On the Eve of NATO Summit, Russian Space Agency Published Coordinates of "Decision-Making centers"

On the eve of the NATO meeting in Madrid, at which Russia is expected to be declared the most dangerous threat in the world, the Russian Space Agency made an interesting post to their web site: The GPS Coordinates of certain "decision-making centers" around the world.

While at the upcoming summit of the alliance, representatives of 30 participating countries and their sympathizers will declare Russia the number one evil, Roskosmos published entertaining satellite images - those same "decision centers" -- or rather, their coordinates -- just in case . . .

 ⠀⠀🇺🇸 38.897542, -77.036505
 ⠀⠀🇺🇸 38.870960, -77.055935
 ⠀⠀🇬🇧 51.503049, -0.127727
 ⠀⠀🇫🇷 48.870433, 2.316842
 ⠀⠀🇩🇪 52.519903, 13.368921
 ⠀⠀🇧🇪 50.879986, 4.425771


The coordinates are for:

  • The White House in Washington, DC
  • The Pentagon
  • #10 Downing Street in London, England
  • Le Palais d' Le Elysee in Paris, France
  • The German Chancellery (Bundeskanzleramt) in Berlin, Germany
  • NATO Headquarters in Brussels, Belgium

Now, most reasonable people would view this as a terse reminder that Russia can reach out and touch anyone they want; especially folks who are being intentionally "unfriendly" or even hostile.

Of course, the political weaklings of the West will likely start whining that this is some sort of threat, while in actual fact, it is merely a statement of reality.

Before the west goes and declares Russia to be the most evil one, perhaps they should look in the mirror at their own actions: Financing, inciting and fomenting the overthrow of the Ukraine government in 2014.   Installing a puppet regime in Ukraine.   Moving to bring Ukraine into NATO for the purpose of placing US missiles (aimed at Russia) on to Ukraine soil with a flight time of only about 5 minutes to Moscow.  Telling Ukraine to "ignore" Russia's pre-special military operation ultimatum, and now, supplying deadly weapons to Ukraine, to be used to kill Russians.

It is the West that has done all these things.  It is the West who is the aggressor.

Russia is reminding the West that Russia isn't some backwards, third-world country like Iraq they're playing around with.  Russia isn't playing.  


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