NUMEROUS REPORTS: Mariupol Ukraine Conquered; AZOV Regiment Said to be "Exterminated"

Numerous, (and I mean really a lot) of reports are flooding-in claiming Mariupol, Ukraine has been conquered by Forces from the Donetsk People's Republic and Russian Army.  Ukraine's AZOV Battalion/Regiment is widely being reported as having been "Exterminated."

As readers are surely aware by now, very much of the information coming out of Ukraine is FALSE.  It has become painfully obvious that both sides in the conflict make exaggerations and even outright false claims.  Yet, this morning, there are literally so many reports flooding-in saying Mariupol has fallen to Russia that I get the sense the reports are factual.

With the Fall of Mariupol the symbolic power and the Legend of Azov is destroyed and from now onwards the leftover are just bunch of demented Nazi terrorist thugs on the run. I'm glad to see it was done so fast.

More details if I get them.  Check back.


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