Massive Russian Missile Strikes Against Ukraine!

Massive Russian Missile Strikes Against Ukraine!

Wednesday evening here on the east coast of the United States, word began coming in at about 8:30 PM EST that an utterly massive missile attack by Russia had begun hitting Ukraine. All reports are now confirmed.  Russia appears to have launched the largest missile attack to date since hostilities began a year ago.

It began with Air Raid alerts in much of central Ukraine, as seen in the alert map below:

Minutes later, confirmation that 6-7 Tu-22M Strategic Bombers reported Airborne over the Sea of Azov.  Air launched cruise missiles became the worry.

It quickly became clear that Russia was using  Shahid drones first to overwhelm the Air Defenses and then cruise missiles would follow.

Word then came in confirming:

- 15 Tu-95 Strategic Bombers Airborne

- 6-7 Tu-22 Strategic Bombers Airborne

- At least 3 Russian Missile Carriers in the Black Sea - Multiple Shahed-136 Drone launches

Within minutes Air Raid Sirens began sounding over all of Ukraine.

Here is how the reports came in -- while I was on the air broadcasting . . . .

Dnipro. Unmanned aerial vehicle of the Shahed type. Air Defenses Activated.

Then Cruise Missiles confirmed to have been launched from the Black Sea towards Ukraine.

Explosions are heard in Odessa subscribers report.

Missiles seen moving in the direction of Vinnitsa and Kropivnitsky.

Missile(s) reported over Mykolaiv oblast.

Missiles then seen over the Vinnytsia Region heading towards Western Ukraine, confirmed to be Caliber cruise missile.

Reports of missile(s) heading towards Vinnytsia oblast. Explosions noted in Mykolaiv oblast.

Cruise missiles reported over the Kherson region towards Kiev.

Ukrainian Air Defense along the Black Sea are working hard to Intercept as many Cruise Missiles as they can.

Air defense activity reported in Mykolaiv oblast. Reports of missiles being shot down.


Explosions in Odesa and Mykolaiv regions.

 "Due to the threat of a missile attack in Odessa and the region, emergency electricity shutdowns were introduced"

More explosions in Dnipro and Mykolaiv over the last few moments.

Initial reports of Russian Cruise Missiles fired from the Black Sea spotted over Moldova heading towards Western Ukraine.

Missiles from the Black Sea towards Ukraine.

Air raid sirens sounding in Kyiv and surrounding regions. Reports of Shahed drones airborne in addition to 10x Tu-95 bombers. Missile launches are possible.

Ukrainian jets have taken off in Kyiv. This is usually done to intercept missiles.

Reports of up to 15 Russian Tu-95 strategic bombers possibly carrying air-launched cruise missiles heading to launch points. If confirmed could be largest cruise missile attack of the war.

More missiles now in the direction of Zaporizhia and Vinnytsia.

Repeated explosions, Dnepropetrovsk, Nikolaev regions.

Missile towards Kryvyi Rih reported.

Missile reported in the direction of Cherkasy Oblast, central Ukraine.

Now missiles in the direction of Odeshchyna.

Explosions reported in Zaporozhye.

Missiles now reported over the City of Kryvyi Rih in Southern Central Ukraine.

I went on like this for over an hour.   

At least 6 waves of missile launches hit Ukraine.   Concensus is that tonight was the largest missile strike by Russia against Ukraine since hostilities began.



More waves of Russian missiles hit Ukraine overnight.  Iskander ballistic missiles were reportedly fired from several areas inside Russia, into Ukraine.

Dnipro. Kharkiv. Khmelnytsky. Ivano-Frankivsk. Lviv. Odesa. Poltava. Ternopil. Zaporizhzhia. Zhytomyr. Massive Russian attacks - planes, drones, missiles. Explosions for Four hours long already.



