NATO Planning for 3.5 MILLION to Serve if War With Russia Starts

NATO Planning for 3.5 MILLION to Serve if War With Russia Starts

In the event of a direct war with Russia, the NATO military bloc will utilize the 300 thousand troops already on the Border with Russia, in the first month.  "NATO will then "attract" up to 3.5 million troops" according to Admiral Rob Bauer, the head of the military committee of the North Atlantic Alliance, .

Where do they think they're going to get those 3.5 Million troops?   Why, YOU - and your children -- of course!  Ready to go fight and die for the armpit of eastern Europe, Ukraine?

Admiral Bauer noted that NATO's new regional defense plans involve further reinforcement on the borders with Russia in case of a possible confrontation.

“If they attack, we must be ready. So we need more militaries at a high level of readiness, and that's not something that can be done overnight. They will need training, weapons, ammunition, everything else. Therefore, we are talking about 300 thousand military personnel at a high level of readiness. In total, NATO countries, together with Finland and Sweden, have 3.5 million troops,” said Bauer.

Rattling sabers will not help. Sooner or later Russia will complete its plans for its new Northern Military District, and NATO knows about this.

NATO, the clown force defeated by horseback riders from Afghani caves.


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