OSCE Confirms Massive Shelling and Mortar Attacks by UKRAINE Over the Weekend

OSCE Confirms Massive Shelling and Mortar Attacks by UKRAINE Over the Weekend

The Organization for Security and Cooperation (OSCE) has issued a report showing extensive artillery shelling and mortar fire BY UKRAINE, against Luhansk and Donetsk this past weekend.  The map above shows the explosion locations.

On Monday, two Infantry Fighting Vehicles (IFV's) from the Ukraine Army entered RUSSIA while fleeing the Luhansk Militia, after the Militia caught the occupants of those vehicles committing sabotage attacks. 

A chase ensued and the IFV's entered the southern military district of Russia at Rostov, where they were intercepted by Russian military forces and members of the FSB.   

Upon being intercepted, a firefight ensued and both IFV's were destroyed.   At least five (5) of the occupants were killed in the firefight, but word is that one or more survived and have been arrested.

Also on Monday, a shell from Ukrainian artillery entered Russia, striking and destroying a Russian Border Guard House.

Later Monday, Ukrainian Foreign Minister Kuleba flatly DENIED all such activities, saying "No, Ukraine did NOT: Attack Donetsk or Luhansk; Send saboteurs or APCs over the Russian border; Shell Russian territory; Shell Russian border crossing; Conduct acts of sabotage; Ukraine also does NOT plan any such actions. Russia, stop your fake-producing factory now."

Well, Russia released video showing the burning IFV's that entered Russia and were destroyed.  Here. Look:

Russia also released an image of the shelled Border Guard building. Here. Look:

Given the evidence made public by the OSCE showing the location of shell and mortar explosions all INSIDE Luhansk and Donetsk (shown at top of story) and the video and imagery made public by Russia of the burning IFV's and destroyed Border Guard House, one wonders if Ukraine Foreign Minister Kuleba is out of the information loop, or is simply lying?




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