NATO Falling Apart? Croatia Says "No Troops" If Russia Conflict over Ukraine; Germany Refusing NATO Flights

The president of Croatia said Tuesday that the country would not be sending troops if tensions between Russia and Ukraine continue to escalate.

President Zoran Milanović, a Social Democrat, said on Tuesday that the country would not be sending troops to the region if tensions continue to simmer.

“Croatia will not send any troops in case of an escalation. On the contrary, it will recall all troops, to the last Croatian soldier,” Milanović said while at a confectionery factory on a visit, according to the news outlet, which cited several media reports. 

Milanović noted that the developments were happening in the “antechamber of Russia,” adding that “one must reach a deal that will take account of the security interests of Russia.

(HT Remark: Holy Crap!  I never imagined that a Social Democrat from anywhere would agree with my position on an issue!  This guy is right.  Look, whether you like Russia or Putin . . . or not . . . you MUST admit that Russia, like everyone else, has "interests."  Right now, those interests are in conflict with OUR interests.  But a massive war is not needed to resolve this conflict.   Good will and reasonable accommodation are what's needed.)

Meanwhile, Germany has repeatedly said it will NOT send weapons to Ukraine and has NOT been allowing any NATO flights which are carrying weapons to Ukraine, to use German air space.)

So there is a very real rupture within NATO right now, and many people are of the belief this is actually a GOOD thing; Because NATO has been completely unreasonable for years as it relates to Russia and it is time for a return to reasonableness.


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