UPDATED APRIL 5, 10:49 PM EDT -- SEE BOTTOM -- U.S. Army General CAPTURED in Mariupol with AZOV Nazis!

UPDATED APRIL 5, 10:49 PM EDT -- SEE BOTTOM --  U.S. Army General CAPTURED in Mariupol with AZOV Nazis!

Numerous reports are now circulating claiming that United States Army Major General Roger L. Cloutier has been CAPTURED by Russian forces in or around Mariupol, Ukraine where, the reports claim, he was helping the AZOV Battalion which is Ukraine's official NAZI unit.

According to Wikipedia, Major General Roger L. Cloutier:

Roger L. Cloutier Jr. is a United States Army lieutenant general who serves as the Commander of the Allied Land Command. Previously, he served as the Commander of the United States Army Africa.

Allied Land Command (LANDCOM) formerly Allied Land Forces South-Eastern Europe (LANDSOUTHEAST) is the standing headquarters for NATO land forces which may be assigned as necessary. The Commander LANDCOM is the prime land warfare advisor to the Alliance. When directed by the Supreme Allied Commander Europe, it provides the core of the headquarters responsible for the conduct of land operations. The command is based at Şirinyer (Buca), İzmir in Turkey.

Email to the Pentagon sent several HOURS ago, has gone unanswered which, from a media perspective, is very unusual.  If this report was false, the Pentagon would deny it immediately.  They have NOT denied it.  But no official answer has come from the Pentagon either way as of 6:10 PM EDT Monday.


I received an email tonight after my radio show, telling me that the Wikipedia page for General Roger L. Cloutier has been changed to say he DIED on March 28.  The images below were sent to me with that email:






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