Israel under massive Rocket-Attack from Gaza

Israel under massive Rocket-Attack from Gaza

At about 3:00 AM eastern US time Saturday, sudden and unanticipated salvos of Mortar and Rocket Fire began raining down upon Israel from inside the Gaza Strip.  Salvos are coming every minute.  The "Red Alert" civilian warning siren system cannot keep up there are so many inbound projectiles . . .   As of the beginning publication of this article at 6:40 AM EDT, the attacks continue.  Live updates below:

 Explosion in Gaza vicinity as Iron Dome attempting to shot down Hamas rockets

Air-raid sirens sounding across Southern Israel

Heavy barrage towards Gaza vicinity and Ashkelon. Residents report explosions in the area.

The Israeli army Spokesperson's Office: Aircraft attacked two rocket launchers in the northern Gaza Strip.

Massive mortar barrages from Gaza towards southern Israel communities. Several interceptions reported

 Heavy rocket/mortar fire from Gaza this morning, multiple interceptions and alarm sounding

 There is relentless rocket bombardment from Gaza. 

The red dots on the map above represent the places in southern Israel that are hit.

Attacks are going every minute. Impossible to keep up ...

Reports of a direct impact on a home in the community of Kissufim

The mayor of Ashkelon has ordered the opening of all public bomb shelters in the city.

To give readers a better perspective of the magntidue of what's taking place, The list of "Red Alerts" in the first twenty minutes of these attacks appears below.   It's important to note it is ALL automated.   Israeli "Iron Dome" defense RADAR tracks incoming projectiles and, if the trajectory and rate of descent indicated the projectile MAY strike a populated area, the system alerts and goes into intercept mode.  The list below is the RED ALERTS issued because projectiles were heading into those populated areas:   Red alert warning  at Ashkelon, Be'er Ganim, Karmiya, Zikim, Nativ Ha'asara, Yad Mordechay, Nir Yisrael, Mash'en, Kfar Silver, Hodaya, Berekhya, Mishan, Birkiya, Talmei Yaffe, Mavki'im, Ge'a, Bat Hadar, Beit Shikma, , Nitzanim, Nitzan Bet, Nitzan, Ibim, Poet Negev, Sderot, Sapirim Industrial Park, Nir Am, Sapir College, Gevim, Kibbutz Ruhama, Havat Shikmim, Dorot, Mefalsim, Yakhini, Alumim, Nachal Oz, Talmei Bilu, Sde Tzvi, Shavei Darom, Klahim, Pa'amei Tashaz, Nir Akiva, Nir Moshe, Mabu'im, Zru'a, Eshbol


 Hamas, other factions widen the range, targets the city of Ashdod



 Sirens sounding near Lod and Modi’in for the first time since 2014 war 


Palestinian media reporting over 150 rockets fired every few minutes so far


Prime Minister Netanyahu will convene a special security briefing in Tel Aviv shortly.


Israeli army tanks moving into attack positions on the Gaza Strip border 

Israeli tanks have opened fire 


7:30 AM EDT --

Quiet now.



9:00 AM EDT-



9:57 AM EDT --

Public bomb shelters in Gedera are being opened. 

Word leaking out now about possible Israeli TARGETED STRIKE UPON HAMAS COMMANDERS


1:15 PM EDT--

PM Netanyahu has ordered the Israeli military to “strike hard” at Gaza in the coming hours.

IDF are briefing that there will be at least 3 days of IDF ATTACK-action against Gaza


*** Confirmation that Netanyahu Ordered a prolonged campaign to be conducted by the IDF ***



"We fired the rockets towards Ashkelon, Kiryat Gat and Ofakim. If the strikes will continue - Ashdod and Be’er Sheva will be targeted if the strikes will continue after that Tel Aviv will be targeted" - HAMAS STATEMENT 



3:30 PM EDT --

A Delegation from Egypt has been trying to negotiate a ceasefire, but has been told by Israel "The time for ceasefire is over.  There will be no discussions at all of any ceasefire."


Sunday, May 5 @ 8:47 AM EDT:

 GROUND OPERATION DEEMED "IMMINENT"  -- Click Here for Full Sunday Updates 




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    Matthew Worner · 6 months ago
    A cease-fire is for when the enemy is lying, bleeding out on the ground. That's when they discover that their 73 virgins are all goats, just like back home.
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    BriteRED · 6 months ago
    I thought Israel had enough of Gaza and was going to take the country......Geez , let's get it going ...same with the turd Demonrats, commit a crime , do tha time.
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