Paypal $2500 Fine for "Misinformation" Is back!

Last month, Paypal announced they would start fining their clients upwards of $2500 if, in Paypal's sole discretion, the client engaged in "Misinformation."  So many customers closed their accounts, Paypal's stock price sunk and the company announced it was all a mistake and they weren't doing it.  Today we find, the $2500 penalty is back!

The screen shot below is taken from Paypal's Terms of Service located HERE:



The Acceptable use Policy makes clear, the following can cost you $2500:

So, let's say you use Twitter, and on your Twitter channel, you post something that PAYPAL, in its sole discretion, is "misleading."  Maybe something like this:

Or maybe something on your own web site that says something like this:

Now, many people think "they can't do that."  

Yes, they can . . .  but only if YOU AGREE TO IT.   And you are deemed to automatically agree to it if you continue to keep and use your Paypal account!

They can grab the money and you can't even sue them over it, because you agreed that such decisions are based on THEIR sole discretion, and you continued to have and use the account.

So it seems to many people, the only legal way to avoid suffering this arbitrary $2500 penalty, is to CLOSE your Paypal Account.

That's what many, many people did last month when this issue first became public.   So many customers of Paypal closed their accounts, that the company began offering people a whopping fifteen dollars ($15) if they would keep the account open.

When that didn't work, Paypal announced that this whole issue was a mistake, they weren't going to do it.   

Now, a couple weeks later, when the deluge of customers quitting has stopped . . .  here it is again!

What does that tell you about the integrity of Paypal?  Here is what some people are saying:

Remember, if you simply leave your Paypal account open, you are CONSENTING to them being able to penalize you $2500 each time you do or say something which, in THEIR sole discretion, violates THEIR policy.

If you have a Paypal account, many people think that closing it is the right move.





# RE: Paypal $2500 Fine for "Misinformation" Is back!mjc 2022-10-31 23:04
It's coming.

Meet it head-on.

The bill shows up.
1) cancel paypal (better late than never)
2) call the bank and say 'i did not authorize that charge. that's fraudulent. i'm disputing that charge'/

Break at that point, depending on what the bank's interest is. Either:
1) they tell the charger to walk (seems the more likely outcome......i've only done this 3 time in 30 yrs, or)
2) they tell you to pay it.....and you call them back and tell them to cancel the card if they feel that stronly about it

Golden Rule: Whoever has the gold, makes the rules.

Break them on it.....
# █▓▒░ An alternative to PayHell payment system ░▒▓█Palehorse 2022-10-29 00:10

Cornerstone is one of the nation's leading Christian owned and operated independent sales organizations in the merchant processing industry. We have a commitment to separate our transaction processing services from the remainder of the industry. We do this by putting Christ at the cornerstone of our business. As a part of our commitment we will not process credit card transactions for morally objectionable businesses. We are blessed to serve leading ministries and businesses across the US. Talk to us about how we can serve your business or ministry.
# SoWoulf 2022-10-29 06:23
As much as I like your "commitment". You are still saying you will not do the "job" of getting a "payment" from point "A" to point "B".
If it is "questionable" flag it for the "Feds" and "hope", they do their jobs.
There still seem to be a few who honor their oaths. Sadly, I still seem to see more than a few getting a "dirt nap".
# What about...Paul Lambert 2022-10-28 19:26
...what I do? Namely, I don't have any money in my PayPal account, but if I want to buy something that requires PayPal, I have it set up that PayPal debits my actual bank account.
# How to Close Your Paypal Accountwatchmann 2022-10-28 16:20

Top PayPal Alternatives & Competitors (2022)
# Closedtinadetino 2022-10-28 15:56
I used it once a long time ago and decided it could be any person who didn't like you to lie and you have to spend money on attorney fees to prove it was a lie. No more. This could go hay-wire!
+1 # They’reForrest Mosby 2022-10-28 10:14
# Why would anyone keep their Paypal account??MissinD60s 2022-10-28 10:06
I don't recall which but of wokeness BS prompted me to cancel my Paypal account. Think it was their withholding donated funds from some cause they didn't agree with. That was about 2yrs ago. Told them exactly why I was dropping them, at the time.

