Pakistan Prime Minister: Is the world prepared for a NUCLEAR WAR?

Pakistan Prime Minister: Is the world prepared for a NUCLEAR WAR?

Imram Khan, the Prime Minister of Pakistan, spoke to his country's parliament this morning about India taking over Kashmir.  He stated "We do not fear death.  But is the world ready for a nuclear war?  A war which no one will win?"

The fact that the head of state of a nuclear armed nation has made such a statement in public, makes clear the thinking inside his government: Nuclear War is now possible between Pakistan and India!  Here is the actual video of his remarks:

If either side - or both sides - detonates a nuke,  prevailing weather patterns would carry the radioactive fallout to the west coast of the United States and Canada within 7 days.   The entirety of the north american continent would be covered within 72 hours after that.


Citizens would need filter masks certified as N-95 or, preferably N-100 by the National Institutes of Occupational Safety & Health (NIOSH) when traveling outside their homes/businesses, to filter out any radioactive particles from getting into their lungs.  Does YOUR family have N-95 or N-100 filter masks?  They only cost about $8 each and will filter out particles that could cause cancer if they get inside you.  Sources for such masks can be found HERE.

Citizens might also want to have rolls of plastic and duct tape to seal-up the inside of residential windows, to prevent contamination from seeping into homes on days when the fallout is particularly bad.  Does your family have such plastic and duct tape?  You can buy it cheap at any Home Depot, Lowes, or other hardware stores.

Do you have any fresh water stored?  If you get your water from municipal sources, and the radioactive fallout falls into their reservoirs, they cannot filter it!  Do YOU want to be drinking radioactive water?  Sources for water storage (1 gallon per person, per day) can be found HERE

Does your family have Potassium Iodide pills to protect from Thyroid Cancer? 

While the masks above will keep you safe from inhaling radioactive particles, you MUST also protect your Thyroid.  

Your Thyroid stores iodine and one of the components of radioactive fallout is RADIOACTIVE IODINE.   Your body cannot tell the difference between Iodine and radioactive iodine; it will store both.   And if it stores the radioactive kind, that means exposed humans can get Thyroid cancer.   

Thyroid cancer is 95% CURABLE in women, but 90% FATAL for men.

In the event that radioactive fallout is coming, you can protect yourself by taking Potassium Iodate pills.  This will increase the amount of "good" Iodine in your body, so your Thyroid will not try to store any additional iodine -- thus protecting you.  You can find a number of retailers for these pills HERE

If you WAIT until there is actually a detonation, then you will join three hundred MILLION others who are all trying to get those supplies at the same time.  Stores will sell-out within hours.  You'd be left with no protection for however many days until the stores are re-supplied.  Do you want to take that chance for yourself and your family?  Act now.   Better to have these things and not need them, than to need them and not have them.



Global Stocks are falling as Investors flee to the safety of Gold.

DOW: -255.00

S&P: -30


Gold: +25. to 1509.30

Silver: +0.52 to 16.97


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