NATO & Ukraine Agree: Navy Vessels to be sent to Azov Sea - Russia said "No"

NATO & Ukraine Agree: Navy Vessels to be sent to Azov Sea - Russia said "No"

Intelligence sources have confirmed to me directly that internally, Ukraine and NATO have agreed to order a Naval flotilla to attempt to enter the Sea of Azov AGAINST RUSSIAN REGULATIONS - and try to dock at Mariupol, Ukraine.

Russia has explicitly stated that the Sea of Azov is OFF-LIMITS to NATO vessels.

This decision may result in naval warfare in the Black Sea between Russia and NATO naval forces if Russia declines to allow those vessels through its Kerch strait.

For its part, Russia allows commercial vessels to transit the Kerch Strait in order to make pick ups and deliveries to Ukraine at the ports of Mariupol and elsewhere, provided they notify Russian Coast Guard in advance, citing the name and registry of the ship, the cargo it is carrying and where it is heading. 

Ukraine finds these requirements insulting and, a little over two months ago, tried sending naval vessels through without the paperwork.

That resulted in a gun battle between the Ukraine vessels and the Russian Coast Guard.  Russia won.  The Ukraine vessels were impounded and towed to Kerch; their crews arrested and jailed for 60 days on charges of unauthorized entry into Russian territory.

Now, Intelligence sources tell me, "the gloves are coming off with Russia . . ."


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  • This commment is unpublished.
    Trucker · 11 months ago
    Average depth 23 feet
    Deepest is 46 feet. Russia excelles at shallow depth warships like the Buyan-M corvette. US Navy has no corvettes, smallest ship is a frigate with a huge sonar dome in the bow
    Russia does not have to lay mines, just big rocks
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    Matthew Barninger · 11 months ago
    Ty Hal. Working great
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    TL Spurlen · 11 months ago
    I finally got logged in too
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    Charles g Hawley · 11 months ago
    Thank you Hal, finally got logged in, changed password like you said whee!!! Chip from Tennessee
  • This commment is unpublished.
    Maria Kneas · 11 months ago
    Do they want war? Obviously no sane person would want war. However, the elites may want war. Their motto is "order out of chaos." So they create chaos in order to be able to radically change societies and nations. This can be a devilishly effective form of social engineering.
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    Sue Ellen Dickinson · 11 months ago
    Thanks a million, Hal! I'm logged in now......appreciate your help
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    · 11 months ago
    Thanks Hal I was able to login I am very thankful
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    Gifford Rodine · 11 months ago
    I was able to login. No problem.
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      Gifford Rodine · 11 months ago
      And then I left this message!
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    Carl Goldsworthy · 11 months ago
    I hear Russia is sending warships to sail onto the Great Lakes.
  • This commment is unpublished.
    Really · 11 months ago
    Why would NATO think to provoke Russia? Do they really think they would survive?
  • This commment is unpublished.
    Mr Bray · 11 months ago
    'Operation Odessan Viking', aka 'Exercise Viking Trident' was leaked by a Blogger in Ukraine back in December 2018. Basically he talked about a joint NATO / Ukrainian plan to deploy light shallow draft (but heavily armed) litteral / river patrol type combat boats in the Sea of Azov by, get this - transporting them OVERLAND to Ukrainain facilities in the Sea of Azov!

    The Vikings used to carry / drag their warships overland to outflank thier enemies or overcome blockages - hence the name of this audacious modern operation.

    Apparently, the UK were to prepare the operation in Odessa, and then there would be a joint NATO effort to achieve this logistal feat of moving the boats (perhaps partially dismantled) accross Ukraine, round the back of Crimea, and into the Sea of Azov. This would completely outflank the Russians (and not break any International laws!).

    The plan is potentially diabolical genius. Think about it - the plan gets, via Ukrainian territory only and without confronting the Russians - modern NATO radar equiped (integratable), torpedo armed, missile armed, fast and modern lightweight combat boats BEHIND the Russian defence lines. Ukraine could then even later 'invite' NATO 'advisors' to crew the boats and confront Russia from BEHIND the Crimea Bridge - or worse hold the bridge to ransom by pointing NATO torpedos and missiles at it!

    The Russians are obviously aware of this plan and have deployed the BAL coastal missile defence system close to the Crimea Bridge pointing INWARDS accross the Sea of Azov, whilst the bigger BASTION system points outwards covering the Black Sea.

    The Ukrainian blog that broke this story last year was pulled down during Martial Law in Ukraine, imposed after the potential attempt to blow the Crimea Bridge, and the Blogger, called 'Jonas' was arrested. He has not been heard from since December.
    • This commment is unpublished.
      eagle eye · 11 months ago
      And the Russians would not notice? Really.

      The plan is typical Ukie nonsense, and all the more so because you are talking about it in public where the Russian intelligence services can see it.