# Any confirmation on this, Hal?MissinD60s 2023-03-12 10:06
+2 # This Is WarGruntpa 2023-03-09 18:00
If this isn't war I, don't know what is. The Western mind set that we've all kind of adopted has been this weird conjunction of not really understanding what war is and kind of when we're in war. The United States and other countries almost think of it as like a light switch that's on or off. We're either at war or we're not instead of this Gray Zone but also this this total misunderstanding of what total war looks like and it's really rich coming from the United States considering that the United States is the only country to actually deploy nuclear weapons ever in in conflict. You ever wonder why the United States bombed Nagasaki and Hiroshima instead of Tokyo or other major cities? It's simple because Tokyo was already flattened. The United States with its firebombing campaign basically totally destroyed Tokyo. There wasn't a city to nuke anymore and so we had to find a relatively intact city to nuke and that's kind of the situation presented here. The situation is so many people act like total war is just impossible that it can't happen. That nobody would ever attack civilians directly and yet in World War II that's exactly what the United States did. We carpet bombed Germany, we carpet bombed Japan, um make that we dropped nukes on Japan.

To think that civilians are going to be kind of out of harm's way, go to Ukraine and tell me if if civilians are safe there. That's not the case right now. While we all have these Geneva Convention thoughts about trying to minimize civilian casualties, it doesn't take too long to look at the history of Vietnam and the bombing campaigns there to see that it goes out the window relatively quickly once conflict starts. So let's talk about these two two things. First off, is I think that our adversaries are much more attuned to the idea that war is a scale. It's a gradient as opposed to a light switch. Americans are kind of like well they better not do anything to us or else we'll flip that switch on to war against them. We see our adversaries like China and Bear Country over there on that scale and they're sliding down the scale up and down and it's driving us nuts because it's like we're not at War. We kind of are and we're not able to kind of grasp what's going on here that there is a major power conflict. You could say that we are already at War. It's just a matter of what kind of war we are in right now.

Our adversary of China has already admitted as much that they said that they're already in war. It's just they're in this Gray Zone Warfare. They are not in open military hostilities. Our ships can pass their ships in the open seas and we won't necessarily shoot at each other but at the same time we are very much in conflict with one another. There is a sense in which only one can prevail and we are doing things to undermine their economy. They're doing things to undermine our economy. They gave us Tick Tock. I don't know how we could do anything quite worse to them than that. You know a ridiculous amount of our youth are just best spending their time scrolling through Tick Tock videos learning zero and doing zero. I know that's how everyone used to think about all sorts of technologies that have come down the pike but now I'm old and now I can bemoan the new technology that's come out. You have to understand there's this conflict that's happening and then there's this idea in American mindset that that we can do anything we want to everyone else. We can blow up pipelines around the ocean. We can attack other other countries assets. We can sell, and I what I mean by sell, we can give military aid to a country that's in open conflict with another and then claim we're not actually involved in the war. Even though retired soldiers from our country are over there. Even though Black Ops teams are over there. Even though uniformed soldiers are over there training them on equipment and other things like that, acting as advisors and CIA people are literally in the command centers giving them targeting information on what units to attack.

