OPINION: America is now broken beyond repair. Only force of arms can stop its total destruction

You know America is now broken beyond repair because states are literally at war with each other.

Have you seen the busloads of illegal aliens being shipped out of Texas and into Washington, DC and into Delaware? Could you ever even IMAGINE states forcibly doing things like this to each other?

We also have States - like California - boycotting other states, like Florida and many others, over the laws enacted by citizens of those other states.

I mean step back for just a second to a quiet place and clear your thoughts. Then try to look from an outside, big picture perspective, and let it sink in for just a moment.

The very first thing that will flood over you is there’s no playbook for where this is going. Since when have we had two powerful states begin an actual physical counter attack.

That’s really something more then sending a message. It’s aggressive and provoking.

The union is fracturing and it’s largely passed-off-as (and accepted as)  "politics."    It's not politics; it's Civil War.

Really take a sec to feel the gravity of states using physical means to effect change. That’s a big one.

There is an endless corrosive force causing the union to deteriorate at a grinding pace.

If we could stop everything and take inventory of the damage thus far, we'd see that it's already too late. Its not going back together like it was say, in 2005, without force.

Meanwhile, the population is arguing among themselves over which politician they will allow to control their basic human rights.  The ignorance and outright idiocy of the masses is frightening.  They don't even TALK about "liberty."

American's are all talking about the same things this Easter Holiday weekend:

The Fact that their children will never have any type of life close to what we had. No owned home, no beater winter car, no wife, or husband potentially, no decent paying wage job, a crappy diet.

Mom and Dad's legacy won't last. Any inheritance will get eaten up by inflation as well as their retirement fund.

The Southern border invasion - ongoing at the invitation of our public servants in Washington.

Covert war with Russia happening right now in Ukraine, and looming direct, open war with China looming.

Empty retail everywhere.

Heartless greedy people abound.

Even the church we attend could care less about the situation with housing. Which is really weird as Easter Sunday is here.

The Nation is Divided more than it ever has been.

I've never seen it so hopeless. I have hope but it's shaken to the core.

Most people do not understand the ramifications of what’s occurring.  They also do not realize that past predicts future.  They will likely willfully resist understanding even as the effects of this roll over them.

The GLUE (Christianity) that held America together, has been dissolved. (When the United States was created, America was almost 100% Christian, and TAKEN SERIOUSLY)

As America falls headlong into DEPRAVITY and MORAL COLLAPSE, we can recall a WARNING:

"...we have no government armed with power
capable of contending with human passions
unbridled by morality and religion.

Avarice, ambition, revenge, or gallantry,
would break the strongest cords of our
Constitution as a whale goes through a net.

Our Constitution was made ONLY

It is wholly inadequate
to the government of any other."

- John Adams, founder and second president


In 1979 was the first time I read the Bible cover to cover. All I can say is that I didn't think it would take this long for all that Revelation stuff to start.

I think COVID Horseman One of the Apocalypse.

I think Horseman Two is the red horse, war. We are here.

It does not get better and the US will not be rescued.

We are heading into the ultimate SHTF scenario. The Bible says it will be the worst time that anyone has ever seen on this planet and that if He did not return, all flesh on this planet would be lost.

Does that mean that all flesh will have turned into machine? Is that what the mark of the beast warning is about, that we cannot be saved if we take the mark? Is it because of transhumanism? You bet it is.

Now is the time to get as off grid, down low, and out of sight as possible. Hide your stored food. Don't talk about it with neighbors unless they are prepping too and are working with you.

War is coming to US soil. Some will survive, but your guns will not save you. Only Jesus can save you, and the Holy Spirit will direct your path to hide you, so it's time to get real about what is actually coming.

Of course, this is going to occur on God’s schedule, not mine or yours.   He may have more than a few twists and turns planned, even if only to allow more to be saved from what’s coming.

He’s been quite merciful in granting time for people to repent, given the perfidy and abominations currently extant in the world, and getting worse daily.

It might be a longer race than you or I anticipate, so be sure to pace yourself - you don’t want to burn out before the end arrives.

Someone recently told me "The plan is to break the United States into 4 new nations."  The northeast, southeast, Midwest, and west coast.

I thought about it and it seems to me that once you realize this, everything that happens makes sense.

The only way they can get global government is to break the United States apart.

China and Russia are on board and that's why the typical Republican voter stands with Russia and the typical Democratic voter stands with China.

Both countries are flooding both sides with their own propaganda designed to further divide the country.

The WEF fans the flames on both sides knowing a break up allows them to better push their build back better.

Wall St. knows they will fail but they also know what the back up plan is, and it's why they're moving everything Florida.

All 4 parties have a vested interest in watching America be split apart so all 4 are working together even though their end goals are all not the same.

The World Economic Forum (WEF) will have massive influence over the northeastern region - including eastern Canada - as the UN will be the head of their global government. New York will be the capital and they will operate out of their region of old America.

The Russians will have a lot of influence over the Midwest and Southeast - there's speculation Alberta, Saskatchewan, NW territory, the Yukon, and Alaska will join the Midwestern/Southeastern bloc stretching the new nations lands from western Alaska to Southeastern Florida.

Like Russia it will be sparsely populated but incredibly energy rich.

These regions are largely conservative and thus already set up to be friendly with Russia.

