each continent (race) for a different palate. We have been "grown/prepped as food, it's now time for the harvest. (oh, sorry , I've been brainwashed by watching to many hellywood alien movies) carry on !
# RE: WeForrest Mosby 2023-03-05 10:06
Quoting Dee Linn:
Are fast fields of alien food. Each continent (race) for a different palate. We have been "grown/prepped as food, it's now time for the harvest. (oh, sorry , I've been brainwashed by watching to many hellywood alien movies) carry on !

Missing 411 series by David Paulides…People being harvested in National Parks everywhere…
-1 # TO SERVE MANWilliam 2023-03-04 10:47
Too much Twilight Zone for you,,,hahahaha
+6 # RE: Massive Explosion of Fuel Storage Terminal, Jakarta, 2023-03-03 20:25

Is Indonesia processing Russian oil?

And/or supplying oil/gas to China?

Perhaps America-Babylon, "the hammer of the whole earth," strikes again?
+8 # RE: Massive Explosion of Fuel Storage Terminal, Jakarta, IndonesiaBr549 2023-03-03 20:15
As Glenn Beck used to say....
Just another isolated incident!
+1 # earth quakesrugerwild 2023-03-03 19:45
many strong earth quakes in that part of the world shit metal from china shit valves from china no building codes shit part of the world
-1 # Oh Come on folks it was only an accident?acturner067 2023-03-03 19:40
You know it's not safe to light a lighter for light around gasoline. So why are all those petrol facilities blowing up so often? So you will go out and buy a Tesla EV? Man, I just realize I am starting to get hungry.
+21 # #coincident ?Tim421 2023-03-03 19:08
Does anybody remember this happening constantly ? It seems everywhere mysterious explosions are happening to fuel plants, food processing centers, transportation centers. Is this being done by coordination or just an amazing set of random actions.
+7 # Exactly... TimFlyfisher01 2023-03-04 00:28
where is the security at all these places? no cameras?
geez how is it possible for these huge
manufacturing plants, food processors etc not have any people in the building, no night shifts? no repair people, no janitors, - NO WITNESSES .. this is pretty much impossible.

hahaha they could even install a few 'RING' doorbell cameras , be something at least.

instead, we are only shown the aftermath.
i cant believe there isnt any type of security at any of these places. ok maybe one or two wont have, but all of them? we never seen camera footage of the break in, only the results.

this pretty much proves its "them" , because if they were iranians or russians, CNN would run the camera footage in a constant loop though out the day.

its a controlled takedown of the USA , and the military has been cuckolded.
+4 # OnlyDee Linn 2023-03-03 22:39
when there is a World War going on ! WW3 will consist of ,among other things,covert guerrilla actions that to the public and their ignorant media will believe " it's just a coincidence! But in reality will just be the start of another battle or to destroy additional infrastructure.
+12 # More drone attacksflintstones65 2023-03-03 18:50
Most of these things are probably drone attacks IMHO, food, fuel electric to be damaged for old Klaus Anal Swab and his buddies.


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