I don't know why anyone here would keep doing a single penny's worth of business w/them.
+1 # PAYPAL EXPERIENCE1.618 2022-10-28 10:01
A couple years ago, after the woke riots had already occurred (probably early in 2021), I saw this ad where someone was selling new lawnboy mowers for $99. Those are quality tools worth about $800. I'm pretty suspicious so whatever the details are... it was enough to make me think it was possible that it was legit, like maybe someone had bought a shipping container at auction that turned out to be full of new mowers that they were unloading (actually happened to me in 2004, I got a brand new ATV still in shipping crate for $1k)
Anyway I gave it a shot on the Lawnboy, thinking paypal would stand behind sale, and worst case my bank on the credit card would stand behind. Long story short, the lawnboy seller has a US address, but was a chinese entity, and when I didn't receive mower somehow had ginned up a US postal service confirmation page saying "left at mailbox", I have a community mailbox thing so it would not have been possible.
So I had to claim that I had been duped. I contacted PayPal, and when I said "It is clearly a scam, because it turns out that it's a Chinese company"... when I said those words I could tell the person I was talking to changed their attitude to one of YOU ARENT GETTING THAT MONEY BACK! I knew it was because I inferred that it was a scam because it was a chinese company (didnt matter that they lied about their location). PayPal was aware that I DID NOT RECIEVE ANYTHING for the money I gave them, but that wasnt enough for them to take the money back from China and make me whole again... PAYPAL WAS LETTING SOME CHINESE GUY KEEP MY MONEY, and they made it clear I wasnt getting $ back (must have flagged me in their system or something).
My bank took the money back from PayPal in the end, and I was made ALMOST whole, didnt get back all the time I spent fucking around with PayPal. Obviously I stopped doing business with paypal. They are a fucking joke, social justice warriors.
Please cut ties with them. If you don't you are making it possible for the money system to control the masses. Stand up for yourself and dont play their fucking games.
# RE: Paypal $2500 Fine for "Misinformation" Is back!1.618 2022-10-28 08:56
I don't understand why this seems to be a complex issue. Why is it even possible that PP has any customers after the FIRST time they pulled this? I see in Hals article that a dude whom I assume is an "influencer" is telling all his lemmings that now that PP has pulled this shit TWICE, that "now is the time to walk". PP isnt the only game in town. Anybody who waited till THE SECOND TIME kinda deserves to lose their money.

This whole thing is a demonstration to the WEF that they can do anything they want to change the world into a dystopian nightmare... the lemmings will all run off the edge of a cliff.
-1 # Could it be?acturner067 2022-10-28 08:42
Are there many alternative sites depend on pay-pal for money donations? if so, by doing 2.5k fee would cause many to leave thus causing problems on the alternative sites? Could this be a there plan?
+4 # Go woke, go broke!JG62 2022-10-28 07:38
I was a PP customer for over 20 years ... canceled it yesterday. F* Paypal!
# Debt card or ACH,oldschool 2022-10-28 08:30
I had an account with PP maybe 8 yr's but very seldom used it. Did not effect my doing business at all so I won't miss them. I use a debt card or a direct payment (ACH) from my checking to do online purchases or bill payments. Only keep a minimal amount in the account I use online just in case of a problem I would not lose everything.

And there is always a postal or Bank money order or a check by mail but I have gotten spoiled, Don't like the hassle.
+1 # Shocked!Caleb 2022-10-28 07:12
Yesterday I did the dasterdly deed and shut my PP account down.

I fully expected some attempt to persuade or intemidate me into keeping the account open. Nada....nothing! Just let me walk.

Interesting times. For sure.
+1 # DittoMildB 2022-10-28 07:32
If they are doing this maybe its THEM/THEY who are selling personal info to the Hackers?
# Washington fertilizer plant burns to the ground; locals told to “shelter in place” due to air pollution?MildB 2022-10-28 05:43
The sheriff’s office in Grant County, Washington, has extended a “shelter in place” order that was issued following the mysterious recent explosion of the Wilbur Ellis fertilizer plant, located near Moses Lake in eastern Washington.
# RE: Washington fertilizer plant burns to the ground; locals told to “shelter in place” due to air pollution?Woulf 2022-10-29 06:33
If it smells like it, it probably is. Stay upwind of DC.
# A link,oldschool 2022-10-28 08:12
# Wow!MildB 2022-10-28 12:42
Sulfur dioxide is a colorless gas with an “irritating, pungent odor,” the release said. It is a known byproduct of burning fertilizer products, including those at the site.