They've already said that basically they don't fire the High Mar system unless they're firing at a target that the United States has given them the coordinates for. Think about that and yet we want to stand back and be like ah we're not at war, we're not involved in this kind of thing and when they do anything towards us, suddenly it's the end of the world. There's this we can do anything to anyone at any time however we feel like but if anyone does anything to us, oh that's just beyond the pale. This just shows the kind of the situation we're living in right now where the United States is so used to being the one dominant world power and that we don't tolerate it from anyone else. Like I said if this situation that we're in right now, if what's happening in the world right now isn't World War, I don't know what is. Now I understand where in the beginning opening stages of that but the inevitability of what's happening here is is the United States going to back down in Eastern Europe? No. We just had President Biden who just basically said that under no circumstances will ever there, will be victory in Eastern Europe for Bear Country. They can't win. We won't let them win. Okay, well what if they start winning. Well we're not going to let them win. Kind of sounds like you're involved in the war. For example, I mean Germany came out and said we're fighting a war in Eastern Europe.
Soon after that on the floor of the European Union Parliamentary Union, I forget it was either one of their chief politicians or one of their defense ministers said something along the line like “EEK! You're just saying it out loud now aren't you”. And is it any wonder that the Bear Country is treating Europe increasingly more and more as a party to the war? That's happening now. They don't want to openly admit it because maybe they can militarily take the rest of Europe. Maybe not, but then again they are kind of fighting all of Europe. Anyway everyone's sending all of their tanks there. It doesn’t matter whether it's a Frenchman in the tank or whether it's a French crew repairing the tank and training the Eastern European crew member to members to drive the tank and fire the tank. It's kind of a moot point in some in some regards that in a very real way that Bear Country is basically fighting Europe right now. Does Europe have the wherewithal to help the United States defend Taiwan against an incursion there? Europe's kind of tapped out there and all of their resources are already committed. So the United States will have to go it alone and of course the United States has already committed quite a bit of resources to Eastern Europe.

The war has begun and it's going to shape all of our lives in ways we can't even comprehend all we can do is look back to World War II and try to get some kind of idea of what it's like and remember World War II. Everyone was out doing scrap metal drives. They were doing rubber drives everyone's giving up the tires on their vehicles so that military vehicles could have tires. They were doing all sorts of things. They were making major sacrifices everyone had their war gardens called Victory Gardens because they were being rationed on their food. People were getting rations of sugar, rations of flour. They were not being able to just buy whatever they wanted to buy and if you think that is going to be different this time around. Believe me it's going to be so much easier to enforce the rationing system because all the computers, all the cameras, all of the sophisticated built up networks of everything. They're going to make sure that you're not getting any more than you ought to. You're only going to get your fair share so stocking up now is kind of a no-brainer. If everyone's not doing that I don't know what you're thinking. War is not just coming it is already here for us and you need to be thinking through that what are the implications of that. What's it going to look like and trying to do your best to be prepared so that your way of life is impacted as little as possible.

Or maybe some of the ways of life that you have need to change. Maybe you need to take up gardening more aggressively. Maybe you need to take up other practices that you've been putting off. Maybe adapting now to some of the realities that you're going to have to adapt to later is the way to go
# Well saidSherrBerr 2023-03-11 17:40
Couldn't have said it better.
# GrindTerraHertz 2023-03-09 17:18
Russia: "We will grind the Ukraine army to dust, while minimizing the area of Ukraine that is destroyed."

NATO: We're getting into Ukraine."

Russia: "We will grind the NATO army to dust, while minimizing the area of Ukraine that is destroyed."
+1 # About TimeForrest Mosby 2023-03-09 14:28
For the Russian Armored Fist to roll on over and end this…
-4 # THANK YOU IRANPaul Kurzlee 2023-03-09 11:01
First off. A Big HUGE THANK YOU to Iran the greatest nation on earth for the contributions of the Shahed type drones. These are working very well for not only killing lots more ukraine ASSWIPES but also the fact the drones are driving gringo crazy. Looks as though these drones were not anticipated by the nato/nazi pieces of shit that are getting blown up by them. Again a BIG THANK YOU to Iran for helping Russia crush these SCUM that are manning the trenches and ALL getting wiped out. Upwards of 50 THOUSAND More dead shit useless stupid fukkurs from ukraine and MORE from nato (although they still REFUSE to give us a body count of the dead shit piles of these SCUM.)
Just seems strange how Russia continues to keep hitting ukraine with so much missles when nothing is being fired at the leadership of this horse shit. Maybe the nazis will try retaliating this time and FINALLY piss the Russins off so much they WILL attack some of the SCUM running this horse shit here in gringoland or else down in limeyvile where it is actually coming from. It will be so funny IF they ever bother to step up and DO SOMETHING usefull to these baz-TURDS. What good did this bombardment do strategically anyways? Soon Russia will run out of targets to hit in ukraine. Then they could start hitting gringo for a change. This is really what is needed. It will be so FUNNY when gringostain gets hit.
FINALLY some day.
# RE: Massive Russian Missile Strikes Against Ukraine!selah 2023-03-09 10:50
Well I hope they finally took out all the railroads coming into ukraine
+2 # WWIIIVercinge 2023-03-09 10:00
The most terrible aspect is that Russians have finally understood what kind of scoundrels (USA/NATO/EU) they are dealing with, of which they have logically and definitively lost all trust.
Russian military industry (ruled by Dmitry Medvedev!) works at full capacity 24/7, while the mad West will soon be forced to resort to stones and baseball bats.

