Mobile Nuclear Missile Launchers Moved to Finland Border

Mobile Nuclear Missile Launchers Moved to Finland Border

Upon Finland's entry into NATO, the Russian government promptly began moving nuclear missiles on launcher trucks to the Russian border with Finland, near Vyborg, Russia.  Video, below, shows the arrival of the nuclear launcher trucks and missiles.

The scalable map below shows the location of Vyborg Russia in relation to Finland, so readers can gauge just how close to the new NATO Member, missiles have now been placed:

And here is video, taken yesterday in Vyborg, Russia, showing the arrival of the massive, and deadly, nuclear missiles:

Hal Turner Opinion:  Somehow, I get the feeling that Finland was a LOT safer and in far less danger WITHOUT being a NATO member.   Now, it seems to me, Finland has placed itself into Russia's nuclear crosshairs.  Pity.  Bad decision to join NATO.



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