Sulphur Fertilizer Types

With more than 20 different commercially available sulphur-containing fertilizers, it may be a challenge for farmers to choose the best option. Farmers should speak with a local agronomist or extension agent to determine how to best identify and correct deficiencies in their fields.
# A new survey by the Nationwide Retirement Institute reveals that,MildB 2022-10-28 05:47
“nearly a quarter of young people skipped meals or didn’t buy groceries because of high inflation.” From the report on survey results:

Columbus, OH - To combat high inflation, Americans have made difficult tradeoffs that negatively impact their health and wellbeing, finds a new Nationwide Retirement Institute® survey. Over the last 12 months, nearly two in five American households (40%) received food or goods from a food bank (22% for Millennials), and the same amount (17%) stopped buying healthier foods (organic or high-priced healthy foods).

Nearly one in five Americans (18%) say they skipped meals or didn’t buy groceries due to high inflation (including 28% of Gen Z and 23% of millennials). As food insecurity deepens, Americans are also struggling to pay for critical health care expenses. Many have cancelled or postponed plans in the past 12 months to see a specialist (14%), take a prescribed medication (10%) or get an annual physical (11%) due to high inflation. Almost one-fifth of Gen Z (17%) and Millennials (19%) have cancelled or postponed plans in the past 12 months to see a mental health professional.

“As the price of health care and basic necessities continue to reach record highs, Americans have been forced to make tough decisions that sacrifice their health and wellbeing,” said Kristi Rodriguez, senior vice president of the Nationwide Retirement Institute. (I think choice has already been made by the "Rats" that smoke big cigars.)

And as if this isn't normal and planned ? Doctors find Graphene is shedding from the COVID Vaccinated to the Unvaccinated, forming Blood Clots & decimating Blood Cells?

For the META crowd/non-baseball fans:The Chain by Fleetwood Mac - Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2. movie clip
# RE: A new survey by the Nationwide Retirement Institute reveals that,Woulf 2022-10-29 06:44
A good tune and a good clip. Woulves look after their own.
Sadly, this is where we are. What is coming next is a lot worse.
-5 # One other thingmeanize1962 2022-10-28 04:35
Another thing one more last thing I've written to the government I've written to the White House telling them I thought Putin was watching me and listening to my advice and getting cold from the shortwave years ago now they're not even friendly with each other and all this bad has happened to me with no good and that's the truth I have not some feelings before that related to him to hit a boat that I went on and they gave me a tour of and I knew another one from walking from Florida and he passed away I think in 19 85 or 86 retired that's a long story too we used to talk a lot I don't know if I was being probed or not at the time I was friends with someone that ran the nuclear weapons for the Air Force he retired in 2001 as a lieutenant general I knew him and his daughter she was a gorgeous blonde but married to a special op guy she used to come to my house and I cook dinner for her and her husband so I could have been being probed by them without knowing it I had no idea that that was Russian family
-1 # Putin declares Taiwan is China’s, bashes ‘OLD WOMAN’ PELOSI’S visitMildB 2022-10-28 07:28
Everything, and I do mean everything, the Democrats touch turns to shit. Is there a friendly foreign ally the regime hasn't alienated?