The main responsibility for this yet another massacre of innocent Ukrainians (and in lower measure of Russians, of course) lies as always with Zionist America, which must prepare itself because after Ukraine it will be its turn.

Dozens of Russian submarines are already positioned along the East and West coasts of the United States, which as a warning, emerge to make see themselves and disappear into thin air.

PENTAGON sounds the ALARM┃Dozens of Russian Submarines Surrounded the U.S.

Unfortunately, the moment of final reckoning is approaching for the rotten West, guilty prisoner of Zionist money, blinded by its presumption and now forced to continue in its mad rush towards suicide. The most gruesome aspect is that countless and unprepared souls will go from the horror of nuclear hell to horror of eternal one, without even realizing what happened.

Description of Hell given by Jesus to Maria Valtorta (January 15, 1944)
# US B52s 10km from Ukrainian BorderDb 2023-03-09 09:21
I’ve just come across this info stating two US B52 bombers doing figure 8s around 10km from Ukraine….
-2 # RE: US B52s 10km from Ukrainian BorderPaul Kurzlee 2023-03-09 11:04
Quoting Db:
I’ve just come across this info stating two US B52 bombers doing figure 8s around 10km from Ukraine….

+1 # B52s...sully 2023-03-09 09:43
Yep - looks like they were operating out of Spain... Callsign 00000000 on ADS-B...
+1 # Reports are this missile strike was historic..Lexie 2023-03-09 09:20
Well the Russians did strike Kiev just not enough in my opinion. Perhaps they are saving Kiev to last. I wish for every missile to strike Zelensky's head but no, while he parties and accepts awards, his country and its people suffer for his stinking decisions. Last night the skies over here were quite heavy/busy with military aircraft. So lord knows what they are doing but its getting worse.
+2 # RE: Massive Russian Missile Strikes Against Ukraine!RAFO 2023-03-09 09:16
Missiles are good, but every commander knows a war must be won on the ground… house to house. Where’s the Russian military follow-up to these attacks? Have they sent troops in to consolidate gains? If not, the Nazis will eventually recover and it was all just an expensive fireworks display.
-5 # RE: Massive Russian Missile Strikes Against Ukraine!Paul Kurzlee 2023-03-09 11:07
Quoting RAFO:
Missiles are good, but every commander knows a war must be won on the ground… house to house. Where’s the Russian military follow-up to these attacks? Have they sent troops in to consolidate gains? If not, the Nazis will eventually recover and it was all just an expensive fireworks display.

