From South Africa, Wednesday, 14 July 2021, Day 3 of the South Africa societal collapse:  All food in KwaZulu-Natal (KZN) Province of South Africa has been either looted or intentionally destroyed. 

The Zulu tribe is now publicly saying they intend to "starve-out" the white and Indian (sub-continent) people in that province.

On day 3 of the rioting and looting, it is now clear the _actual_ goal of the rioters is a Race War.

Here is a scalable map for readers to understand the vastness of the area involved:

This audio update from a source in KZN, South Africa, which reports all food in KZN area of South Africa has been looted by Zulus (blacks). Farms are being attacked, and it is believed that the blacks are looting w/ the intention of starving out the whites/Indians. It looks like a race war is upon South Africa:

How many of YOU would be in the same situation -- no food -- if similar troubles came to your area?  Like YOU, the people in South Africa never thought it could happen.  Now, it has happened.  

Social Media postings are saying it loud and clear:

Will this be YOU?

These troubles in South Africa are being carried out by some of the very same type of people we saw here in America, doing much the same, last summer. 

At the time, they dressed-up their race-hatred with slogans like "Black Lives Matter" and ANTIFA; but the base hatred is all the same.

What will YOU do when their masks come off and they wage the same type of crap here?  

Make no mistake, these troubles WILL LIKELY come here because the people involved are so incredibly STUPID.   Want to see how stupid they are?

Look at this video from last night.   In their ongoing wanton destruction of civilization, two of these sub-human beasts decide to smash out the main windows of a shopping mall.  Then one of them falls out the window they just broke, falls two floors to the concrete below!   THAT is how stupid these animals are!


Look at what these BEASTS have actually done:

So BARBARIC are these people, they step over the dead bodies so they can continue looting.  This from Johanessburg:

In a looted S. African mall, a man lies dead as the poor pick over scraps


Harden your home entry doors to delay and deter forcible entry by looters:

Protecting yourself inside your home is now something everyone should think about.  With thieves and home intruders running rampant, and now with crazed people trying to forcibly inject you with something you don't want, hardening your home to give you extra time to mentally and physically prepare for self defense is essential.  That's why you should add "DOOR ARMOR" to your entry doors.

DOOR ARMOR hardens your door frames by adding metal overlays to your wood door frames over door hinges and door knob at the door frame.   The additions screw on fast and easy, and they reinforce your doors so that an intruder cannot simply kick-in the door by ripping through the wooden door frame.   Here, look:

By adding these metal strips over your doorknob latch area Door hinges and frame areas, you harden the wooden door frame with metal.  That adds valuable time for you to protect yourself before an intruder can bash-in the door and attack!

The racket they will have to make trying to gain entry will give you ample time to wake up, get ready, and defend yourself.  It may deter them for so long, they actually give up and leave, thus avoiding a confrontation.  Watch the 60 second video to actually SEE this in action, then click the link below to order:

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Buy Body Armor, like the bullet-resistant vests rated as "Level III" (protects from most handguns) for $299 below, to protect yourself:

If you want the vests to be top level protection "Level IV" (Protects from most handguns, rifles up to 30-06 and shotguns) add the "Plates" to the pockets on the vests for another $169 or so.


Have guns and ammunition, although buying either has become terribly difficult due to shortages.  Those shortages are occurring because people all over the country are buying every gun they can get their hands on ------ they KNOW what's coming!

Of course, you can decide to stick your head in the sand and do nothing.  It's always easier to deny reality than see the ugly truth.

But if you decide to do nothing, or decide to "wait and see what happens" when the troubles actually arrive, it will be too late for you.  There won't be time to get what you need.

Have emergency food,


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72 HR Emergency Kits


water, medicines you need to live. Have a flashlight and portable radio for news and information, for each family member.  Have spare batteries for the flashlight and radio.

Have an emergency electric generator and fuel to power it. 

Have fire extinguisher(s) and a First Aid kit.

Have emergency communications gear: CB or HAM radios for home and each car, or Walkie Talkies for each family member.

Sure, this stuff will cost a few bucks, and it __may__ sit in the attic or basement for years, unused.   Better to HAVE IT and NOT NEED IT, than to NEED IT and NOT HAVE IT.

You can get most of what you need listed above, right here:





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It's your life.  It's the lives of your family.  WIll you do what it takes to prepare, or do nothing and let savagery take its course?





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