More Than 500 Infected With Strange New Disease in Senegal

More Than 500 Infected With Strange New Disease in Senegal

More than 500 people have now become infected with an unknown disease in Senegal. They are fishermen and have pimple-like eruptions on their faces, headaches, high fever, dry lips and red eyes.

About 500 fishermen contracted the unknown disease after returning from the sea in Senegal , Ousmane Gueye, the national director of health information and education, told local media on Thursday .

The senior health official assured that the people were admitted and quarantined to receive treatment. "It is a dermatitis associated with an infectious disease. We continue with studies and hope to find out soon what it is," he explained. In addition, he said that the Senegalese Navy will take samples of the water for analysis.

In a report, the country's Health Ministry noted that the fishermen had pimple-like lesions on their faces, limbs and genitals. He added that they also experienced headaches and fever.

The agency specified that the first case was reported on November 12, when a 20-year-old man showed symptoms that included non-generalized vesicular rash, swelling of the face, dry lips and red eyes.


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