Pelosi Plane has landed in Taiwan! . . . Now, CANNOT TAKE-OFF! - No-Fly Zone

The US Air Force plane carrying Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi is now below 18,000 feet in altitude, and is on final approach to Tapei, Taiwan, in direct vioolation of Beijing's order that she not enter.

Plane is now physically over land, no longer over Pacific Ocean. 

Altitude 16,300 feet as of 10:32 AM eastern US time. 

As of 10:38 AM Pelosi plane now at 8300 feet altitude.  China's Global Times newspaper says Chinese Air Force fighter jets moving across Taiwan Strait to intercept.

 10:39 AM EDT -- Plane altitude 6400 feet.

10:40 AM 5600 feet.

5175 feet

4800 feet

Pelosi's plane safely landed and Pelosi has deplaned.



Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian made an official statement.

"Pelosi's visit to Taiwan will be a gross interference in China's internal affairs, and will lead to very serious events and dire consequences," Lijian said.


 China's Economy Ministry has stopped HALTED hundreds of food product shipments to Taiwan amid Pelosi visit


China vows 'targeted military actions' in response to Pelosi Taiwan visit.


12:28 PM EDT -- 

Reuters confirms, the Air Space over Taiwan Straits is now closed.  China fighter jets are flying all around Taiwan.   AIR RAID SIRENS are sounding in southern CHINA:

Chinese military PLA Eastern Theater Command announced it will start military "exercises" in the coming hours around Taiwan Island in response to Pelosi's visit to Taiwan.



China's military exercises block the air and sea around Taiwan.   All of it.

China Central Television announced the start of military exercises in three areas around Taiwan. These maneuvers demonstrate the dissatisfaction of the Chinese ruling party with the actions of the United States, in particular with Pelosi's statements on "democracy" in Taiwan.

Until the PLA completes the live-fire exercises,  Pelosi can't LEAVE.   Her plane can't take-off else it may "accidentally" be hit by live fire from the "exercises." 


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