Putin declares Taiwan is China’s, bashes ‘old woman’ Pelosi’s visit

By: American Military News,
+3 # you are a Meatheadsupporttheblue 2022-10-28 05:18
leave the planet
-5 # Follow upmeanize1962 2022-10-28 04:33
Today is the 28th I usually play those numbers I just wrote about the last time they came in was June 28th 2010 they probably have the intention of bringing them in today but I won't spend no money with them I could have used the money my mother just passed away I'm at a house I can't afford it's just a matter of time before I'm thrown out on the street without any food to eat now the government is asking me not to work and make any money if I want my checks back I'm too sick to work anyway everything seems bad since I joined this website and it'll be quite honest I'm getting bored of everything international affairs I see all these world armies and all their conventional weapons they haven't done any damage really at all compared to that virus and I'm getting bored there's nothing in it for me and I don't have to worry about my safety because there is no safety it's already out the door and I feel like I'm well hated with my government here I'm just wondering why they haven't put a bowl in my head or Johnny harm to me it's probably the ridicule my intelligence and to ruin my reputation and that'll probably be with today's take five it being the 28th of the month those numbers but I won't be playing the lottery ever again I won't touch her it's cruel it's unusual punishment I wish they never came up with it I wish it never existed I consider myself on the brightest smartest around I'm the type of guy that can sit down and tell you a medicines to make and cures that's not known by the human race I'm that type of person fortunate all my life to know how to benefits of eating grapes for no one else knows things like that what's the side effects are of too much coffee or the right chemistry as much coffee don't make you sleepy I've known that all my life other folks that are supposed to be so much brighter than me it took them decades later before they figure it out a lot of people didn't know that there was ground speed and ear speed because of the height and you're going around longer around the Earth they never taught me that in school I figured that out on my own these people looking for unlimited energy that's nothing to me I used to get bored in school and just fantasizing stare out the window it wasn't interested in it it was boring to me and so I had bad grades all they're wanting to do is humiliate me and there's nothing I can do about it but I'm the type of guy I don't need money to make a self-defense weapon then nothing in the human race knows anything about I could do it for nothing honestly and I might just have to do that I'm wondering if I'm going to end up happening to live in a cave my future is on ice more so than probably people that are already homeless they probably have good education they just got to clean up their drug addict or sex habits or not being responsible to turn your lights around me I don't have that Glory I even been sitting around contemplating when I die will I get cremated with a steak take care of me who will bury me will I get very my mother is in that cold cold ground now well I'm going to go back to bed and the funny thing of it all I just got a brand new car lease because I've had such a good history with them in the first payments come on up for 400 bucks I don't have I'll have to surrender the car I have no way to make $400 I applied for my unemployment they haven't contacted me yet what do you expect people to live on
# Yikes!MildB 2022-10-28 07:29
Please stop your silliness.

That is all!
-3 # Not just a coincidencemeanize1962 2022-10-28 04:18
This is no accidents I'm up early probably go back to sleep in a minute but you know what did you see the New York's takes five there's almost 600,000 combinations in it the midday and the evening we're supposed to identical numbers the jackpot paid $750 the point of the story is that's impossible last time it happened was on another state I can't remember which one around 2010 maybe 2009 and they shut the lottery down for like 2 or 3 weeks they fired a couple of people and there was a big investigation of it and they found out they cheated it was around the same time that a lady knew and Yugoslavia the numbers before they even came out of the shoot watch with this drawing they all have no investigation that's the security folks that did that I lost a lot of money with them I can't believe what corruption that we're living on if they're not shut down for a month that game a reinvented or something done with it then they wrecked the machine for the day draw and they must have used the same old machine for the night draw without doing any kind of repairs to it it's such laziness just fraud and a lot of people will play the numbers for the job before just to get a free number one and hoping for a phone number one which happens very very rare but for all the same numbers to come in no no no no impossible impossible they should have threw the draw out the door and did another one I am so disappointed in New York lottery they all has to do with the 2500 fine for misinformation well turtle drawing is misinformation how do you have a game that had come in 16 times the number is eight then 29 then 35 all three of them come in 16 times then disappear from 2010 to 2022 something like 7,500 drawings that's totally impossible unless you're corrupt this is not freedom this is not Liberty this is tyranny all you have to do is b**** and complain and make threats and stuff like that happens and numbers don't come in for decades and today is Friday October 28th 2022 at 4:00 a.m. in the morning those numbers could come in today after me writing something like this but I won't spend money with them folks they're filled with misinformation and I think the foreigners have a say in our lottery it's a sign that we do not have any sovereignty over here there's a lot of bad folks that go around and have connections and they shouldn't
-1 # Grandma Arrested for Feeding People in NeedMildB 2022-10-28 07:44
+2 # QuestionKc9jjj 2022-10-28 00:36
I have a question isn’t PayPal violating its own terms where it says violation of law wouldn’t the first amendment count
# Not actually.Paul Lambert 2022-10-28 19:30
The Constitution is a limit on the power of government.
# No,oldschool 2022-10-28 08:58
The constitution is dead, it means nothing to a communist form of government.
+3 # Tired to close my 2022-10-28 00:27
Could never log in
Could never get password recovery to work.

