Middle East exploding in escalations

Political talk from the Middle East is escalating out of control in the Israel-Hamas conflict.

 The ongoing war" between Hamas and Israel is causing all sorts of collateral trouble around the world. None if it is getting better; all of it is getting worse.

This morning, President Recypt Erdogan of Turkiye' said publicly "Hamas is not a terrorist organization. It is a group of mujahideen fighting to protect their lands."

In a speech to the Turk Parliament, Erdogan made clear his positions:

He talked about the indiscriminate bombing of Gaza and then said "Israel will not achieve anything by raining bombs on children' irrespective of 'whether the US is behind you or not'" and pointed out "O Israel, this West owes you a lot, but Turkey does not!"

Then, shockingly, Erdogan said "We will do everything against Israel, diplomatically and militarily if necessary." He then canceled energy deals between Turkiye' and Israel, and also canceled a scheduled trip to Israel.

Ominously, Erdogan also said "When the powers that they rely on today, are gone tomorrow, the first place that the Israeli people will look for trust and mercy will be Turkey, just like 500 years ago."

He finished by offering a sort of Olive Branch by saying "We are ready to be one of the guarantors of the Palestinian side with our humanitarian, political and military presence. We invite countries with the will to evaluate our offer."

(Hal Turner Remark: I spoke this morning to several of my former colleagues from my years working with the FBI Joint Terrorism Task Force and more than one told me "Don't you see, it's just a matter of time before every single Muslim nation sides against Israel, Erdogan's speech is a signal, the global war is about to begin.")

Elsewhere, referring to the 2.3 Million people in the Gaza Strip, the Prime Minister of Qatar said publicly today "Cutting water, electricity, food, and medicine from civilians is 'unacceptable.'"

Libya officially EJECTED the Ambassadors from the US, UK, Italy, and France . Libya accused these countries of supporting the Israeli genocide of Palestinians in Gaza.

Libya also called for a halt to oil and gas exports to countries that support Israel.

In Yemen, the leader of Yemen's Ansarullah movement announced Yemen is ready to mobilize hundreds of thousands of people to fight alongside Palestinians.

Jordan's King Abdullah today told French President Emmanuel Macron that ending the war in Gaza was an urgent necessity and warned that there could otherwise be an "explosion" in the region.

At the United Nations in New York, even the Secretary General spoke against what Israel is doing, saying "Even in war, there are rules."

Earlier this month, Speaking at a UN general debate on the Middle East in New York, Guterres created fury when he said: "It is important to … recognize the attacks by Hamas did not happen in a vacuum. The Palestinian people have been subjected to 56 years of suffocating occupation."

In response to those remarks, Israel announced today it is banning United Nations representatives from visiting the country "to teach them a lesson."

Iran's Ayatollah Khamenei publicly said this morning "The Zionist regime has suffered a decisive blow. It has been wounded and is crippled. The West is struggling to keep it on its feet using weapons and bombs." He added "Palestine will definitely be victorious." 

Khamenei went on to say "The Zionist regime is taking revenge on defenseless Palestinian people, children, and women because it was incapable of confronting the Muslim fighters, and it will also be incapable in the future." He added "The United States is complicit in the attacks on women and children."

With the US re-deploying the USS Dwight D. Eisenhower aircraft carrier and its Strike Group toward the Persian Gulf, Iran is deploying missile and drone units of the army and the Revolutionary Guards on the shores of the Persian Gulf and the Sea of Oman.

Ali Fadavi, IRGC deputy commander-in-chief made a remark publicly this morning which has caught the attention of American military planners.   

 He said "We have technologies in the military field that no one knows about, and the Americans will know about them when we use them."

On Tuesday, a news agency close to Iran's IRGC said Hezbollah’s involvement in a war with Israel was now “likely,” and could use precision-guided missiles with a range capable of striking all of Israel.


 For its part, like clockwork, the Israeli Air Force is hitting the runway of Aleppo Airport in Syria, shutting down what they say is the key Iranian-Syrian delivery link. Syrian media is confirming this additional Israeli airstrike against the Aleppo airport. It marks the third time the airport has been hit in recent weeks.


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German special forces are gathering in Cyprus and preparing for possible military evacuation operations, according to Major General Dirk Faust, the commander of the Joint Task Force.

Hal Turner Analysis
Things are going out of control. Everyone is loosing control of the situation. This is the most dangerous moment of the modern era.

World leaders all flocking to their designated teams, making bold, brash statements and flexing their muscles.

I can't see this going away at this point.

Everyone is getting involved now.

Israel is quickly making and becoming surrounded by enemies whether justified or not.

The WW3 chess pieces are rapidly maneuvering into place now.

Israel cannot sustain a long drawn out war from multiple fronts once it really kicks off.

The only solution to save Israel will be multiple nuclear strikes in multiple Islamic countries.

Sorry to say this so bluntly but this is a fucked up scenario.

It's quickly trending to a Nuclear Armageddon in the Northern Hemisphere.

Plus, we have a 5000 ton elephant in the room here inside the USA; There’s a huge 5th Column in terms of all these fighting age male illegals they imported in.



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