Pig ‘Ebola’ Virus Hits Global Food Chain

Pig ‘Ebola’ Virus Hits Global Food Chain

A strain of African swine fever is spreading in Asia killing virtually every pig it infects by a hemorrhagic illness reminiscent of Ebola in humans.   All efforts to halt the spread -including the culling of 1 Million Pigs - HAVE FAILED!  The disease is now out of control . . .

Last August, a farm with about 400 hogs was found infected with African swine fever, the first ever occurrence of the contagious viral disease in China --- a country with half the world’s pigs. Forty-seven head had died, triggering emergency measures including mass culling and a blockade to stop the transportation of livestock.

Less than a week later, a government notice declared the outbreak “effectively controlled.”  That was either wrong, or a lie.  What the government SHOULD have said was "We're too late."

It was too late. By then, the disease had literally gone viral, dispersed across hundreds of miles in sickened animals, contaminated food, and in dirt and dust on truck tires and clothing.

Nine months later, the contagion has spread nationwide, crossed borders to Mongolia, Vietnam and Cambodia, and is now affecting meat prices on meat markets globally.

Official estimates count 1 million culled hogs, but slaughter data suggests 100 times more will have to be killed to have any chance at all of stopping the spread.

The strain of African swine fever spreading in Asia is undeniably nasty, killing virtually every pig it infects by a hemorrhagic illness reminiscent of Ebola in humans. It’s not known to sicken people . . . yet.

But medical science has long ago showed that body parts from pigs (like heart valves) CAN be used in humans.   If pig body parts can be used in humans, it seems to many as though a VIRUS that kills pigs, can also kill humans.

STOP BUYING ANY PORK PRODUCT MADE OR PROCESSED IN CHINA.    If you already have any such products, it might be a good idea the throw it out or incinerate it.

This summer, our planet could see this become a global pandemic attacking our food supply.   Do you have emergency preps to feed yourselves if that takes place?   Prepping suggestions can be found HERE