Now locked out and I have to call them during the day just to get into the account and try to cancel it.

Canceling Paypal is way past due. They have been assholes for the entire time I have used them.

They even threatened a friend who sold firearms using Paypal years ago. I should have cancelled way back then.
+4 # One more stepRed Deer 2022-10-27 23:26
One more step towards financial tyranny and control. Pay Pal was good at one time but it's usage opened the door to fraudulent charges( or in my case attempted fraud charges) and unsolicited advertisements by their "partners".
Quit Pay Pal, don't feed the beast.
+6 # █▓▒░ Is Paypal Your Pal? ░▒▓█Palehorse 2022-10-27 23:04

I have never used Paypal for anything. Don't even
know how to start.

After they cut the Canadian truckers off at the
knees I said "that's all" you need to know about
their financial whorehouse.

Some people never learn.
+2 # Can't find it.Sharon 2022-10-27 22:19
Paypal's website is all in blue, not orange. Are you sure this is legit?

I canceled my account already a few days ago but I went to their website and can't find this info anywhere.
# My bad! I found your link!Sharon 2022-10-27 22:21
Wow...that's crazy. I will warn my kids for sure.
# #PAYPALKathrynM 2022-10-27 22:08
PayPal will not allow me to sign in to close my account. I haven't used it in years but I do have one.

Btw, where is the pentagon report with their change of mind to nuke first? I'm listening to tonites live news online and had to post while this was on my mind. It looks like the gov is working triple time to cause a full on survival attack from all countries upon the USA. These guys are literally insane. Your rant toward the pentagon was delicious!

The costs have barely gone up in Mexico. Food is barely up, all other costs are around the same. I have family that floats back and forth and does most all shopping plus medical care in MX. This is a targeted attack on all countries with white skin. In deagel's report, china increases while mall western countries are decimated. Great show!!
# RE: Paypal $2500 Fine for "Misinformation" Is back!RockyMountainBeerMan 2022-10-27 22:01
When they say "client", does that mean if you use them to pay for something off of, say, ebay or some othet website?
# DisregardRockyMountainBeerMan 2022-10-27 22:35
I saw "seller" above.

Canceled all my automatic payments except ongoing "pay-in-four" ones.
+2 # PaypalNikisky 2022-10-27 21:48
Tried to close my paypal account and it said that I was not allowed to close my account. Went to my shopify store and deleted paypal from my accepted payments. Went back to paypal and it still wouldn't let me close. So F them. They're not getting anymore of my money anyway!
# 2022-10-28 00:28
They would not let me log in and would not even send a PW recovery.
I will go back and cancel.
+2 # SunscriptionStephEE 2022-10-27 21:25
So how do we pay you for a subscription, then? That’s the only reason I have kept my PayPal account open, is to make sure I keep it going.
# Subscription,oldschool 2022-10-28 09:11
Can always send a MO or a check by mail to Hal.

Post Office Box 421
North Bergen, NJ 07047
+4 # RE: SunscriptionThe Deplorable Renegade 2022-10-27 21:30
The subscription to this site is the only reason I do any business with PayPal. They can go f#$% themselves if they think I’ll pay any fine of theirs. They can kiss my ass for $2500.
# But,oldschool 2022-10-28 10:37
You don't pay it voluntarily, they take it.
+1 # VenmoStephEE 2022-10-27 21:40
Yeah I just want to boycott PayPal at this point and be done with them. Maybe Venmo could be a viable option? I know PayPal is probably more automated
+5 # VENMOBob 2022-10-27 22:40
According to what I found, PAYPAL owns VENMO.
# RE: Paypal $2500 Fine for "Misinformation" Is back!acschilling 2022-10-27 21:19
Human CentIpad South Park
+3 # RE: Paypal $2500 Fine for "Misinformation" Is back!Eddamnit 2022-10-27 21:14
Government authoritarianism will be enforced by the corporations.
-1 # One alternative is VenmoFaith11 2022-10-27 20:54
A couple friends use Venmo which they seem to like.
-1 # RE: One alternative is VenmoFaith11 2022-10-28 03:25
I think that might be the best idea is just to use a credit card and with a two step verification for security . I also keep my credit cards limits low just for added protection if I need to increase the limit in case of travel I can do that pretty easily
# Venmo is owned by PayPalnjc 2022-10-28 07:19
+1 # RE: One alternative is 2022-10-28 00:30
Why use anything other than your bank account or credit card?
-2 # whywarreng5995 2022-10-28 01:38
can't use bank or cc easily to receive or send money without exposing your account. Its one thing if all people use paypal for is to buy stuff from online retailers. but there are many sites that only take paypal, or if you don't want to give a site your credit card or bank account. Also for people that sell things, paypal is an easy way to get paid or receive money without exposing your banking accounts.

