OMG: They're Going to LET COVID-19 SPREAD . . . . Intentionally!

OMG: They're Going to LET COVID-19 SPREAD . . . . Intentionally!

Public health leaders in Placer, Sacramento and Yolo counties say their departments will no longer recommend isolation or quarantine for people exposed to someone with COVID-19, as they now will focus on reducing the risk to populations at the greatest risk of dying from the respiratory illness.

If anyone had "conspiracy-theory" thoughts that this virus was already being allowed to spread INTENTIONALLY - this should remove all doubt.

In an interview Monday, Dr. Peter Beilenson, head of Sacramento County’s Department of Health Services, said public health officials quarantined the sick and those who came into close contact with them as a way to slow spread of the disease, but as the number of cases increase statewide, public health has to acknowledge that those measures aren’t enough.

“Once you get a certain number of cases, it’s hard to continue to contact-trace back the way you tried originally,” Beilenson said, “so we move to mitigation, which is basically trying to mitigate the risk to those who are most at risk: the elderly and those with chronic underlying conditions.”

Because the new coronavirus poses the greatest threat to these individuals, he said, they and their families must take precautions to avoid exposure. If AARP is having a gathering, for example, the health department might recommend that people in their 70s or 80s not attend. If children are showing symptoms of COVID-19 — fever, coughing, shortness of breath — their parents should avoid taking them to visit grandparents either in their homes or at an assisted living facility, he said.

When Beilenson made his announcement Monday, he expected other California counties to follow suit. On Tuesday, Placer and Yolo counties issued news releases saying that they also were shifting strategies.

In a joint statement, Placer and Yolo officials said: “With community spread, public health departments must now shift their efforts to community mitigation measures that will slow the spread of COVID-19 in the community, protect those who are most vulnerable to severe illness, and allow the health care system to prepare resources to take care of severely ill patients. Like a handful of other counties in California, Placer and Yolo counties will now enter this new phase.”

 Stocks did not take this news well; markets are tanking . . .

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