The stupid Russians REFUSE to hit the leadership located *off shore* from ukraine.
Stoooopid fukurs they are.
+3 # All in good timerainmakerman 2023-03-09 10:37
Russian war doctrine is not the same as western shock and awe. Its a slow grind. They have the manpower but are not willing to sacrifice the losses of their ground forces unnecessarily. They will just wait. Their economic situation is benefiting, while in the west, not so much. Time is on their side.
# I thought I would wake up too.Chappyusa1 2023-03-09 09:08
I thought this was first step of Russia Invasion. I am wondering what are the waiting for?
+2 # Those Ole BoysForrest Mosby 2023-03-09 08:48
Just won’t quit….gotta wonder who will blink first?
+7 # KievHOOVER 2023-03-09 08:21
90% needs to be directed at Kiev. Relentless attacks on housing, meeting rooms and government offices. Relentless. Never stopping until Mr Z crys out for surrender and nail him and keep right on going till theres NOTHING left of Kiev.
+1 # KievE O Daigle 2023-03-09 09:43
Agree 100% why is Russia by passing Kiev. It seems if Kiev is hit hard enough it will trigger one of two things, surrender or NATO goes in full force and we have WWIII.
# RE: KievEddamnit 2023-03-09 13:26
It should be obvious by now that Russia, NATO and Zelensky are working together to exterminate the people of Ukraine and recycle the nation as a whole.
+1 # KievLexie 2023-03-09 09:36
Reportedly this strike was retaliation for Bryansk attack. Russia is satisfied as it took out drone launch sites in Ukraine, further destroyed infrastructure like energy supplies and military installations. (WarMonitor, twitter)
+3 # RE: KievMSNews 2023-03-09 09:09
Massive missile strick was not enough because there are still ukraps alive on the new Russian territory.

Flatten Kiev NOW.
+3 # Hit em in Kievbrucetheobald 2023-03-09 08:56
I agree. 90% of the effort should be directed at Kiev. Until Zelinsky is taken out, nothing will change. If you want to kill a snake, you have to cut it off at the head.
+3 # The attack.....Doug Brown 2023-03-09 08:15
The attack neatly coincided with Hal's
Wednesday two-hour marathon.
The news media and Zelinski himself want
you to feel pity and sorrow at the bombing
and its destruction; as Biden was honoring
pro-nazi hooligans In a White House
Its an old phrase "you can't make this stuff up."
+3 # WarMedicinescout 2023-03-09 07:56
So did Russia finally declare war against Ukraine?
+4 # secure PalestineBilboFraggins 2023-03-09 07:44
too bad it wasn't towards israel
+7 # B-52ssully 2023-03-09 07:43
Meanwhile we've got B-52s up over Romania... These globalist turds just keep pokin' the bear...
# RE: Massive Russian Missile Strikes Against Ukraine!1...2...3...and 4 2023-03-09 05:23
picture link pending
+1 # RE: Massive Russian Missile Strikes Against Ukraine!1...2...3...and 4 2023-03-09 05:17
did you all see the biden rubber masks on their doubles?
# Zelensky1...2...3...and 4 2023-03-09 05:14
what do the ukes say about their leader?
+4 # "Ukraine" 2023-03-09 04:20
Fought with "Such Bravery and Honor." Sorta "Makes You Proud."

One Ukrainian "Picked Up A Rock Throwing Hard Brought Down A Cruise Missile." Another "Shouted We Shall Never Surrender."

President Zelensky stated with pride "Ukraine Has Gardened Another Major Victory Causing Russia To Expel Their Last Cruise Missile."

The United States Taxpayers' Monies Flowing on a U.S. Congressional Unlimited Basis, "Now Understand Why American Treasury Was Sent To Ukraine" with a "Resounding Cry America Shall Go Financially Belly Up To Keep Supplying Cash To The Ukrainian Leadership To Disperse from the Famed President Zelensky 35 Million Dollar Florida Mansion."

Zelensky Plans to host "A Top Secret Party in His Florida Mansion for Special Guests Using American Money Rewarding Special U.S. Leadership" saying in a Big Way "Thanks."
+14 # Nope, Don't Believe ThisRychemaster 2023-03-09 01:01
This is obviously just propaganda as the US/NATO/ EU have told us several times that Russia has run out of missiles and they don't have any washing machines left to take the chips from to build new ones.
+24 # Just my 2 cents…Maveric 2023-03-09 00:49
Russia has news of a coming chemical attack to be blamed on them. By launching tonight they have just shown the world they have no need to use chemical weapons. If the west tries its false flag now, it would be pointless.

