Massive Numbers of Military-Age Chinese Men Lining Up in Panama to ILLEGALLY Cross into USA

Massive Numbers of Military-Age Chinese Men Lining Up in Panama to ILLEGALLY Cross into USA

Massive Lines Of Military Aged Men From China Are Lining Up In Panama Headed For The United States open southern border! This is an Invasion that the President is NOT Stopping!  Look at the one minute video below . . .

Here is what is taking place right now in Panama, heading to the USA unabated:

Now, pretty much EVERY American knows that relations between the USA and China are not good anymore.  There is very candid talk that China is going to "re-unify" with Taiwan, and that may happen by force. . . war.

The US has publicly (and foolishly) stated it will "Defend" Taiwan.  Quite a goal given that Taiwan is 8000 miles from the USA but only 90 miles from mainland China.

Just how does the US think it will supply a logistics train for wartime operations which has any hope of overcoming mainland China's ability to supply Chinese troops?

Yet pledge to defend  Taiwan, the US has . . . 

So here we are, with talk of war and lo and behold, thousands of MILITARY-AGE CHINESE MEN are moving to cross into the USA illegally.

Is there any doubt in your mind that these men are part of the People's Liberation Army (PLA) being sent here by their Communist China bosses to attack the USA from within once hostilities break out?

One would have to be a fool to think otherwise.

If they were coming lawfully, they wouldn't be doing this in Panama.   They're coming ILLEGALLY because they want no records of them being in the country! No records of who they are, where they will be staying, or for how long.


Americans with guns need to start thinking to themselves "What if war breaks out and these people actually DO start attacking us from within?  AM I ABLE TO SHOOT A HUMAN BEING TO DEFEND MY COUNTRY?"

Few normal people in any country, have had to contemplate shooting another human being.  Even fewer have ever had to do it.   It's a big deal to do that.  On an emotional and intellectual level, killing another human being is a tremendously big deal.  It takes a considerable amount of thinking -- in advance -- to figure out if YOU are capable of actually doing that.

If you are, in a combat/fight/life-threatening situation, fine.   

If you're "not sure" then you'd better think long and hard, NOW, before any confrontation occurs.  Because if you're not sure . . . and, God Forbid, war comes . . . then YOU will get killed BY THEM in the moments you hesitate to shoot them.

None of us want war.  I certainly don't.  Especially not here, inside my own country.  But it sure looks as though that is exactly what's coming.



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