Pathetic Chinese Apparently Cannot Even THINK, Nevermind Question What's Being Done to their kids

We here in the West have finally come to the realization that the whole "COVID" thing was a gigantic scam.  Much ado was made of a virus that turned out to be not much worse than a nasty Flu.  COVID has a 99.7% survival rate.  It was not and is not a "Pandemic."

Entire countries were shut down over the fuss about this illness.  People were literally locked in their homes. Some businesses were deemed "non-essential" and forced to close on the mere speculation that someone, somewhere, MIGHT spread COVID by visiting those businesses.

The economic destruction from such government over-reach has destroyed countless businesses and ruined the income of many families.

People were encouraged to wear masks when out in public, even though masks are completely, totally, unable to prevent the spread of a virus.  The pores on even the finest masks are four microns wide for air to get through the mask.  The novel coronavirus which causes COVID-19, is only 0.04 microns in size; one hundred times smaller than the pores on the masks.  As such, they are totally incapable of reducing or halting the spread of this virus.

Did those facts matter?  No.

Government told people to do it anyway, and most obeyed, like good little drones.

Citizens in western nations, still slightly anchored to the reality of individual liberty, started questioning what was being demanded by government.  They started suing in court.  Worse for the government, people started ignoring the ridiculous demands by so-called public health officials.   Lo and behold, COVID went away.

Not in China.

Look at what the Communist Party government is requiring of school children in that slave-state-nation, and observe how parents do not even question the absurdity:

The people in China, appear to be insane.




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