The Russians will ally with this nation and run roads over to Alaska and down into the midwest for trade.

The bankers will operate out of this region.

The west coast nation will likely encompass Washington, Oregon, California, Hawaii and western Canada. This region will be largely controlled by the Chinese as these populations are already friendly towards China.

All 4 regions will be used in some fashion by all 4 groups but all 4 groups will position themselves to be friendly with at least 1 region. WEF for the Northeast, Bankers for the Southeast, Russians for the Midwest, China for the West coast.

Anyone hoping for a return of old America must move to the Midwest and Southeast now.

Although we will be weaker than we are today we still have a fighting chance in these regions when all this goes down.

When you really sit back in a quiet place this is what you realize... They're gonna break the nation into 4 and practically everything they're doing is in preparation for this; Unless Americans step up and start emitting some well placed bullets.

Think that's harsh?  Let me show you "harsh:"

$30 Trillion in debt is catastrophic. And that's just the current book debt.

Unfunded liabilities in the next 20 years are over a $100 trillion.

The welfare state exceed $1.1 trillion for fiscal 2016. The Center for Immigration Studies (CIS) reported 66% of the welfare state were immigrants.

And what are they still bringing-in across the southern border?   Yea.  More immigrants.  ILLEGAL ONES to boot!

Exactly what would you say should be done with the people doing these things?  Exactly what, about their deliberate choices, can be fixed?

"Vote them out" you say?   You fool.  The election in November 2020 was outright stolen.  There is no voting them out anymore.  The whole election system is a fraud. 

The courts refused to hear election cases; so the courts are a fraud as well.

The whole system has become a corrupt, immoral, out-of-control, tyrannical, joke.

There are no peaceful means to redress grievances anymore.

November 2020 and January 6, 2021 demonstrated to me that our Constitutional Republic is all but dead. I decided that January that it was time to give up hope for a nationally recognized leader to restore the Republic.

I just know that a legitimate movement needs a recognized leader, otherwise it’s just disorganized rabble that’s easily labeled and discredited as “terrorists” then picked off as lone wolves.

It is time for people to move to areas that contain concentrations of like minded people. If you’re a freedom loving constitutionalist that’s living in a blue city or State, it’s time to move, now. Even if you take a temporary financial loss, it will be worth it in the long run.

States are now conducting open aggressive acts toward each other and towards the federal government.

As a nation, we have crossed the Rubicon, there’s no going back to what America once was; what past generations hoped it would be. The corruption and treason runs too deep.

Don’t be like so many victims throughout history, the ones that clung to a misplaced sense of hope that things would get better or that things really won’t get “that bad.” 

History books show those are the ones that wound up in front of firing squads, in gulags, or murdered in their homes.

Don’t view it as running, it is more about consolidation of power, strength in numbers, and having your family somewhere safe instead of behind enemy lines.

We in the USA have been heading the same direction as the former Soviet Union for quite some time now.....the journey is just picking up steam as the inevitable becomes obvious to more and more of us....there isn't a damn thing "united" about The United States anymore....time to accept that simple fact.

The gig is up.

Going to college, having a job and a family, working hard to pay off a home for a chill retirement? Its all dead now.

So what's the plan? Just live in daily fear and survive until the next shoe drops?

There are very few choices now. Food and basic survival will drown out all other issues. It's the desperation I'm worried about. People do fucked-up shit when they are desperate.

Is there a limit to what you would do if your child was looking in your eyes and crying from hunger? No.

That's when the gloves come off and shit gets real.

Hold on tight. There is more to the story.

If this country is ever demoralized,
it will come from trying to live without work.
- Abraham Lincoln

Demoralization of the target audience
is yet another step in successful mind control.
- Joost Meerloo

They are contaminated; they are programmed to think
and react to certain stimuli in a certain pattern.
You cannot change their mind, even if you expose
them to authentic information, even if you prove that
white is white and black is black, you still cannot
change the basic perception and logic of behavior.
In other words, these people... the process of de-
moralization is complete and irreversible.
- Yuri Bezmenov

The incoming collapse is going to hit so many unprepared.

Its not myself I worry for, its the rest of society and how to navigate their foolishness and impending downfall, for being shortsighted and distracted, while the government unraveled the economy over the past decade.  Pretty much since QE began, which ultimately would doom us all in the long run. And here we are.

Until the Keynesian tribe rot is gone it WILL remain broken no matter what new bullshit they try.

If you want to know what the future of the country looks like, visit Detroit. This is what is eventually coming to the rest of the country. Burned out buildings, 50% unemployment, corrupt and criminal politicians, bribery, graft, gangs, drugs, casinos, prostitution, devastating environmental pollution. No place is it safe to walk in Detroit or you risk getting mugged, shot, or beaten even in broad daylight.

This malaise is now spreading to the suburbs. In Detroit, it started seeping into the surrounding towns, like Lincoln Park, Melvindale. But now it is going even further into suburbs further away.

I've always said that if you don't have a thriving, safe city, then the disease will spread. The suburbs of these cities like Detroit are getting caught in the same downward spiral. If Detroit were prosperous and safe, it would cascade to the surrounding communities, like it did in the 1920s when it was one of the wealthiest cities in the world.

Same with Chicago.  Same here in New York.

There is no going back, no do-over, and no fixing this. Get ready.


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