Monday: Pakistan Moving Main Battle Tanks to India Border

Monday: Pakistan Moving Main Battle Tanks to India Border

Continuing what looks to be a major buildup of troops and armor, Pakistan today is moving main battle tanks to the India Border along the Cholistan Desert.

This location would allow a lightning strike against the CAPITAL CITY of India, New Delhi.

Video of flatbed tractor trailers hauling main battle tanks is emerging and Intel reveals troop movement from western to eastern Pakistan continue in earnest.

Here is one such video of main battle tanks arriving in the Cholistan Desert region today (Monday, February 25):

The positioning of these tanks, at this location, is curious - and worrisome.   The location is NOT where the ongoing troubles exist up north in Kashmir.  Instead, this is the closest geographical area that Pakistan has for launching a tank attack against India's CAPITAL CITY, New Delhi.

A full historical and news layout on the growing danger of full scale war (again) between India and Pakistan, can be read HERE


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