More Confrontations at French Supermarkets as Un-Vax'd KEPT OUT

More Confrontations at French Supermarkets as Un-Vax'd KEPT OUT

France seems to be trying to starve people into submitting to the COVID VAX.  Yesterday, we showed video of Police preventing the un-vaxed from going food shopping.  Today, video of Supermarkets that have hired BOUNCERS to keep the un-vaxed out!


# have you seen this?cowgirl 2021-08-24 02:21
# Applausetslinger 2021-08-23 08:57
Vive le France! Inspiring- how ironic.
# RE: More Confrontations at French Supermarkets as Un-Vax'd KEPT OUTJFY 2021-08-22 17:55
Jim Stone has very important information & pictures about Graphene Oxide on his website today.
# RE: More Confrontations at French Supermarkets as Un-Vax'd KEPT OUTAngelaM 2021-08-22 14:33
Thanks for the report from across the pond. glad to see pushback.
-2 # "Governments Sold Out" 2021-08-22 03:59
+7 # All over the worldBushDid911 2021-08-22 02:03
People are beginning to stand up to their governments .
In France in Australia and Inbetween ,mass protests and violence from police .
I see Nothing from the USA ?
Where are you all ?
What are you doing ?
Watching TV and stuffing your faces with processed foods , boozing and smoking yourself to death , fiddling while Rome burns !
It seems Only Tucker Carlson has ANY balls .
Will you not rally behind someone ?
Can you still stand up ,let alone stand up and be counted ?
Your about to get that " Harris" thing install as your Furer
Can't you see what's happening ?
Tyranny walks openly towards you and you still there doing nothing ??
Do anyone believe the American people would be so easy to take ?
Did anyone every believe the people of America would sit there and allow there country to be stolen from them ?
You could still stop this , it's not to late
Do something some one , for the sake of the rest of us. If nothing else .
As America falls so does the rest
Without you a new dark ages will fall over the western world .
Over powers are rising to fill the void your are leaving .
They do not hold our values .
Is this biblical prophecy coming to pass ?
Has God stepped in and hardened your hearts and dumbed your responses ?
Is this it ? Is this "that time" if so then I rejoice in the coming of my saviour .
It looks Grim from down here though doesn't it ?
# RE: All over the worldAngelaM 2021-08-22 14:34
we r doing somethin dec 18 if interested more details to come. big ritual day!
+9 # RE: All over the worldAzat818 2021-08-22 10:34
It hasn’t gotten that bad here in the USA.....I walk around without a mask....go shopping without one and the vax so far is not mandatory! You europeans and Ausies perhaps due to y’all not being armed with weapons are being bullied in the USA the authorities have to be careful not to cross that line!
+1 # All over...judith L 2021-08-22 11:27
Demonstrations/protests, hardly at all - some places where draconian school boards raise their ugly heads there is some push back, but not really against vaxx or isolation...Yet. But there is an undercurrent of cold anger in the hearts of many of our average citizens. But evil is never satisfied, so, yes, trouble keeps mounting.

Kind of surprised to read that if America falls, so does the rest, after our totally botched pullout of Afghanistan. So much blood on our hands. Not true to our government's word, are we. God forgive us. The rest of the world: pray for us that we get our heads screwed on straight and start taking care of one another.
# Have you neverBushDid911 2021-08-22 12:46
Never heard the saying " when America sneezes,the rest of the world catches a cold" ?
Even today in your much reduced status our economic systems are so linked, the when you collapse under you mountain of stupid debt you have REDICULASLY allowed to build up, you will wipe us all out !
# RE: All over the worldGunner 2021-08-22 10:20
I have honestly been asking this very question for Years now and still nothing - Crickets. These damn lazy pathetic fucks have no idea the price they are going to have to pay, along with their families and friends, etc. All of this craziness in these other countries is coming to the U.S. - I hope you all understand that.
+3 # Such a whiner ......NHydg 2021-08-22 11:58
ALL we here from SOME is whine whine whine about what THEY are NOT doing ......obviously not an American or do not understand REAL Americans .....
What are YOU doing ...... how about some POSITIVE inputs instead of all the whining about what OTHERS seem to be NOT doing . Instead offer some positive notes, possibly some ideas how and what to do .
Sounds like the crickets are all around YOUR fort....the only time WE here them is when your door opens ..................
+2 # RE: Such a whiner ......JFY 2021-08-22 12:33
Quoting Prepper7:
Instead offer some positive notes, possibly some ideas how and what to do .

I've told him that a few times before and he NEVER gives any suggestions.

Maybe his way of getting rid of his personal frustration at HIS inaction is to project it on the rest of us...

I've given suggestions of actions on a local level and he has never commented on them; maybe they're too pacific.

Maybe he's an FBI troll trying to finally goad and/or push someone over the line of suggesting some violent action. Who knows....?
# Very GOOD analogy ....NHydg 2021-08-22 16:54
Looks like I am not the ONLY one annoyed by his crickets ............ I was just about to say the same about his participation in the FBI or CIA ......


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