North Korea ATTACKS and DESTROYS Chinese Fishing Boat

North Korea ATTACKS and DESTROYS Chinese Fishing Boat

Chinese fishing boats are illegally fishing all over the world. South Korean media reported today that a North Korean patrol boat seized illegal fishing Chinese fishing boats in the waters of the country and immediately opened fire on the fishing boats.


# Dog really doesn't make a good mealFAKEDATA 2020-08-28 00:58
Guess the NK's have discovered that the dogs and pet they turned to for eating isn't going so well ...... Sure makes sense to put a strong messege out there for folks stealing their food resources ......probably turn to fish for a bit .
# Proof of deaththunderclap 2020-08-27 23:28

There is plenty of proof that fanboy is deceased and if you look at his body double. He's more clumsy and doesn't possess the spirit of a leader. Now since March he has been dead, yet they keep it silent so it doesn't cause a war. Type into all search engines about fanboys death and you will understand why his sister is in command + she is up to no good. She has to choose sides, China will back her, the USA will destroy them.
All networks are speaking of him being in a coma, which is more simpler to say, than he died.
-3 # North Korea is shall merge with South to form 1thunderclap 2020-08-27 20:25
I guess since the death of Kim, his kid sister shall show the world that she needs a man that can keep her trim.
Also, they are going to fight Iran and guess what - here comes the second 9/11 by Korea.

After these two incidents then the north and south shall become one!!! Prophecy shall be fulfilled and God's Word shall not return unto him Void!

Besides I enjoy to be first today....
Have a great day everyone and be safe!
TRUMP 2020 + The 3 years they owe him for now impeaching him.
+2 # RE: North Korea is shall merge with South to form 1The Deplorable Renegade 2020-08-27 22:20
Thunderclap, there’s been no official confirmation of Kim’s death. NK would end up getting themselves destroyed trying to defeat the South. We still have forces there as a tripwire. There’s also nukes as a last resort.


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