This was true with ebay back sometime ago, buyers can still use paypal to buy things from ebay. But now ebay requires ALL sellers to register their bank account number, which gives ebay direct access to your bank account. This is why I will No longer sell on ebay. Had problems with them taking my money before, would never give them my bank account info.
-1 # Exposing your Bank account ?oldschool 2022-10-28 09:26
What's the difference, you have to link your bank account to PP to do transactions, your putting your bank account in the hands of a third party.
And another thing, before the Debt cards people wrote checks and still do to this day. Every time you write a check for payment at the store or to send it by mail for some payment "ALL" of your banking information and even your personal information is on that check. Address, Phone #, Drivers license #, ect. How much more in the open can that be !?
+2 # Paypal Owns Venmorv 2022-10-27 21:07
-1 # It’s not moneyJohnnyinKY 2022-10-27 20:53
Unless you hold it in your hand. And even that can be worthless when it’s made from worthless materials. I’ve never been a big gold and silver pusher but I feel now is the time for it. Silver especially. Pre 1964 quarters, dimes, and dollars

Did you know the US dollar is actually defined as a specific measure of silver? It is. But I cannot recall the exact weight. I’m sure it can be looked up pretty quickly. The founders used the Spanish silver coin as the measurement for a dollar
# A dollar was originally defined...Paul Lambert 2022-10-28 19:34 371.25 grains of fine silver.
-2 # maybejimginny 2022-10-27 22:30
Quoting Vercinge:
Google, Paypal, Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, practically all the social medias or at least the most powerful ones , are all owned by Jews who censore and fine all "embarassing truths" about them, that they call "misinformation", believing that all non jews are idiots.

Quoting JohnnyinKY:
Unless you hold it in your hand. And even that can be worthless when it’s made from worthless materials. I’ve never been a big gold and silver pusher but I feel now is the time for it. Silver especially. Pre 1964 quarters, dimes, and dollars

Did you know the US dollar is actually defined as a specific measure of silver? It is. But I cannot recall the exact weight. I’m sure it can be looked up pretty quickly. The founders used the Spanish silver coin as the measurement for a dollar

Coins including the Silver Eagle and Gold Eagle say US on them ... my concern is that when the dollar crashes and later ass they go to digial who in their right mind is going to want anything that states US anything? We love the Walking Libery one ounce Silver Round ... old coins will be worth what their Silver content is and worn old coins could be held to say half the silver is gone ... just IMHO
+7 # I'm Out!Kill Roy 2022-10-27 20:45
Just cancelled PayPal. The Stasi can suck it!

By the way - it took forever "... due to heavy and unusual traffic." I hope they go broke!
-1 # WWIIIVercinge 2022-10-27 20:29
Google, Paypal, Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, practically all the social medias or at least the most powerful ones , are all owned by Jews who censore and fine all "embarassing truths" about them, that they call "misinformation", believing that all non jews are idiots.
-1 # RE: WWIIIwarreng5995 2022-10-28 01:47
sadly, and to the disbelief of people who do not research anything. you are correct. further they also own all main stream media, bank, most big corporations, and much more. many of these are easily researched and found as direct owners, some are through proxy owners. Others have changed their names to sound "american" or whatever country they are in. This is just a simple fact.

And it is not that this is "all jews". It is that the Elites are jews, or are married into one of their 13 family blood lines.

The elites hate jews too who do not adhere to their talmud and etc. By their law those "type of jews" are also considered "goyim", which is to say equal to or lower than an animal. This is why they sacrificed so many in the holicost and many other things, which was done to further their agenda. Just as george soros did, thats how he started his forture. He is a jew that turned in other jews to the nazis, and in return he was given all their possessions.
-1 # VirKringeNikisky 2022-10-27 21:55
You are an a$$@1olle
+7 # RE: Paypal $2500 Fine for "Misinformation" Is back! 2022-10-27 20:25

My wife and I ditched them on the first $2500 go-round.