Pieces on a chess board and Putin knows what he’s doing, while the west is still trying to figure out what colour they are..
+10 # RE: Just my 2 cents…Gunner 2023-03-09 01:00
And what sex these mental midgets are and don't forget what damn toilet to use. Mental illness so out of control.
# RE: Just my 2 cents… 2023-03-09 09:50
Too bad we live in a [woke =no joke ] society.
A good comic could build an entire stand up monologue off the chess game theme here.
I’m ROFLMAO just riffing a few jokes myself. = )
+11 # RE: Massive Russian Missile Strikes Against Ukraine!ebelfer52 2023-03-09 00:19
Russia can't count on winning with airstrikes. Likely softening up to prep for more ground work. Its apparent Putin isnt taking the bait to use nukes so the west will have to start something on their own. Russia has time for use to run out of weapons. We don't
+5 # still feelNZ KIWI 2023-03-09 01:42
the gold backed BRICS IS MIGHTIER THAN THE SWORD . and if that doesnt work cut a couple of cables between NYC AND LONDON and watch what happens ???????
# cut a couple cablesbogwon 2023-03-09 14:17
I remember a british admiral coming out several months before they blew up the nord stream pipelines and warned russia that if they cut the atlantic undersea cables the west would consider it an act of war.After the nord stream bombing i felt that the russians would cut these cables but they havent so ive asked myself why.The only thing that i can come up with is that the russians know that the west in on the verge of financial collapse and that they arent going to take the bait.For when the collapse happens the people of the west will turn against those responsible after all their savings, pensions,ss and government hand outs disappear the shelves turn empty and then everyone goes bat shit crazy. the russians wont have to lift a finger to payback the west. hope im wrong but this dosent seem that far fetched.
+4 # Jus' thinkin' ....blackouts were great during the ww2 ..... but now with GPSNHydg 2023-03-09 00:15
Is blacking out a city during a MODERN missile strike just for "COMFORT" ......... IN earlier wars without GPS it was most assuredly the thing to do to camouflage the ground ..........
+4 # Kill the power..Marlena 2023-03-09 01:03
Probably preventing secondary damage from spikes, shorts and fires as connected equipment is damaged.
+28 # Lord have mercyCHUCK 2023-03-09 00:08
Let's not forget the ordinary people are stuck in this hellhole just like we are going to be when Russia/China/N.Korea etc attack the U.S.
-9 # Thank goodness!Coylesm86 2023-03-08 23:59
Finally! A little WW3 excitement. I know you should be careful what you wish for, but damn, ww3 news has been nothing but bahkmut and balloons for months. Hard to keep my family interested.
# RE: Thank goodness!MiketheArabSkywatcher 2023-03-09 02:58
You foolish American kunt

The fact you even typed that out confirms you are a loser
# Wonder the responseDoug Brown 2023-03-09 08:22
Wonder the response if the American
Embassy In Kiev was leveled?
Wonder the response if Zelenski was
-1 # RE: Wonder the responsePaul Kurzlee 2023-03-09 11:15
Quoting Doug Brown:
Wonder the response if the American
Embassy In Kiev was leveled?
Wonder the response if Zelenski was

Nah the Russians are still to chickenshit to do anything concrete like that. Just too scared a gringo still. Wish I was in control there.
+1 # Exactly whyALsPAL 2023-03-09 11:57
Its a great thing in the past that psychopaths such as your self haven't gotten to the levers of power. Although, one has to wonder about the mental state of our power structure these days. Reprobate minds don't seem to be in short supply.

Quoting Paul Kurzlee:
Quoting Doug Brown:
Wonder the response if the American
Embassy In Kiev was leveled?
Wonder the response if Zelenski was

Nah the Russians are still to chickenshit to do anything concrete like that. Just too scared a gringo still. Wish I was in control there.
+2 # RE: Massive Russian Missile Strikes Against Ukraine!Linda Seikkula 2023-03-08 23:42
Well it's all been a game for year's. Dancing on the World stage.


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