Moderna COVID-19 Vax Ingredients Insert "BLANK"

Moderna COVID-19 Vax Ingredients Insert "BLANK"

A Nurse has forwarded to me photos of a Moderna COVID-19 "vaccine" box along with the medical information insert that accompanies ALL Medications.  The Moderna insert is "Intentionally Left Blank."

The Nurse relates that she has "never seen anything like this in her life:"



Here are the images she took directly from the Moderna Vaccine Box:

Focusing on the Vaccine Medical Information Insert, we see the entire thing is blank!

Including the inside:

In fact, BOTH sides of the insert are blank:

Here's a closer look at the box and insert:

So there you have it; people getting this vaccine are getting something that the manufacturer is NOT DISCLOSING what's actually in it!

Would you take a substance by injection when you didn't know what's in it?

Yet hundreds-of-thousands of people are taking this "jab" all over the world.   The old saying "the masses are asses" comes to mind.

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