Glad to be done with them.
# Any Alternatives ?warreng5995 2022-10-27 20:22
does anyone know of a good alternative online payment system? I'm hesitant to what sites I give my bank account info to. But we receive a few donations to our ministry using paypal.

I haven't liked paypal for years due to some issues I had with them and ebay taking money out of my account.
# No use for alternative,oldschool 2022-10-28 10:17
I have use my bank Debt card for 98% of my online transactions for 14 years never had a problem. Not saying there could not be problems but that is the reason I only keep a certain amount of money in the account I use online. In the event of a problem I would only lose a portion.
-1 # Per Mike 2022-10-28 00:32
Check these guys out:
+2 # GabPay ? 2022-10-27 20:35

I haven't used it yet, but GabPay might be worth a look.

Here is a link with more information from an email they sent me 2 weeks ago after the first $2500 debacle from PayPal:
+3 # RE: Paypal $2500 Fine for "Misinformation" Is back!Notthemama 2022-10-27 20:15
So logically that means they should pay you 2500 for every time you post the truth right?.
Imma gonna be a rich man.
+2 # Closed.Teknikid 2022-10-27 20:10
O closed my account when this story first broke. Apparently, they learned nothing from the loss of a large number of accounts.
+4 # RE: Paypal $2500 Fine for "Misinformation" Is back!thesloth 2022-10-27 20:04
Paypal took money from my account many years ago. I have never used their services since. Once they take your money their is no real person you can complain to. Everything runs on algorithms. Psypal have always been judge, jury. No appeals!
# RE: Paypal $2500 Fine for "Misinformation" Is back! 2022-10-28 00:34
If you raised enough hell with your bank your would have gotten it back. CLAIM FRAUD.
You were one of the smart ones that left.
+4 # I do have a question,oldschool 2022-10-27 20:01
How is it that PayPal knows what I would be saying on any other website or social media account. Is not PayPal only a money transfer/payment service ? For instance if I were to post something over on Youtube saying something like ; "PayPal is a Transgender LGBTQ service that supports Nazi's."
How do they know who posted that statement ?
What is it that I do not understanding here.
-1 # This makes sense to meKarGiver 2022-10-27 20:29
I understand we can't trust all the debunk stuff out there, but this makes sense to me and is what I assumed was the case in the first place so for whatever it might be worth to anyone else, here's an explanation:
+3 # I think...I hope...KarGiver 2022-10-27 20:09
This mainly applies to business that accept PayPal because I have no idea how they'd connect you to a gmail/youtube account that isn't associated with your PayPal account or email you set it up with.

If anyone can explain why my assumption here is false, please let me and everyone else know! Thanks!!!!
# RE: I think...I hope...oldschool 2022-10-27 20:23
Yes you could be right on that, but now what if the PayPal customer had a gmail email on his PayPal account, would that give PayPal access to any social media associated with his/her gmail ?
I don't know how.
+7 # Boycott em !oldschool 2022-10-27 19:37
I closed my account the first time around, I say everyone should. Boycott em, put PayPal out of business. Can get along just fine without them.
+9 # Hey PayPalsupporttheblue 2022-10-27 19:34
F—k you and the horse you Rode in on.
+5 # RE: Paypal $2500 Fine for "Misinformation" Is back!Gunner 2022-10-27 19:31
Simple: FUCK PayPal scum filth! ! ! I am sick and tired of all of this out of control shit truly.
# Didn't PayPal originate as a part ofsupporttheblue 2022-10-28 05:34
+2 # RE: Paypal $2500 Fine for "Misinformation" Is back!gts6 2022-10-27 19:31
There is a big difference between "providing misleading information" a) if it pertains to a specific paypal transaction or dispute/investigation than it is if B) providing "misleading" information publicly on social media about nothing at all to do with paypal.
They need to update their text to be specific and state EXACTLY what the limitations are here
+2 # 2022-10-27 20:39
They need to update their text to be specific and state EXACTLY what the limitations are here>> There are NONE !!!! Just ditch them, better to be safe then 2500 dollars poorer! Remember the golden rule!!!


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