Pakistan Moves T.E.L.'s From Storage - Nuclear-Tipped "Shaheen-III" Missiles

Pakistan Moves T.E.L.'s From Storage - Nuclear-Tipped "Shaheen-III" Missiles

NOTE: As most of you my already know, for fifteen years (1993-2008), I worked with the FBI.  My final five years (2003-2008) with the Joint Terrorism Task Force (JTTF) wherein I was a "fully operational" national security intelligence asset. 

According to sworn testimony from Assistant Special Agent in Charge, Amy Pickett, of FBI New York City Division, people like me handled "national security, terrorism and foreign counter-intelligence."  This information came out in Brooklyn federal court during a trial in December, 2009. 

I was also granted "full operational authority" by the FBI Office of Intelligence, for "extra-territorial" operations; meaning I was authorized to work outside the United States.  When I worked overseas, my activities were coordinated with the CIA, but I did not work for the CIA. 

In my role with FBI, I forged relationships with many people in Intelligence Agencies around the world.  I worked with foreign government agencies similar to the US CIA, worked with foreign Military Intelligence, and worked with numerous foreign law enforcement agencies.   My work for FBI ended in 2008, but I maintain my contacts with my former colleagues to this day.

The information below comes from those former colleagues, several of whom are still with the Intelligence Agencies of foreign governments, and perhaps others who may still work for the US government . . .